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After Eight Bed & Breakfast

2942 Lincoln Hwy East, Gordonville, Pennsylvania 17529
Innkeeper(s): Robert Hall

Jonah, Sight & Sound Theater, Strasburg PA, Sight & Sound Lodging 1 May 2012, 6:34 am

Sight & Sound Theater presents their all new and original show,  JONAH. This show is for only one season, you will not want to miss this experience, and this is an experience you will remember.  The huge sets surround you on three sides, overhead and with live animals even coming down the aisles.  These "masters of the theater" have created astounding sets that will thrill you from the moment you enter the theater. You will be immersed into the story with tears and laughter as the story of Jonah unfolds before your eyes.  Also available are behind the scenes tours where you will see everything from a different perspective and view first hand all the hard work that goes into each one of these productions.  Nearby you will also find lodging, only minutes away from your Sight & Sound experience.


John Loves Mary, Rainbow Dinner Theater, Romantic Bed & Breakfast Lancaster PA 16 Aug 2011, 8:01 am

The Rainbow Dinner Theater is now performing through October 29, 2011, John Loves Mary.  Set in 1945 at the end of the war, John marries his best friends English girl friend.  She can then enter the USA and then get a quickie divorce to marry his best buddy. Of course John is planning on marrying his girl friend Mary.  Sounds simple, nothing can go wrong, or can it?   Enjoy an entertaining evening and a great meal then after wards you will find a nice Romantic Bed & Breakfast located nearby right in Lancaster PA. 

Dutch Apple Dinner Theater, Wizard of Oz, Romantic Inns Lancaster PA 8 Aug 2011, 6:28 am

Dutch Apple Dinner Theater's performance of the Wizard of Oz has less than two weeks before it will close on August 20, 2011.  Enjoy all the fun and songs that you learned and remembered from this classic 1939 movie.  Be a kid again and why not bring your children to delight in this story with song and dance with a message that resonates through all the ages.  The Dutch Apple Dinner Theater specializes in musicals and has been in Lancaster PA for more than 45 years.  There are also many Romantic Inns in Lancaster Pennsylvania where your innkeeper can help you with other activities all around the local area.

John Deere Show, Rough and Tumble Museum, Lancaster PA, Lancaster PA Bed and Breakfast 15 Jul 2011, 6:22 am

The 20th Annual John Deere Show at the Rough and Tumble Museum, will be July 22 and 23, 2011.  Events and activities include the tractor parade, tractor pull, demonstrations, tractor raffle, tractor rides, blacksmith shop, history lectures and more.  Also available will be food vendors and refreshments.  This is a once a year sponsored by the Waterloo Boys Two Cylinder Club of Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Nearby you will find convenient accommodations at a Lancaster PA bed and breakfast, where your host Robert will be more than pleased to assist with your visit in the area.

Chocolate PA, Wilbur Chocolate, Lancaster Bed and Breakfast 1 Apr 2011, 12:34 pm

Chocolate, Chocolate Everywhere.  Anytime is a great time to enjoy chocolate and who doesn't?  Lancaster and closeby areas have so many places for "Chocolate Lovers" and a great time to visit Lancaster is in during the spring when the weather has not turned so hot and everything is in bloom.
Wilbur Chocolate - A favorite of many travelers to Lancaster Pennsylvania is Wilbur Chocolate right in downtown Lititz.  Did you know the "chocolate buds" were before the Hershey Kisses?  Take a journey back in time and learn all about Wilbur Chocolate history. 
Cafe Chocolate  - While still in Lititz, make sure that you also stop at Cafe Chocolate where they have their own form of 'organic' chocolate.  All I can say it is delicious.  And the staff and owner are the tops.
Miesse Candies  Founded in Lancaster PA in 1875, Miesse Candies has been dedicated to satisfying its many happy  customers.  You can even make arrangements for a factory tour. 
Founded in 1921 Wolfgang Candy, located in York, PA, is one of the oldest family owned and managed candy companies in the United States.  Check out their website for the factory tours on Monday through Thursday, but you can also visit their gift shop Fridays and Saturdays.  A stop not to miss.
How could you mention chocolate without mentioning Hershey's?  While in Lancaster you might want to take the time to visit Hershey's chocolate world and take the free 16 minute simulated tour through a chocolate factory, it is great fun and you end up in a huge candy store.
While visiting Lancaster Pennsylvania, you will probably be looking for a great place to stay overnight. With so much chocolate you will need at least one or two nights and you will find a close-by a Lancaster Bed and Breakfast, where you host will be more than pleased to assist in planning your visit.

