North Dakota Bed and Breakfasts

More About North Dakota

North Dakota claims to have the most wildlife refuges of any state, and the Maah Daah Hey Trail across the badlands is a favorite for adventurers. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a 70,000 acre monument to the forces of nature. Historic North Dakota was visited by Lewis and Clark in their exploration, and has memories of a journalist famed for his reporting on General Custer. North Dakota surprisingly is one of the least visited states, due to its lack of tourist attractions. Even after the smash movie Fargo, this fact has remained unchanged. What attract folks to North Dakota is nature and all activities that can be done out-of-doors. Ice fishing is widely popular among residents and tourists alike. The Bison Ranch and Coteau Ridge is a working buffalo ranch that offers tours. Notable folks from North Dakota are Phil Jackson, Peggy Lee, Lawrence Welk and Ed Schultz. But the real star of the Peace Garden State, is the aptly named International Peace Garden that is located between Canada and the USA. The garden is replenished with 100,000 flowers annually. The cuisine of North Dakota, mostly of Norway and German influence is commonly served buffet style rather than in courses. What a friendly way to enjoy some of the state’s favorite dishes like Lutefisk, Kuchen, and Lefse. Some come to homey North Dakota and enjoy the outdoor adventures and a family-style culinary gathering.