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Homemade English Muffins will improve any breakfast menu! 8 Mar 2021, 9:17 am

At our Vermont bed and breakfast, near Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vermont, we take our from-scratch breakfasts pretty seriously. And because of the pandemic, we also want to give our guests the option of ‘breakfast to go’ so that they can get to the mountain early while avoiding the once-crowded dining room of our inn. Adding a ‘bagged breakfast to go’ option seemed a good idea, but we wanted to be sure the breakfast would be worthy of our high standards for breakfast. We asked ourselves, ‘can a breakfast sandwich be fantastic or is it doomed to being merely efficient?’ Well, we think we answered that and here’s how we aim to make every breakfast sandwich we make absolutely fantastic.

Of course, using fresh backyard eggs is a strong start. And then we add a layer of meat – either locally smoked, thick cut bacon or maybe a local turkey sausage patty.  Apples sauteed in local smoked maple syrup sometimes find their way into our sandwiches too. As for the cheese? This is actually a point of marital contention.  Julie argues that Vermont cheddar is the only way to go.  Michael thinks that an egg sandwich is just one of those foods that needs American cheese. Therefore, this remains a changing ingredient in our sandwiches. (Sort of a signature on the meal… you can always tell which of us gathered the ingredients for sandwich making in the morning!) 

Regardless of which cheese gets used, we both acknowledge that the real distinction of our egg sandwich comes from the homemade English muffin. Making these muffins started as a bit of a whim, just to try them out for fun. And now we can never go back to those store-bought muffins – which is a bit of a bummer, because (warning!) these muffins take a while to make. It’s not all hands-on time, so you can multi-task with cleaning your kitchen or answering some emails, but you do need to set aside three hours or so from start to finish.  And they are SO worth it.

The recipe originally came from Food Network as part of a recipe called “Poached Eggs on English Muffins with Helga’s Hollandaise Sauce.” We mined that recipe for the English muffins specifically, and we tweaked that recipe just a little bit.

A couple of quick notes…  The recipe uses cornmeal; we prefer it as coarse as we can find it. And the recipe suggests using muffin rings. They’re very affordable on amazon but they’re not at all essential. Just “plopping” the batter down without a ring makes a circle-ish shape that will work just fine for your sandwich. By contrast, using the ring makes a perfect circle which will perfectly match the circle of the fried egg (assuming you use the ring for that too). There is something very satisfying about all the perfectly matched shapes going on there.

Here’s the full recipe for our homemade English muffins.

In a large bowl, whisk together, and then set aside:

4 ½ cups flour (we use 3 cups white, and 1 ½ cups white-wheat, but all white is fine)

1 ½ Tbsp yeast  (two packets)

1 ½ Tbsp sugar

1 ½ teaspoon salt


In a small bowl, add:

1 ½ cups hot water

3 Tbsp butter


When butter is melted, stir in:

¾ c. cold milk


When the liquids are warm, but not hot, add liquid ingredients to dry.

Stir vigorously with a wooden spoon until smooth.


Cover and let rest in a warm place for 30-45 minutes, or until doubled in volume.

Preheat an electric griddle to 325 / 350.

Spray or brush with oil.

If you have muffin rings, lightly spray them too and place on the griddle.

Sprinkle coarse cornmeal all over the griddle (or just in the rings, if using).

Spray a 1/3 c measuring cup, even on the outside of the scooping side. (The dough is sticky. Dipping fingers in bowl of cold water before touching or shaping batter will help the dough not stick.)

Place piles of 1/3 cup batter on griddle. Leave a few inches between each muffin for slight spreading (but even more so for easier flipping). If using rings, just fill halfway. Batter will rise plenty. Nudge the batter with wet fingers to fill out the circle. Sprinkle the tops with cornmeal.

Cover, slightly canted so steam will escape, and cook for 12-14 minutes.

With rubber spatula, flip the muffins.  Take off the rings before or after flipping, whichever you can do while burning your fingers the least.

Griddle another 10-12 minutes. Cool on cookie cooling rack.

IMPORTANT!  Working around the edges, poke into the center with a fork. Then, when ready to use, pull apart, don’t use a knife. This makes a big difference in the finished product, leaving all those nooks and crannies we all love so much.

Once fully cooled, these can be stored in a Ziploc bag for a couple days – or put bag in freezer for longer storage.


Whether these become the base for your next egg sandwich, or maybe you’ll broil them and top them with real peanut butter, raw honey, and a sprinkle of Chia seeds, you’re sure to love these homemade English muffins.

Whenever you visit our Vermont country inn in southeast Vermont, you’ll enjoy homemade from-scratch breakfasts and cookies. We’re surrounded by great hiking, some of Vermont’s best downhill skiing and cross country skiing, and we’re honored to be a part of the Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tour.


