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Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast near Badlands National Park, South Dakota

23950 Recluse Road, Philip, South Dakota 57567
Innkeeper(s): Lyndy Ireland & family
  • Introduction

    Triangle RanchIn our 25th year as a premiere South Dakota Badlands Bed & Breakfast 
    where old west history and hospitality live on. Located 8 miles north of I90 between Exits 143 and 131. (Please use our emailed directions or Google Maps).

    NOTE: Cabin reopens 4/1/22. Guestrooms and Carriage House available, with advance notice.

    Twenty minutes northeast of majestic Badlands National Park, of National Geographic Traveler's Drives of a Lifetime fame, experience the "peace of the prairies" on our multi- generation ranch. Triangle Ranch, named for its horse and cattle brand, was homesteaded in 1903 by Lyndy's great grandparents. After living in a sod dugout then a log house, they ordered and built the beautiful Sears & Roebuck "Alhambra" Catalog Home in 1923, now known asTriangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast.

    Five generations later we are blessed to live this free and open lifestyle, where the prairie meets the river breaks northeast of the Badlands formation. Triangle Ranch is centrally located to the Badlands National Park, Minute Man Missile Historic Site & Visitors Center, Buffalo Gap National Grasslands, Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, three Indian Reservations and our capital city, Pierre, along the Missouri River.

    Lyndy and family will welcome you on the stately front porch of our Sears, Roebuck and Co. Honorbilt home. Inside, the hospitality and decor will take you back to the early 1900's. The warm patina of the Art's & Crafts oak woodwork, the massive fireplace, the light gleaming from the french windows in its bays, the deep wine and ecru of its comfortable overstuffed furnishings are all reflected in Grandma Grace Williams' crystal chandeliers.

    Triangle Ranch offers 4 gracious, private, air-conditioned guestrooms from $98 single (click "Rooms & Availability" tab above for room photos, descriptions and rates) and a separate "Carriage House", ideal for families or honeymooners! For larger groups and longer stays we offer our new 3 bedroom Cabin Under the Hill nearby on the ranch.

    Although a tradition for the past 118 years, Triangle Ranch does not offer horses for riding. However,  we refer our guests to Hurley Butte Horseback Rides on another family ranch in the Badlands. Just ask for contact information.

    We offer convenient lodging for hunters. Our area boasts prime mule deer, whitetail deer, pronghorn antelope, wild turkey and varmint hunting nearby on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands and SDGFP Walk In area. For those who would rather view wildlife with their camera, an option is our Self-Guided Prairie Photo Safaris! Capture the sunlit beauty of our land and wildlife.

    Featured in Midwest Living Magazine's July/Aug 2009 Issue, "Dinner on the Range".

    Also featured in New York Times' Frugal Traveler August 22, 2013 Article, "Motorcycles, Memorials and the Middle of Nowhere."  

    Times Travel

    Seth Kugel, a NYT travel writer, was our annonymous guest during the Sturgis Rally.

    Article Summary: "Reaching South Dakota in time for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the Frugal Traveler samples a bit of biker culture, hits tourist highlights and discovers that The Middle of Nowhere is a great thing when you are at Triangle Ranch." 

    Seen In:

    Old House Journal & American History Magazine


    USA Today

    New York Times "Travel"

    Midwest Living Magazine

    SD Public TV & Radio

    RFDTV's Best of America by Horseback

    American Cowboy Magazine

    Country Magazine

    Recommended By:

    • Outside Magazine
    • Unlimited
    • Country Discoveries
    • KELO TV

    "Inspected and Approved by Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers of South Dakota"

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    Photography by   , Armosa Studios, D. Davis and S. K. Williams.

