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The Shafer Baillie Mansion

907 14th Avenue East, Seattle, Washington 98112
Innkeeper(s): Mark Mayhle & Ana Lena Melka

The Best Seattle Brewery Tours to Experience 25 Sep 2016, 10:23 pm

The Best Seattle Brewery Tours to Experience

The fall season has arrived in Seattle and of course one thinks of October Fest and beer tastings.  Seattle has been at the forefront of beer making for decades if not a century, and it continues to grow with microbrews .

Since drinking and driving is not a good idea let others do the driving for you, a couple of tours to experience are:


This company has organized tours that will pick you up and drop you off and will take you to up to 3 breweries per tour, they have 3 time slots and 2 different tours. This tour is good for couples or singles. Check them out.



Evergreen E scapes offers many tours and the brewery one is a perfect escape for a group of friends, this tour is available in the afternoons  with several breweries to visit depending on day.



Favorite restaurants in Capitol Hill 11 Sep 2016, 10:04 pm

I’ve been asked to write a few blogs about my favorite places to eat in Seattle. I hope to write about Monsoon, Coastal Kitchen, Harry’s Bar, and several others.

Why go downtown to eat when the best restaurants in Seattle are just a few blocks walk from the Shafer Baillie Mansion; my home and my place of work. (Yes, I’m lucky, or as I would say, blessed!)

Since I spend most of my days in the kitchen for work, I must say having someone else do the cooking and clean up is a real incentive for eating out!

My most favorite place to dine these days has got to be Monsoon on 19th Ave East. Just 5 blocks down Aloha to 19th and to the right a block or two, sits the recently renovated and expanded Monsoon. In and outside seating, open windows and lovely understated décor makes Monsoon not only the best place to eat but a lovely relaxed atmosphere as well!

They have an excellent happy hour: 3:30pm to 5:30pm.  Summer time allows us to sit among the trees on the roof top and sip handmade “adult” slushiness. The fruit ones are always delicious. Crunchy freshness abounds in the tasty appetizers.

Meat and seafood lovers seem to enjoy the selections offered daily for lunch and dinner and I being pleased mostly with vegetarian dishes, find plenty to choose from.

Their food is a combination of modern Vietnamese and Pacific Northwest flare. They offer a plethora of services. From lunch box delivery, group dinning, in and outdoor seating to an ocean bar and tasty craft cocktails.


Lunch and dinner, weekend Dim Sum and brunch will please the palate as well. The wait staff is knowledgeable and friendly…I must say, Monsoon is the best of the best places to eat in Seattle. I have sent folks from around the world to dine there and they never leave unsatisfied.

Brendamonsoon capitol hill

12 Fantastic things to do in downtown Seattle 9 Sep 2016, 9:45 pm


The downtown area of Seattle encompasses Pioneer Square ( where old Seattle was born) and part of Chinatown-International District to the South just shy of the Century Link Field ( home of the Seahawks) and stretches north towards the Space Needle to Denny Way.   The waterfront area as well as Pike Place Market are also part of it.

1)  Most people will head to Pike Place Market to take in the longest running fresh food market in the country and get flower bouquets that are beautiful to behold and very reasonably priced.  More on the Market on a later post.

2) Waterfront:

a) The Seattle Aquarium, a very popular place all times of the year. The Aquarium closes at 5pm but a little know fact is that you can stay there till 6pm when it’s very quiet and you get lots of attention from the docents.

b) Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, a favorite with locals and tourist alike. Where else can you find shrunken heads and 4 legged chickens and don’t forget about Sylvester ( the resident mummy).

c) The Seattle Great Wheel, it has been in Seattle for about 5years and it has become a favorite attraction.

d) Washington State Ferries- you can walk on and end up in Bainbridge Island for the day, visit the quaint downtown, have lunch , do a walk on the beach and see the Seattle skyline at sunset on your way back.