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Book directly on our website and (we both) save money! 23 Feb 2021, 8:34 am

When it’s time to book your Vermont ski trip at Okemo Mountain and you begin looking for the best place to stay near Ludlow, Vermont, of course you should use whatever resources the internet has to offer. Usually this will include Expedia and, AirBnB, or any of the other online travel sites. But you will be doing smaller properties a great service if, once you’ve found the perfect spot, you go directly to the Vermont lodging property’s website and book directly through them. At most hotels, inns, and B&Bs, you’ll get the best rate on the property’s website anyhow. While this is already true at Golden Stage Inn, now you can enjoy an added discount when you book directly with us. Use Promotional Code “bookdirect” and receive $5 off every night you book.

These ‘online travel agencies’ are a great resource for smaller lodging properties as they offer us a greater exposure to a broader market than our little marketing budgets could achieve on their own. However, many guests don’t even realize they are on these separate sites. When you go to a search bar and type in “Vermont inn near Ludlow Vermont” or maybe even our specific business name “Golden Stage Inn” – the travel site comes up first and somewhat deceptively looks like a Vermont lodging property’s website. Every reservation that comes through these sites is appreciated – but expensive. So when you are planning your visit to our Vermont bed and breakfast, be sure the web address in your browser says (or if you’ve already clicked through to our reservations page).

When you are ready to book and you’ve clicked through to the Check Availability page, use the Special Rates section to enter the promotional code “bookdirect”.  Our software will list the available rooms and will present you with a $5 savings for every night that you book. This is our way of sharing the savings we experience when you book directly with us.

For those of you reading this who have not stayed with us before at our bed and breakfast near Okemo Mountain, maybe you’re wondering what it’s like to stay at a Vermont inn. Well, we can’t speak for all Vermont lodging properties, but at ours we promise you a clean, comfortable, casual setting, each room with a private bathroom, and always with absolutely fantastic breakfasts. We take great pride in serving meals made from scratch from locally sourced foods. We can’t possibly list every item we purchase locally, but here’s a quick list of examples. Our coffee is fair trade and locally roasted. Our French Toast is made from our homemade Challah bread – which in turn is made with Vermont sourced flour and our own backyard eggs. Our bacon is smoked locally (from Singleton’s General Store) and our sausage is sourced from New Hampshire. Our honey is from our own beehives. And our yogurt, cheeses and other dairy products are Vermont sourced too. We make this commitment to local foods because it’s better for our community, for the environment, and certainly for the quality and taste of our guests’ breakfasts.

Whether you’re a frequently returning guest or a B&B newbie, we’d love for you to give us a try. Be sure to “bookdirect” and receive the best rate available on the internet.

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Local Foods at Breakfast on your Vermont ski vacation 11 Feb 2021, 9:52 pm

At our bed and breakfast near Ludlow, Vermont, we get to brag that we are close to Okemo Mountain and that we have a wonderful historic building with so many modern upgrades – but we sometimes forget to brag about how we source our local food. From the syrup on your pancakes to the smoked bacon on the side, from the coffee in your cup to the butter in your cookies, we focus on local foods as much as we can. It’s better for the environment, for our community, and way better for the quality of your breakfasts!

Whether you are on a Vermont ski vacation or you’re enjoying some easy summer hikes, our breakfasts are sure to please even the fussiest of foodies. We typically offer only one entrée each morning, so we check in with all our guests in advance as to preferences, allergies, or dietary restrictions. Then we start planning a two course breakfast that is sure to keep you satisfied and happy for hours.

Each breakfast starts with coffee, tea and juice. We purchase our coffee from Mocha Joe’s Roasting Company in Brattleboro, Vermont. An “industry leader in social responsibility,” Mocha Joe’s focuses on Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance coffees – a focus that benefits both the quality of the coffee but also the quality of life for the farmers and regions that grow and harvest the coffee.

Our breakfast’s first course often includes a baked good, which is made with Vermont’s King Arthur Flour and Cabot Creamery butter. King Arthur Flour of Norwich VT is a destination all of its own – if you’re a baker, you’ll LOVE their store; if you’re not yet a perfect baker, you’ll LOVE their baking classes! Cabot Creamery is a farm family co-op based largely in Vermont, though they have four plants in three states. The co-op is owned by 800 farm families throughout New York and New England and they employ over 1,000 people …and they make darned good butter, cheese, yogurt and more. 

Speaking of ‘yogurt and more’ – that’s what you’re also likely to enjoy as part of your first course. We always serve fresh cut fruit and we serve it with some variation of local delicious dairy. Green Mountain Creamery Greek Yogurt is a popular one – made right here in Vermont, or maybe Vermont Creamery’s amazingly smooth and creamy Mascarpone cheese – or maybe their Crème Fraiche for just a lighter touch. No matter which we choose, we’re sure to drizzle it with honey from our own beehives.   How much more local can you get than the backyard?