  • The Road To The Ranch

    Triangle Ranch is located in a beautiful bend of the Bad River 8 miles north of I90 and 20 minutes from Badlands National Park. As you travel those 8 miles of country road you will see, in your 360 degree view, vast portions of Buffalo Gap National Grasslands, much the same as when the plains Indians hunted them. Be sure to watch for ranchers' cows grazing on the road. Just drive around them or beep, they're harmless critters.Cows

    Road to ranch

    As you pass 3 other old family ranches and a reclaimed Minute Man Missile Site enjoy the sight of our native pronghorn antelope and35+ species of birds including the red-tailed hawk, western meadowlark and long-billed curlew. Watch for red, gray or swift fox, coyote, jack rabbit, maybe a badger or herd of grazing mule deer. Near the bridge (6 miles in) your vigilance might be rewarded by the rare sighting of a bobcat.deer

    Crossing the bridge you will pass our mailbox (made of an antique bedframe). Straight ahead is our ranch gate, flanked with iron wheels from the horse-drawn era with a rustic TRIANGLE RANCH sign hanging beside. A graceful, winding road leads you up a long hill. You are now on historic Triangle Ranch.

    Around the last bend in our road stands the "Alhambra",still surprising unsuspecting guests as it has since 1923.

    "A Spanish Castle in the midst of the South Dakota plains?"

    Triangle ranch

    Here, at Triangle Ranch we offer air-conditioned comfort and privacy in 4 gracious guestrooms from $98 single (click "Rooms & Availability" tab above for room pictures, descriptions and rates) and a separate "Carriage House", ideal for families or honeymooners! Larger groups seeking two or more nights will want to check out our 3 bedroom Cabin Under the Hill nearby on the ranch.

    Satellite TV is shared in the Common/Living Room area with Fireplace.

    WiFi is available in ALL areas except the Cabin Under the Hill (ask about our progress on that convenience).


    Triangle Ranch

  • Dining at Triangle Ranch



    Enjoy our elegant but hearty meals prepared in the Triangle Ranch kitchen producing delicious meals, a 118 year tradition.

    Around 8:00 a.m., smells reminiscent of "Grandma's house" drift up the stairwell, tantalizing you to sit at our old oak dining table and enjoy a generous breakfast and warm conversation before starting you day.

    While dining on vintage china, view the changing of the seasons, the vivid sunsets and our 30 plus species of birds through the wavy panes of Great Grandma Grace's beloved french windows. Enjoy a special display of our parents' life-time collections of South Dakota rocks, minerals and fossils."

    Read our Trip Advisor reviews on Dining at Triangle Ranch.

    triangle Ranch

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast near Badlands National Park, South Dakota, Kitchen Command Center

  • Activity Opportunities

    • Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast near Badlands National Park, South Dakota, BicyclerHiking the Badlands
    • Cross-country Bicycling
    • Hunting
    • Picnicing
    • Hiking/Peaceful Walks
    • Children's Playground
    • Pitching Horseshoes/Cornhole
    • Ranch & Historic Tours
    • Campfires
    • Birdwatching
    • Rock & Fossil Hunting
    • Watching cows & wildlife
    • Stargazing

    Artists and photographers are welcome. We invite business meetings, retreats and FAMILY REUNIONS.

    Tour the stark, but verdant beauty of the Badlands with its bison herd and native wildlife. End your day with a campfire sing or star gazing and refreshments.

    Come see us, your hosts are genuine and the coffee is always on.



  • The Badlands of South Dakota

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast near Badlands National Park, South Dakota, couple

    Just a 20-25 minute drive southwest from Triangle Ranch the rolling prairie scenery changes dramatically to the sharply eroded pinnacles, buttes and gullies of the Badlands National Park. A region called "mako sica" by the native Lakota and "les mauvaises terres a traverses" by early French trappers, translated "badland" or "bad land to cross".

    Awe-struck early explorers and settlers must have gazed on the Badlands as did famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, who wrote in 1935 "I've been about the world a lot, and pretty much over our own country, but I was totally unprepared for the revelation called the (South) Dakota Badlands...What I saw gave an Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast near Badlands National Park, South Dakota, rock climberindescribable sense of mysterious elsewhere - a distant architecture, ethereal... an endless supernatural world more spiritual than earth but created out of it."