Bainbridge Island Ferry Schedule

e) Argosy Cruises- a quick harbor tour or a longer tour through the Ballard locks into Lake Washington as well as a Blake Island experience awaits you.

f) Restaurants: Ivar’s Acres of Clams, Ivar’s Pier 54 Fish bar, Elliott’s, Crab Pot, Red Robin to name just a few.  Farther north on the waterfront you will find Anthony’s Homeport.

3) Pioneer Square has the Beneath the Streets and Seattle Underground tours as well as many galleries, the 1st Thursday of the month is the gallery walk.  The Klondike Museum is the smallest National Park!, it tells us about the important part Seattle played in the Alaskan Gold rush.

4) Smith Tower- at one time the tallest building west of the Mississippi has been refurbished and is ready to welcome visitors once again.

5) Seattle Public Library- a very modern building that stands out among some of Seattle’s oldest architecture.

6) Paramount Theater:  A free tour of the theater is offered the 1st Saturday of the month.

8) Columbia Center Skyview observatory, the tallest building in Seattle and the State of Washington.  Sometimes referred to  the box the Space Needle came in! Couldn’t have since the Space needle was here 1st.

9) Seattle Pinball Museum

Something new, you can play the machines.—info.html

10) Wing Luke Museum

Do you know Bruce?

11) King Street Station

A beautifully renovated train station.

12) Shopping

A trip to downtown would not be complete without some shopping. The Nordstrom flagship store as well as Macy’s anchor the shopping area.

Pacific Place mall and Westlake mall have national chain stores as well as many local ones.


Lion Hearted 14 Jul 2016, 8:44 pm

For over 10,000 years, majesty, nobility and protection have emanated from lion statues, greeting visitors to homes and cities since the beginning of civilization. We like the idea of welcoming our guests and keeping them safe with the aid of ancient, mythological symbols. When we bought Shafer Baillie Mansion in 2004 we were delighted to inherit from the previous owners two beautiful, stone lions.

We took to these brave creatures so well that we decided to increase their numbers. First we purchased a new set of lions, the type that holds paws up. However, these were promptly stolen, much to our chagrin.

Not to be dissuaded, we determined to find more valiant lions, some that would not be so easily stolen, and that sat vertically to contrast with the original lions, so we found a set with a shield and brought them home to the mansion-however we continue to look for some that would have a more appropriate scale to the mansion.

After 8 years of faithfully greeting our guests the shielded loins have been moved to the terrace and a new impressive pair has taken their place. These new kids on the block are no Foo Dogs, but they have some Asian features and are not lying down… And they weighed two tons each!

Through uncanny coincidence, some guests recognized these particular guardians, sharing with our manager Brenda over breakfast that they had seen these lions before.  Curiosity led us through research and a trail of emails until we learned that indeed our lions had previously adorned a beach house on Fox Island near where our guests had lived.

As the story goes, the lions we had come to call our own were purchased in Vietnam as a gift from a loving wife to her husband, the  two young lions at the base represent their two sons.

It was quite an effort to bring the big cats home. Fortunately the folks we purchased the new lions from had a towing business. Their equipment came in handy for hoisting the majestic statues onto the back of a friend’s trailer for the ride to Shafer Baillie.

Once at the mansion, though, it was another story. It took many hours and three strong men to unload these marble kings of the jungle onto the sidewalk. Since the lion’s share of the day was gone, we had no choice but to leave them there overnight, tied to the fence. The next day we hired safe movers — people who move safes — to place them on either side of the stairs.

We love our lions and hope you will enjoy these noble guardians as much as we do. Feel free to roar in their presence.2016-07-11 17.32.022016-07-11 17.31.092016-07-11 17.03.57

New Year! New Website! and MORE! 29 Dec 2015, 2:53 pm

Celebrating 10 years since the reboot of the Shafer Baillie Mansion, we are beginning 2016 with the launch of a new website. Our 10-year-old website is like that dress you hate to get rid of because you still like it and maybe it even still fits and you get compliments on it, BUT it’s becoming a little worn and dated!new-sb-logo

Our new responsive website will more easily adapt to the size of the screen you’re using, from a widescreen desktop to a mobile phone. Our friends at Acorn Internet Services, developers of our first website back in 2006, have also been our collaborators on the new site. Some design elements such as colors and fonts will be familiar, but with lots more and bigger photos, and our first-ever logo designed by Andrea Leksen of Leksen Design.

