Serendipity Bed and Breakfast and Suites

203 Griffith Street, Saugatuck, Michigan 49453
Innkeeper(s): David Langley & June Spriggs

Happy Holidays 2012! 8 Dec 2012, 9:49 am

Happy Holidays and welcome to Saugatuck! The cities of Saugatuck and Douglas are both decked out in lights on the streets and in the storefronts, and Serendipity Bed and Breakfast is decorated also! Come visit Saugatuck this holiday season, shop in our unique stores, take in Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol", and stay here in Serendipity! We are having a 15% off special for reservations of two or more nights, and that is in addition to our low off season rates! Later this season we will have lots of snow, so check out the Saugatuck Dunes State Park and the cross-country ski trails. It is absolutely beautiful! You don't even have to own skis -- we have a special arrangement with Landsharks to provide all the equipment you need at a discounted rate! Or you can just stay with us to get away, snuggle by the fireplace in one of our suites, have a yummy breakfast in our dining room if you stay in the main house. The hot tub and sauna are great in the evening when the snow is all around! Come enjoy Saugatuck!

Happy Thanksgiving and Welcome to the holiday season! 29 Nov 2010, 1:09 pm

We hope that you had as great a Thanksgiving holiday as we did -- visiting family and friends, eating, talking, eating, taking lots of pictures, eating, etc. Our friends are in the Ann Arbor area, so we actually closed for a couple of days to drive out. Friends a and family are the greatest thing to have, so make sure that you all stay connected!

The holiday season is in full swing now, and Saugatuck is decorated up with lights all over the place, up and down Butler St, many side streets, in the parks, all over businesses and private homes, and Serendipity too! We have lights and greens up outside all our buildings, and just yesterday we put up our tree! Today we are decorating it with all our ornaments, some antique, some recent, but all have a special significance to us. We hope that you enjoy it if you come out and visit.

If you come out and visit us please ask us about our scones! They are a great addition to our yummy breakfast!

We are waiting for the snow, and we may very well get our first measurable amount this coming weekend!

Now it is Really Spring! 31 Mar 2010, 5:16 am

Hi everyone!

It is officially Springtime, for real! It sure takes a while to get here, even when you think it is, Nature sometimes plays tricks and the temps fall for a while. The flowers are really blooming now. Our first daffodils just opened today in all their bright yellow glory! We have tulip greens that are several inches tall, which reminded us about the Tulip Festival in Holland that is coming up in the first week of May. That should be spectacular! We have got to go to Holland on a free day and check it out.

We are just waiting for all the ice cream shops to open here in Saugatuck--right now Kilwins is open, but Charlies Around the Corner is not yet open. More shops are open too. Saugatuck is waking up from a long, but not too cold winter. Come visit us here in Serendipity!

David and June

Almost Spring! 28 Feb 2010, 8:48 pm

Hi everyone!

We have been taking lots of long walks around town recently, and it seems like spring is just around the corner. The last snows have come and then melted very quickly during the day. Although everything ices up at night, the next day it melts again! The Kalamazoo River is pretty much thawed out now, and geese have been heard honking above, traveling back into the area. We might get tricked again by the fickle weather, but we are looking optimistically ahead. Just today we saw daffodil and crocus shoots poking up out of the ground out of our garden. All these signs and the longer daylight hours is a sure sign that we are on the upswing. Even the black squirrels are running around again!

There are some events coming up soon in Saugatuck. The Saint Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday March 13, the Easter parade in Douglas on April 1, and the Town Crier 5 and 10 K race on April 10. Now we are really into spring!

Happy New Year! 8 Jan 2010, 5:50 pm

Hi everyone!

We wish you all a happy new year! We have lots of snow here in Saugatuck now--you can check out our Facebook site and see some pictures. We took a trip to Saugatuck Dunes State Park today to see how the snow conditions for cross-country skiing are. The snow is great! If you are the traditional wax skier the snow is somewhere in the blue-green wax area, about 25-35 degrees. Just perfect! If you are a no-wax skier it doesn't much matter, unless it is so warm that the snow is wet.

We have heard from the guys at Landsharks in town that even better cross-country trails are to be found at Allegan State Forest, only 15 miles away from Saugatuck.