    Now, of course, you can view the Badlands from the comfort of your air conditioned car on the National Scenic Byway, SD Hwy 240, named one of the world's top 20 "Drives of a Lifetime" by National Geographic's Traveler Magazine. Photographers rave about the quality of light and shadow in the Badlands, the "thousand tints that color charts don't show" and the up-close encounters with it's native wildlife.

    The craggy, colorfully banded peaks, plateaus and natural amphitheaters are not composed of stone, as photos would suggest, but hardened clay, volcanic ash and minerals from the bottom of an ancient sea which covered what is now known as the Great Plains.

    colorful badlands

    Badlands Then: Eons ago as the earth's plates shifted and the Rocky Mountains were formed, this sea drained, leaving a subtropical area which eventually became dried and barren. The fragile soil has eroded over thousands of years into the shapes you see today. Geologists project this formation will exist another mere 600,000 years with the water and wind erosion of our arid climate.

    Each changing season in the Badlands uncovers more of its treasure trove of prehistoric fossils ranging from the Metamynodon (massive rhino-like creature) to saber-toothed cats to prehistoric horses, pigs and rabbits. And beneath are the fossil remains of sea creatures such as Mosasaurs (30' marine lizards), Pterosaurs (flying reptiles) and Archelon (enormous sea turtles). Some are on display at Badlands National Park headquarters and at the South Dakota School of Mines Museum of Paleantology to the west in Rapid City.

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast near Badlands National Park, South Dakota, nature

    Badlands Now: The Badlands Park and surrounding grasslands are now home to 60 species of native grasses, American Bison (buffalo), muledeer, pronghorn antelope, big horn sheep, coyote, fox, the plentiful prairie dog and the shy black-footed ferret. The Sage Creek Wilderness Area is a must for seeing wildlife.

    Badlands Seasons: The seasons shift from barren and parched in late summer with awesome lightning storms to snow covered buttes under starry skies to a blooming, verdant prairie in spring, always with 360 degrees of the bluest of skies.

    Badlands National Park offers: One of the American people's National Parks the Badlands offer our public beautiful drives, scenic overlooks, nature trails, hiking, bicycling and even areas to bring your horse and ride. The friendly park service employees staff a wonderful interpretive Visitor's Center and Theater with a restaurant next door. They also offer excellent educational venues, such as Night Walks and Junior Ranger programs.

    The area is probably the most untouched and natural of all our National Parks. It's headquarters are even designed to blend into the landscape. The Cedar Pass Lodge Restaurant and the small western village of Interior, SD nearby are the only signs of habitation.

    Many Guests enjoy returning to Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast for a delicious dinner and relaxing evening after their adventures in Badlands National Park.

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast near Badlands National Park, South Dakota, bicycler Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast near Badlands National Park, South Dakota, horseback riding

  • Kid Friendly

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, seesaw Triangle Ranch is a great spot for kids. The only TV is in the common area of the B & B, but they have all of the great outdoors to explore. While kids are welcome as other guests in our private guestrooms, the Cowboy Carriage House is every kids dream, with cowboy bunk beds and a loft. Mom and Dad will be happy to know that the price is right too. Breakfasts are fresh-cooked with things such as feather-light waffles, crispy bacon, cheesy scrambled eggs and juice (well, coffee too for Dad). Plenty of room for lawn games such as soccer, cornhole toss, croquet and horse shoes. We are in a perfect place for hiking and running. There's an old-fashioned playground just down in the meadow with swings and teeter-totter. While exploring the creek with Mom or Dad you may find some fossils and volcanicly formed rocks or a painted turtle! Check out our family friendly specials.

