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Maine has long been a popular American autumn vacation site, and the allure of Maine's beautiful coasts have drawn 16 different cruise lines on 20 cruise ships annually, with two cruise operations even extending into the increasingly popular summer period. Aside from white sandy beaches found throughout much of the southern Maine coast and dotting the rest of Maine's 5,500 mile coastline, there are many inland attractions. Visit historical homes, like those of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow or Lucy Farnsworth, or try an exquisite menu of performing arts and cultural entertainment, including two symphony orchestras, opera companies, and a plethora of theatre companies and music and dance festivals. For the more outdoor-inclined, Maine offers more wild brook trout waters than all of the other states in the eastern range of the Appalachians combined, and there are week-long guided bicycle tours of rural Maine, or one could rent a bike and explore Acadia National Park's 57 miles of carriage trails for oneself.