We are very excited about choosing photos for the new website to show off the interior of the Mansion, even though many of you still say pictures don’t do it justice!

We continue to care for our 101-year-old building. We’re very conscious of being custodians even more than owners. The latest improvements include a new high-efficiency heat pump for the third floor that keeps it cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

In late January we will close for the first time in 10 years to refinish the main level Siberian oak floors with a water-based finish, install new carpet on the front stairs and landing, and touch up some paint and tile. New quartz counters for the kitchen are also on tap.

When we bought the Mansion more than 11 years ago, we refinished some of the floors but ran out of steam when we got to the dining room and entrance hall. By doing all the floors at the same time, we will provide a continuity that is now lacking and will ensure that the floors are good to go for another century.

We wish you all the very best in 2016. Let us know in the comments what plans YOU have for the new year! And we hope your journeys will bring you to see us in Seattle!

Volunteer Park Water Tower 29 Jul 2009, 12:26 am

One of the many perfections of the Shafer Baillie Mansion location is our proximity to Volunteer Park, the “jewel of the Seattle parks system.” Just a block north of the Mansion is the park entrance and in particular, the iconic Water Tower. This brick tower, erected in 1907, is a major neighborhood landmark as well as being functionally important. Situated as we are at the peak of Capitol Hill, the additional height of the tower affords our neighborhood what little water pressure we enjoy. (Actually, the excellent water pressure at the Mansion is the result of a big electric pump in the basement, but that didn’t come along until our extensive renovation and complete replumbing in 2005.)
But for visitors, the best part of the Water Tower is the fact that it is open to the public. It is well worth climbing the 107 steps to the observation deck at the top, for one of the best free 360 degree views of the Seattle area. In addition to the sublime view, there is historical information not only about Volunteer Park, but about the key role of the Olmsted Brothers landscape design firm in laying the early foundations of the Seattle parks system as a whole. The Olmsteds were the First Family of landscape design in the US, with family members and their various firms responsible for Central Park in New York, key elements of the National Park system, and many other renowned designs. In Seattle they not only created much of the early city park system, but also the design of beautiful neighborhoods such as The Highlands and the Mt. Baker neighborhood.
But one word of caution for your visit to the Water Tower. A member of our family, visiting from out of town, went for a walk one morning and decided to climb the tower. However, she found the door at the bottom locked. A helpful Seattle parks employee told her that the door at the back side of the tower was open, so she went around back and proceeded to the top. After enjoying the view for a while, she headed back down the stairs– only to find she had come down to the locked front door! So, back up 107 steps and back down the other stairs!

Brenda’s first post! 26 Jun 2009, 12:00 am

There is a longstanding Seattle tradition at St Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral a few blocks from the Mansion—a Sunday evening Compline service of plainchants that I had attended once before and found to be enjoyable… a good quiet time. Lew and Clarke, some dear friends for over a decade, were on vacation recently in Seattle and decided to meet me there one Sunday during their visit. Of course I was a tiny bit late. I was carrying a big bright bouquet of flowers for my buddy Clarke I had purchased at the local Broadway farmers’ market that morning. The church was packed when I arrived and the mood was still and somber. The beautiful male voices had already started to sing and I felt at peace. I quickly spotted my friends ( both are a head taller than most!) Lew stepped out into the aisle and put me between them. I felt safe and happy. I closed my eyes and asked God to give me guidance for the future.