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, children Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, horses

  • Hunting at Triangle Ranch

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, Kenny's Latest Buck*Prairie Game Hunting

    As the "east hills" are silouetted by the rose and gold of a South Dakota sunrise, you'll be positioning yourself for first sight of a legendary prairie mule deer or graceful whitetail. You've chased the November chill away with fresh coffee and rolls -- that shiver is from excitement. Hunting season dawns its 118th year on these grasslands.

    Less than 15 minutes from Buffalo Gap National Grasslands and a public walk-in area, accommodation in our historic home, Carriage House or Cabin Under the Hill is both comfortable and private  Guest Room/Rates page for photos. Much more convenient to hunting areas than driving 45 minutes or an hour from nearby towns.

    After a great hunt, when the sun has set and the air cools, return to refreshments by the fireplace, satellite TV, a good game of cards and a few "stories".

    *Deer, antelope and wild turkey hunting on adjacent National Grasslands.

    • Prairie Dog Hunting: Regular lodging rates when reserving equal nights to days hunting. We provide National Grasslands maps or arrange for your hunting at local ranches. Landowner fee may be $50-75 per day per hunter. 

    Note: For West River, northern Jackson County seasons and licensing info logon: and call us today at (888) 219-1774.

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, breakfast

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, Around!

  • Self-Guided Prairie Photo Safari

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, Black-tailed Prairie Dog

    Self-Guided Prairie Photo Safaris

    Capture the sunlit beauty of our land and wildlife.

    Whoever said that the South Dakota prairie was a wasteland?

    With your host's suggested itineraries, maps and advice coupled with your skill behind the camera lens, you will have the chance of a lifetime to capture the essence of Western SD...this is why we live here. 

    Photograph the indigenous plants and animals of the grasslands of South Dakota in their natural state. The light is second to none.

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, Plains Bison

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, Meadowlark

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, South Dakota Pasque Flower ~ Our State FlowerTriangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, Prickly Pear Cactus in Bloom

  • Area Attractions & Links (for Western - Southern & Eastern Regions)

    West of Triangle Ranch

    • Badlands Nat'l Park,, I90 Exit #131 - 20 mins
    • Badlands SD Scenic By-way - as seen in Nat'l Geographic Traveler's "Drives of a Lifetime"  I90 Exit #131 - 20 mins
    • Minute Man Missile Historic Site -, I90 Exit #131 - 20 mins
    • Buffalo Gap National Grasslands & Saddlepass Riding Trail I90 Exit # 131 - 20 mins
    • Prairie Homestead National Historic Site -, I90 Exit 131 - 20 mins
    • Badlands Helicopter Rides - 20 mins
    • World-Famous Wall Drug - 30 mins
    • Badlands Observatory - - 20 mins
    • Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Black Hills - 1 1/2 - 2  hour
    • Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - 2 hour
    • Disney's "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" Filming Sites - 1 1/2 hour
    • Wind Cave Nat'l Park, Custer State Park - - 2 hour
    • The Mammoth Site at Hot Springs - 2 1/2 hour
    • Winter Skiing & Snowmobiling - 2 hour

    South of Triangle Ranch

    • Pine Ridge Indian Reservation - - 1/2 hour
    • Wounded Knee Memorial - - 1 hour
    • Red Cloud Indian Museum - - 1 hour

    East of Triangle Ranch

    • Petrified Gardens - I90 Exit 152, Kadoka, SD - 1/2 hour
    • Missouri River/Capitol at Pierre - - 1 1/2 hours
    • The 1880 Town , I90 Exit 170 - 45 min
    • Pioneer Auto Museum at Murdo, SD - 1 hour
    • Lewis and Clark Sites
    •, at Pierre/Ft. Pierre, SD - 1 1/2 hour

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, road trip

  • History of Triangle Ranch

    In 1904, H.H. Williams drove his livestock west across a pontoon bridge on the Missouri River at Chamberlain, S. D., descending the same river bluffs where "Lewis & Clark" stood 100 years before.