Rainbow Dinner Theater, Lancaster PA Theater, Romantic Bed & Breakfast 21 Mar 2011, 8:31 pm

Rainbow Dinner Theater continues it's performance of "Send Me No Flowers", until April 23, 2011.  Enjoy this funny and entertaining comedy, made famous in movies by Doris Day, Rock Hudson and Tony Randall, in 1963.  Now you can enjoy the live version performed by the well polished cast right here in one of Lancaster PA Theaters.   Not only will you be entertained, but you will also enjoy a great buffet meal with an excellent selection of entrees and side dishes.  The Rainbow Dinner Theater is located right in the center of Amish country and has been performing only comedies since April 1984.  Once attending a performance, you will be sure to become a regular if not season ticket holder.  Many performances are sell outs and there is good reason why with the excellent food, management, original and  Broadway productions along with their excellent cast of actors.  You will find a Romantic Bed & Breakfast nearby where your host will be more than pleased to assist you with your visit to Lancaster PA. 

Sight & Sound Theater, Joseph, Lancaster County Bed & Breakfasts , Lancaster Pennsylvania 16 Mar 2011, 4:50 pm

The Sight & Sound Theater is presenting the original production of Joseph, starting on March 19, 2011.   This is a not to be missed theatrical version of the timeless Old Testament story of Joseph.  You will be dazzled and amazed while feeling part of the action, surrounded by three stages.   Live animals are also part of the cast with some right beside you coming down the aisles.  The theater is also known for its huge larger than life staging and special effects. Sparing no expense they also have had orchestrated and recorded original music and songs.  You will be entertained with this fine cast of actors, singers and dancers. The Sight and Sound Theater is located centrally in Lancaster Pennsylvania, with easy access to many of the major attractions in the area.  For accommodations, you will find an abundance of Lancaster County Bed & Breakfasts, where your hosts are more than pleased to assist you with planning your visit.

Murder Mystery, PA Reniassance Faire, Lancaster Bed and Breakfast 4 Mar 2011, 3:46 pm

Murder at Mt. Hope Mansion is now being performed as a culinary interactive Who-Done-It! murder mystery.  The Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair plays host, and you will want to make your reservation now for the performances till April 9th.    You will be taken back to 1899 as the greatest minds of the time have come to converge and discuss the start of a new century.  Will they do anything to have everlasting fame, even commit murder?   Well of course, come and dine and be entertained as the mystery unravels.  Let your host Robert at the After Eight Bed and Breakfast help you with your plans while visiting Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Amy Banks, Jazz, Lancater PA, Lodging Lancaster PA 1 Mar 2011, 12:46 pm fortunate we are to have Amy Banks identify Lancaster Pennsylvania as her home.  An already amazing career, Amy has polished her craft and always amazes her fans with her so so smooth voice.  She truly is one that was destined to sing and that she does.  Locals can find her regularly at the Old Greenfield Inn and at the Lancaster Marriott Great Room.  She does travel as well but how we love to have Amy here in Lancaster.  You too will become an immediate fan, don't miss an opportunity.   Your host Robert, at the After Eight Bed & Breakfast will be more than happy to help you with your plans while staying in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Mud Sales, Lancaster PA, Amish, Lancaster PA Lodging 27 Feb 2011, 6:03 am

The Mud Sales have already begun in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  There isn't a better way to experience the colorful Amish 'Folk' than to join in one of the annual Mud Sales in Lancaster PA.  Each Saturday starting in February and going into April, a different local volunteer fire department is host to the Mud Sale Auctions, where it has been heard you can buy anything from a "pig to a quilt".  Many of the auctions have quilts in abundance and at very reasonable prices as well.  Each of the Mud Sales has a variety of items, some concentrating on farm equipment and building supplies, others in antiques and collectibles, but at most every sale you will find quilts and plenty of Amish.  Vendors are also on hand for the traditional food that you would find at similar events. Make your plans now and your host Robert at the After Eight Bed & Breakfast would be pleased to assist you with other activities while visiting Lancaster Pennsylvania.