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Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast near Badlands National Park, South Dakota

23950 Recluse Road, Philip, South Dakota 57567
Innkeeper(s): Lyndy Ireland & family
  • Badlands Hiking Special

    Price from: $305

      Named Outside Magazine's 'South Dakota Hike'. From a lofty crag - view life in perspective, feel the prairie breeze . . . . . sweeping away your cares. Return to a relaxing soak in your personal clawfoot tub, fine dining and the comfort of our historic accommodations. Dine in your private Carriage House, gracious sunroom or in the company of your hosts at the old round oak dining room table. (2 nights, dinner for 2 and Badlands Nat'l Park pass). Private Carriage House - $360, Gracious private guestroom - $305. Email [email protected] or call 1-888-219-1774 today.

  • Two-Wheel Tours

    Price from: $305

      "Serious cross-country bicyclers only." View the endless prairies or the majestic Badlands through an "up close and personal" experience rivaled only by those on horseback. Feel the wind in your face and the South Dakota sun warming your back. Enjoy only the sound of the Western Meadowlark's trill to break the miles of peaceful silence. Return to a cool drink on the porch with scents of a homecooked dinner beckoning. 2 nights lodging, route information/maps and a dinner for 2. Carriage House - $355, Private Guestroom - $305. Email [email protected] or call 1-888-219-1774 today.

  • A Great American Road Trip

    Price from: $305

      You've paid your dues with rush-hour traffic, busy schedules and technology overload. Get in your car and head to the South Dakota's prairies, Badlands & Black Hills, "Home of the Great American Road Trip". Vast panorama's - simple culture -Nature unaltered - living histories of settler's and natives. Bring your family, bring a friend - enjoy our best-kept secrets along the way on "The Road Less Traveled Route", Native Culture Route" or "Ranching Culture Route". At the end of the road you will discover warm, traditional hospitality and accommodation at historic Triangle Ranch. . 2 nights, Badlands Park pass, a dinner or picnic for two, campfire under the stars. Gracious private guestroom - $305 Carriage House - $355 (unique route itineraries available upon reservation) Call 1-888-219-1774.

  • The Dakota Family Trip

    Price from: $315

      A new year is here. Start planning for it now. Nostalgia is still in style here in Western SD. As you traveled through those vast prairies as a kid did you wonder what a "real ranch with cowboys" was like? Well bring the kids (Grandma & Grandpa too) and experience one for yourselves. Awake to the smells of sizzling breakfasts, see the cows, feed Shortcake our black mare, hunt fossils in the creekbed, watch the sunset, sing around the campfire as the millions of stars you've only heard about appear. Disney World can wait. TWO nights accommodation for family of three, cowboy picnic supper and Badlands Nat'l Park pass. Cowboy Carriage House - $365, private guestroom f/three - $315. (Call 1-888-219-1774 for larger family group rates).

  • Day-Trip Special

    Price from: $655

      A relaxing, home-cooked dinner for 2 on arrival or on the last evening of your stay..... Western South Dakota awaits. Breakfast at your requested time, maps with routes will be provided. DAY 1: Mt. Rushmore/Southern Black Hills tour. DAY 2: Bad River/Dakota Heritage/Capitol tour. DAY 3: Northern Black Hills/Devil's Tower tour. DAY 4: Badlands/Native American tour (complementary park pass) Finish with a refreshing night's rest (no sirens or street lights). Five nights, dinner for 2, unique and beautiful accommodations - Private, AC Carriage House - $775; private, AC guestroom - $655. (Price includes 25% discount on last night's stay). Email [email protected] or call 1-888-219-1774 today.

  • Red, White and Blue Special

    Price from: $290

      Round the last, tree-lined bend in our road and catch a glimpse of "Old Glory" proudly displayed daily at Triangle Ranch. It's red, white and blue reflected by our red roof and above the blue and white of a South Dakota sky. We cherish this land and it's freedoms and wish to offer our gratitude in a special sort of "R & R" filled with the peace that still exists on the prairies of America . . . thanks to you. 2 nights, dinner for 2 (serviceman/woman and spouse), Badlands Park pass - Carriage House - $340, gracious private guestroom - $290. Email [email protected] or call 1-888-219-1774 today.

  • Marriage Anniversary Special

    Price from: $305

      Fresh flowers, chocolates and refreshments greet you in your unique, beautiful and private Carriage House or guestroom. Two nights including a candlelight dinner for 2. Carriage House - $355, Gracious Private Guestroom - $305. Email [email protected] or call 1-888-219-1774 today.

  • Traditional Honeymoon Special

    Price from: $300

      Two nights in private Cowboy Carriage House with queen loft bed, sitting room, AC and private bath with clawfoot tub. Candlelight dinner for 2 served in Carriage House or historic B & B. Gift certificate for 10% off lst Anniversary or 20% off 3rd Anniversary stay. Carriage House - $350, Gracious Private Guestroom - $300. Email [email protected] or call 1-888-219-1774 today.