    The panorama of virgin prairie and rough river breaks on the ranch is much the same as it was when H. H. and his family came west of the Missouri River.

    He expected to build his home that summer of cottonwood logs, cut and cured by the former owner. But much to his surprise there were no logs in sight! An enterprising lady homesteader in her 50's had "appropriated" the logs and built her own home during the previous winter.

    Pontoon Bridge at Chaimberlain S. D. - History of Trianle Ranch - Phillip, South Dakota (Badlands National Park area)


    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, Log House

     So the Williams family had to resort to a creekbank sod"dugout" until more logs could be cut.

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, Sears, Roebuck & Co. CatalogThe log house they built the following year was a cozy home and many pioneer dances were held within its walls. However, about 1917, when the ranch was more established, H. H. and Grace began perusing the Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalog of homes and dreaming of building one of those beautiful, but practical dwellings. Sears had become a leader in the manufacture and sales of "precut" homes. Perfect for folks way out on the prairie with no building centers nearby.

     Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast near Badlands National Park, South Dakota Black and WhiteWhile neighbors were wishing for a "bungalow" or "foursquare", the Williams' kept returning to the color illustrated page featuring the "Alhambra". The adobe stuccoed, 2 1/2 story with it's mission-style parapetting, red tiled roof and red brick trim caught their fancy. Or maybe their teen aged daughters prevailed because of its stately, "romantic" appearance.

    Though its blueprints are dated 1917, it evidently took several good alfalfa seed crops to purchase and complete the Alhambra in 1923 for $3,825. It arrived on 2 railroad cars at Cottonwood, So. Dak., the local railhead. H. H.'s son "Willy" and a neighbor, spent 2 weeks with horses and wagons hauling the precut and labeled materials to the ranch 9 miles southeast.

    With its 409 windowpanes glistening in the South Dakota sun, it has stood overlooking the Bad River for six generations. Ninety-seven (97) Christmas Eves have been celebrated, wedding vows said, birthday parties, reunions and funerals have all taken place here.

    Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the "Alhambra" houses the Triangle Ranch Bed and Breakfast where H. H.'s great-granddaughter, Lyndy Ireland and her family welcome guests with that same traditional South Dakota hospitality.

  • Guest Comments

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, front view Pamela Carter Joern, author of the novel The Floor of the Sky, used the Alhambra model house on the Triangle Ranch B&B as the inspiration for the ranch house in her book. . . . ."When I saw the Alhambra on the prairie, I knew I had found Toby's house. The incongruity of it ”such elegance rising up out of the prairie ” was perfect for this tale of possible ruin and partial redemption."

    "It all started with a High Recommendation from a fellow-innkeeper and could not have been more accurate! The Badlands are the 'goodlands', made more memorable by good people like yourselves, thank you for the wonderful stay." Lisa & Gordie, MN

    "We had a lovely stay, a real break in our long, long journey to our new home. The weather, the landscape and the company were all fantastic and the cake and breakfast was something else! We hope to return someday." ~ Jason, Jaquetta, Alfie & Lily, Chicago to British Columbia

    "A very beautiful home under a wonderful sky with millions of stars!

    Thank you for your hospitality. You give the B & B concept a nice personal touch.

    We feel very welcome a long way from home. Dank u." ~ The Apers, Belgium

    "I came to South Dakota to see the prairie - the wide open spaces .... I leave South Dakota ... privileged to experience such a multitude of unique sensations - the prairie wind, a prairie thunderstorm, my first open campfire under the prairie stars, a meadowlark, a rodeo with real cowboys (not myth and legend, but flesh and blood). You shared stories and facts of ranch and cowboy reality with us. Thanks for an unforgettable week." ~ Diana, NC

    "You have found your true calling - warm ambassadors of belief and tradition." ~ Kelee & Steve, Missouri