I opened my eyes and before me were four large beautiful banners hanging from the tall ceiling. They read WELCOMEINSPIRESERVETRANSFORM. I started to really read those words over and over to myself. Focusing on what those words truly mean. My role and purpose in Seattle and particularly at the Shafer Baillie Mansion became very clear to me. This is exactly what I want to do at the Mansion. Glenn and I have discussed this job and the changes we are making in our personal lives to move here. So when I returned from the church, I told him what had become clear to me and he said it made good sense to him.

So what do we see ourselves doing here? We want to welcome each and every visitor into this splendid restored home, We want each guest to be inspired from their time at the Mansion and in Seattle. We want to serve our guests a scrumptious and healthy breakfast and then hopefully we all will be transformed into stronger and better people. My wish is for the guests to use this beautiful Mansion as a restorative and relaxing place. A time for reassessing and making plans for their futures, whatever they may be!


Glenn Freshour, newest member of the Mansion team! 12 Jun 2009, 12:34 am

We are so fortunate to have Glenn joining Brenda on our innkeeping team at the Shafer Baillie Mansion! Glenn did his undergrad and graduate work in Biology at the University of Georgia and had a long career as a research microscopist. He comes to us from Athens GA, after a year-long side trip to Tempe AZ. He is an avid biker, although still adjusting to the fact that biking in hilly Seattle is not quite like Athens or Tempe! He loves hiking and the outdoors, which should make the Northwest a great place for him to explore and discover. He was the person who inspired Brenda’s love of gardening, and you’ll likely see him out in our garden every day, watering, checking the health of the plants, and enjoying some fresh air.

Glenn enjoys guitar and piano and I hope he’ll decide to share his talents in our salon from time to time! Brenda is thankful for his attention to detail and organization that complements her more, uh, freeform approach to life. We’re also relying on him to help our guests navigate around town and to develop neighborhood and area maps showing places of interest, although of course his own familiarity with the city and region is still developing.

Glenn’s about the most helpful person you’ll ever meet. He’s happy working quietly behind the scenes, but is equally likely to greet you at the door or take your reservation over the phone. In fact my only worry is that, as he gets the hang of my idiosyncratic ways of running things around here, I’ll be left with nothing to do!

Did I mention he’s a little camera-shy?


Meet Brenda! 26 Apr 2009, 2:04 pm

Remember last time when I said the biggest news around the Mansion these days is our 3 new guest rooms on the third floor, opening in mid-May? So maybe I lied, a little. The really, truly, honestly biggest news is the latest addition to the Mansion team, our new fulltime innkeeper, Brenda Mallonee!

Brenda hails most recently from Athens, Georgia, and brings a heaping helping of Southern hospitality with her to Seattle. She’s been in love with the Pacific Northwest for about a decade now, and for years has been threatening to take early retirement from her career with the Georgia juvenile justice system to come work with us. So finally we called her bluff, and here she is! In fact, since among her many other talents she holds a degree in journalism and communications, I fully intend to rope her into being a frequent contributor to Mansion Musings.

If you see more fresh-baked items appearing in our breakfast spread, thank Brenda’s passion for cooking. And if the Mansion grounds seem to be coming to life in a whole new way, that would be her gardening passion! From time to time you may see the table graced with the products of her pottery passion. This blog will likely highlight her photography passion. But most of all there is her people passion, which you will recognize immediately when she greets you at the door or on the telephone. We’re already hearing rave reviews from our guests and I know you’ll agree.

In addition to her primary responsibilities in day-to-day care for our guests, Brenda is also already having an impact in improving our wedding and event operations, and she is excited to be the point person for concerts and shows in our downstairs perfomance space, the Speakeasy. She brings many years of contacts in the music industry with her, so you may be surprised at some of the faces appearing in our humble little venue in the months ahead!

I could go on to tell you all about Brenda’s teammate, Glenn, who will join us in May just in time for the opening of our new rooms. But I’ll save that for closer to the date.

You may be wondering what is becoming of Ana Lena and Mark. Not to worry! We remain as intimately involved as ever with all facets of the Mansion operation on a daily basis. So when you come visit us you won’t be missing out on old friends, just making a new one!


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