We are known for our great breakfasts here at Serendipity, and now we will have a chance to spread our recipes around! In the next few weeks a number of the B & B's around town will be gathering recipes together to make a great cookbook! We have a few special recipes picked out that are regulars here at Serendipity and some new ones also. We will keep you posted as to when that cookbook will be available.

By the way, both Valentines Day and Winterfest are happening here in Saugatuck on the weekend of February 13 and 14, a perfect time to experience some of our traditional and new breakfast recipes! It's also a great time to brush some of the winter blahs away.

David and June

The Holiday Season has arrived! 3 Dec 2009, 9:39 pm

Hi everyone!

Snow is coming, but it should look great in Saugatuck now, with lights sparkling up and down Butler Street all the way from The Butler Restaurant to the gazebo in Wicks Park. The Holiday season is really nice, with all the businesses and homes lit up in celebration, including Serendipity! There is an horse-drawn carriage that gives rides around town on weekends, which should be very elegant in the new snow.

This Saturday is the annual holiday parade down Butler Street. Rumor has it that Santa Claus will be there, so there should be lots of kids watching to find out!

We just got our tree a couple of days ago at Stantall Trees in Fennville. They cut our tree after we picked it out, so you couldn't have a fresher tree! Tonight we set it up in the dining room, which was a real trick because space is at a premium. We had to move the furniture a bit so everything would fit. The lights are on it now, but we will have to decorate it with our ornaments over the next couple of days.

Happy Holidays everyone, from June and David at Serendipity!

November in Saugatuck 17 Nov 2009, 4:56 pm

Hi everyone:

We have had the nicest November that anyone could wish for--mild and sunny, clear nights, very little rain. Unheard of for November! The nice weather has brought lots of visitors to Saugatuck the past several weekends. The weather has been so nice that the construction company rebuilding Mason Street finally has finished the second paving of the road! There was a grand reopening with a ribbon cutting ceremony last week, donuts and coffee courtesy of the construction company. All that has to be done now is to paint the street parking spaces.

The squirrels are still running about all over the place, taking advantage of the warm weather to collect acorns and eat the Indian corn in the various displays around. We have just put up our holiday lights on the exterior of the B & B and Suites buildings--very festive! We have been puzzling over how to put our traditional tree up inside the B & B for the Holidays with all the tree decorations we have used in the past. We will probably have to move the dining room table over a bit to make space by the window for the tree. It should look great with lights on it!

Thanksgiving is coming up soon--this year is passing by fast!

David and June

Change of seasons! 30 Oct 2009, 1:34 pm

We made it through our first busy summer season here in Saugatuck! Some of our old friends from our Ann Arbor origins came out to visit, and we we met many new guests from all over the state, the region, and the world. Vacationers from England, Germany, and Australia were the most distant countries, but we also had visits from guests living practically right next door in South Haven. Chicago was well-represented, as was Indiana and, of course, Michigan!

The change of season from summer to fall is very dramatic here, particularly the color change. The fall colors were spectacular here on the west coast of Michigan, with the red, yellow, and reddish-brown leaves of the maple, oaks, and other trees just bursting out, with the crystal blue sky as a background.

We have been amused by the large numbers of little black squirrels running around all over the place busily finding acorns digging holes all over the yard. We don't know if they are really burying the acorns or are just digging holes to find more. They are pretty fearless little animals, and will just sit there munching away only a few feet away.

The weather (everyone always wants to know about it) is very changeable now that the end of October has arrived. Weather fronts seem to roll through every other day or so, bringing either crystal clear skies, clouds or rain (it is raining and windy right now).

If you have visited Serendipity this year, or its prior incarnation (Mason St Suites) we enoourage you to leave a post about your experiences here and in Saugatuck and environs.

 29 Oct 2009, 2:52 pm

Welcome to the new Serendipity Bed & Breakfast & Suites in beautiful Saugatuck, Michigan. We're here to let you know about all the fun things happening in the Saugauck area all season long. We're David Langley and June Spriggs, owners of Serendipity. Keep coming back to find out the latest and any special packages and offers we might have available. We hope you come visit us in Saugatuck soon.