    "The Bible says...'He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed!' Now we realize that this is a business, but it's obvious that it's a true labor of love. We have come and we have been truly refreshed." ~ Brian & Pam, MI

    "You are what America is really about. We cannot tell you how much joy

    you have brought us. We leave you our hearts." ~ Doris & Al, WA

    "Breakfast . . . . . . the best in the USA!" Take care, Jackie & Fein, England

    "... memories will be Kenny mooing the cows in and the truck surrounded with returning calls from his many angus, four-wheeling up and down darkened hills .... Lyndy, face lightened by the campfire, standing up beside me, silhouetted by a billion stars, singing her father's favorite song 'Danny Boy', while I played my guitar." ~ Leaving home, Mike & Pam, IN

    "What a wonderful job you have done with your bed & breakfast. Your decorating talent would make your grandparents proud ... the breakfasts 'yummy' and the conversation so much fun. If we were to rate your hospitality and B & B it would be a 10+. God bless you and your home." ~ Mike & Judy, FL

    "It was about 3 years ago that I discovered your website and looked forward to a stay here ever since ....You have a beautiful home and the Carriage House was everything I'd hoped for. Your hospitality is genuine and your love of people so apparent ... Thank you for sharing your home with us - you are truly blessed!" ~ Susan & Terry, MN

    "My sister and I truly enjoyed our visit ... will be a memory we keep with us always ... Thanks, Kenny for my coffee each morning. Best!" ~ Amy & Barb, OH

    "We could not have found a more interesting, beautiful, spacious, well decorated, clean, quiet, private place to stay than your ancestral home, Alhambra! Throw in you two - your heartwarming kindness, smiles, generosity, tales, history and cooking. An oasis for two weary traveler's."

    ~ Blessings, gratitude, love, Betty & Chris, NC /S. Aftrica

    "As an historic preservationist I have seen many rehabilitated houses, but this is one of the best. You have done an excellent job preserving the small details as well as the major features. Thank you for taking such care with your part of our national heritage." ~ Nancy & Jerry, NM, Keeper of the National Reg. of Historic Places, Rtd.

    "We had a great 3 night stay... grandsons loved petting the horses, the Carriage House ... campfire and the chocolate chip horse pancakes. My husband and I loved the Irish Lover's Room ... the beautiful needlework was like none I've ever seen .. We felt at home with your warm hospitality. Thanks."

    ~ Steve, Eursa Lynn, Valarie, Robert, Tristan & Addison, CO

    "Miss Lyndy, ... we really loved the 'Irish Lover's Room'. It made us feel as though we were back home. Woody and Tex apparently liked us a lot, or at least he (Woody) let me hug him." ~ Audrey (12), IN

    "Thank you both from our hearts for everything. .... Kenny, the steaks were great! ...and Lyndy's great slaw! Eric and I look forward to visiting with you again next summer. Our door is always open if you ever make it down"... ~ Eric & Kathy, KS

    "Spent ages trying to decide where to stay for the first 2 nights of my wife's surprise 50th birthday trip. Hey, I made the absolutely RIGHT! choice. Great food, good conversation, wonderful scenery and Peace! Photographed the obliging wild turkeys and watched our first superb prairie lightning show, WOW! ... feel relaxed and ready to move on after our long trip to SD ... Thanks .." ~ Roger & Michelle, Cambs, England

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast, vanity "We couldn't have asked for a better setting on our one year wedding anniversary ... a very special stay. The storm and full moon must have been 'staged' for it was so spectacular. Your kindness and warmth along with the charm of your home and surroundings made our stay very special. We shall return." ~ Pam & Dan, MO

    "Just wanted to say thank you so much for our stay at the ranch. The cabin was perfect ... and both families (yep, all 13 of us) survived with one bathroom : ). We've already started talking about next year's trip ... pretty hard to head back to work, not to mention a bowl of cereal, after the week we had with you guys ... thanks so much for opening your home to us, looking forward to next time." ~ Josey & family & horses, MN

