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In 1849 Minnesota became a U.S. territory, and was aptly named Minnesota from the Dakota Indian’s description of the waters the color of the sky for the more than 10,000 lakes the state boasts. Minnesotans are huge outdoor enthusiasts, with fishing leading the way with 36% of the population engaging in the activity. The only other state with more fishing enthusiasts is Alaska. Due to the many lakes of Minnesota, most families have cabins for weekend trips or for the annual family vacation. Other activities they, and tourists engage in are many water sports such as boating and canoeing. Water skiing was born in Minnesota and is a favorite pastime as well. Winter activities include hockey, all things skiing and snowmobiling. Minnesota has over 20,000 miles of snowmobile trails and even more biking trails. All of these outdoor activities of the residents have given Minnesota the notable honor of having the healthiest residents in the 50 states. Other indoor sporting pastimes are of the professional nature, such as their NFL team the Minnesota Vikings and the Twins of MLB. Soccer and hockey are also popular. There is also a thriving city scene in Minneapolis-Saint Paul which is home to over 60% of Minnesota’s population. Coined the Twin Cities, this is the locale of their major international airport, and the domicile of Delta Airlines. This is also where you can find a very active arts and music scene. Prince, Bob Dylan, and The Replacements are all from The Twin Cities and their legends have fostered a continued interest in all genres of music throughout the area. There is also a huge foodie scene here. Andrew Zimmern, chef, food writer and TV personality hails from Minnesota and blogs in the Mpls-Saint Paul online magazine highlighting local culinary talents and all things cuisine. Look for great eats, outdoor fun, enhancing your active lifestyle and more in Minnesota.