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More About Mississippi

With a blend of historic southern charm coupled with modern urban scenery, Mississippi will be sure to win your heart. Its five regions of the hills, delta, pines, coastal and capital river region has something for everyone. Its name hails from the Mississippi river that encompasses its western borders. With over 2500 miles of river in 10 states, this river is #4 on the longest river in the world. Starting in Minnesota and ending in Louisiana, this river is an obvious choice for recreational activities, to include house boating, skiing, kayaking and more. Music is a huge scene throughout the state and some notables from Mississippi are Jimmy Buffet, Bo Diddley, Charley Pride, and Elvis Presley. Also home to Mississippi is what has been hailed as “from paper plates to porcelain” when it comes to indigenous foods. Being the catfish capitol of the world, a top contender for favorite is fried catfish. Hushpuppies and any preparation of crawfish will always draw a crowd. And where did the fried pickle come from? You guessed it! So whether you are looking for great music, fun water sports and down home cuisine, Mississippi is a must see.