    "Paradise: ... staying at your beautiful place and visiting with you beautiful people was the highlight of our trip ... your friendliness and warmth made us feel completely welcome. Your location and lifestyle should make most people envious - it does me!! Meant to ask about the handmade quilt at the foot of the bed ... probably has a history like most everything there has. We ... went to the library and found they had a copy of the Midwest Living Magazine with your article." ~ Mesmerized, Don & Bette, SD

    "We have traveled to Antarctica and to the Arctic Circle. We have stayed in many B & Bs and feel that your home tops them all. The history, the charm and the hospitality were memorable." ~ Barbara & Noel, Ontario

    "What a great time, for the second time! Thanks for giving our English cousins such a wonderful memory spot as we showed them the beauties of our great country." ~ Carolyn & Chuck, OK

    "A much-needed 'R & R', the meadowlarks singing, your dad's stories, music, laughter and the beautiful, tranquil room. There's something about lace curtains blowing and a lovely view of green prairie foothills beyond." ~ Dolores, MO

    Find many more kind testimonials at

  • Insider's Info

    Travelers are always looking for memorable and relaxing experiences. Let’s discover more through the words of our innkeepers. Many thanks to Kenny and Lyndy Ireland for sharing their own secrets with!
    Why do most travelers stay at your inn?

    Our guests stay

    a. To tour and hike Badlands National Park nearby. ATTN: Badlands National Park is hosting their 3rd annual Astronomy Festival July 25-27. Be sure to take it in while enjoying great accommodations at Triangle Ranch.

    b. To tour the Minute Man Missile Historic Site

    c. They are interested in the western history of our ranch and historic home

    d. Outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for wide-open spaces of the prairies, glorious sunsets and the awesome night skies

    e. We are popular with families who want some nature experiences for the children

    f. Honeymooners like our peace and privacy

    g. Birding enthusiasts find many species to enjoy.

    h. We host many satisfied hunters .

    What are you best known for? What makes your inn unique? What do you love most about your inn?

    Our inn is known for its historic beauty and peace, our hospitality and great food (ae. Midwest Living feature, July/August 2009; New York Times "Travel", Sept. 2013).

    If someone has never been to your city, what is the #1 reason to come visit?

    We are rural so our mailing address is Philip but our best known nearby town of Wall, SD is the home of the World Famous Wall Drug Store, a real drugstore and huge mall emporium full of western history, unique shops, original western art and tons of kid's activities. Billed the largest tourist stop in the world but so much more.

    What’s the best compliment you have ever received about the inn?

    Compliments range from many claiming we were the "highlight of their trip to the West", "feeling just like home" and "superior hospitality"

    What’s the best kept secret about the area?

    Best kept secrets are the beautiful back roads drives and the local characters you might meet along the way.

    If a traveler is staying at your inn for 4 nights, what should he/she do in the area?

    Triangle Ranch is central to many points of interest in our state so we suggest 4 day-trips:

    *Our state capital at Pierre/Missouri River/Lewis & Clark sites

    *Badlands National Park Tour/Hiking and Minute Man Missile Tour

    *Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

    *Black Hills/Mt. Rushmore/Crazy Horse Monument/Custer State Park

    Is there anything within walking distance of your inn?

    We have many hiking opportunities and some rock hunting on Triangle Ranch.

    What is your favorite restaurant/food in the area?

    Our favorite restaurant is the Red Rock Cafe in Wall, SD.

    Any good area guides/websites that travelers could reference?,, and

    How many rooms does your inn have?

    Triangle Ranch offers 4 private guestrooms, a cabin-sized Carriage House and a 3 bedroom Log Ranch House.

    Do you accept pets?

    We do not accept pets in our inn. There are no pet accommodation nearby.

  • Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast Sunset

    Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast near Badlands National Park, South Dakota, Sunset