And “backyard” brings us to the topic of backyard eggs. We have our own chickens who each donate one daily egg to the breakfast effort, and we supplement with a nearby friend’s backyard chickens. Add some sharp cheddar cheese from Vermont Farmstead and serve it with locally smoked bacon from Singleton’s General Store or locally sourced sausage from North County Smokehouse and you have a locavore’s feast. Maybe we’re serving something sweet that day? Surely it’ll be topped with pure Vermont maple syrup from Papa John’s Sugar Shack in Mount Holly, Vermont.

We believe that sourcing locally is as important as baking from scratch. Both contribute to the wonderful flavors and the unmatched quality of the breakfasts we serve. So, when you are given the choice to rise a little earlier for our full breakfast experience before a full day of skiing at Okemo Resort or Viking Nordic Center, you won’t be disappointed that you did!

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Work Remotely AND Ski Okemo! 2021 4 Feb 2021, 6:23 pm

As a bed and breakfast near Ludlow, VT, we’re seeing an interesting travel opportunity created by the pandemic. Midweek skiing at Okemo Mountain used to be available only to retirees and those who would use their vacation days to come skiing in Vermont. Now, it’s also accessible to a whole new group of professionals who work from home … and the beauty of that, of course, is it that it doesn’t need to be “from home” at all — but instead can be from your inn room. We have Wi-Fi, great coffee, and easy access to some of Vermont’s best skiing; what more could one need during an extended phase of remote working?!

Skiing midweek in Vermont brings so many benefits, especially while COVID concerns are still high. There are no crowds. Not at the mountain, the restaurants, or the B&B. Social distancing is natural and easy for once. The ski conditions are phenomenal. With so few other skiers, you get the benefits of ‘first tracks’ nearly all day long!  And let’s not overlook that Golden Stage Inn offers a midweek special – use promo code “midweek” at the time of booking and you can save 25% off weeknight stays of three nights or longer.

For “work from inn” sessions, some guests choose to sit in our sunny breakfast room with a laptop while others choose the privacy of their own rooms for their remote work. Otis’s Room is our biggest room and it has two comfortable chairs and a table, all fireside of course, creating the perfect set up for remote work. Add a cup of locally roasted coffee and one of our individual size cookie jars, and we’ve got your afternoon meeting covered!

If you are one of those people who have been stripped of your office space, it’s time to start considering a trip to Vermont. Be sure to check out state’s travel restrictions that require a certain quarantine period, and then plan accordingly. We’d love to host you at Golden Stage Inn!

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Your Vermont Writer’s Retreat: When and How You Want It 30 Sep 2019, 1:33 pm

A writer’s retreat is that luxury, that beautiful idea where you imagine yourself in some sweet secluded area, nature all around you, and endless time to write, free of your daily distractions. You picture yourself poring over pages and pages of work, a breeze ruffling your papers slightly from the open window. That moment is waiting for you whenever you want it, right here at Golden Stage Inn and Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts.

You can join a class that is already being offered or rally your Writing Group and make a group writing retreat. Either way, our Vermont country inn is a great starting point.

About The Inn

Golden Stage Inn is a Historic Vermont Inn in Ludlow, Vermont. The Vermont farmhouse was built in 1788 as a stagecoach stop. It has now expanded to include eight different rooms/suites — eight different lodging options for your own writer’s retreat. By staying at a certified Green Inn, you’ll be able to enjoy your stay even more, knowing the environment is also happy with your choice!

About The School

fletcher farm art school painter vermontFletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts is set on a beautiful pastoral property, nestled into the Okemo Valley in southeastern Vermont. With Robert Frost as an original board member, this place has a history with art, writing, and phenomenal talent. They have recently added writing classes to their substantial list of art courses, trainings, and experiences. Imagine adding an extra dose of creativity to your Vermont stay by taking a writing class, dabbling in jewelry making, or learning a bit of metal work. I’d say this is just what Robert Frost had in mind.

About The Lodging Special

In order to support the local community and your artistic potential, we offer a 20% discount off your stay (of 2 nights or more) at Golden Stage Inn when you register for a class with Fletcher Farm. We hope you’ll consider taking the leap and creating this magic moment for yourself. Be it writing, art, or simply a connection to nature that you seek, we have it right here waiting for you in Vermont.

Planning Your Writer’s Retreat

white house with black roof and black shutters surrounded by green lawn and spring blossoming lilacs and treesIf the writer’s retreat of your dreams is for you to get some quiet alone time, we can offer that. But if you’d like to gather a bunch of friends or maybe your writing club, we can arrange a whole house rental too.  (The Fletcher Farm discount for a whole house rental has limited applicability.  Inquire directly for more information.) Be sure to give us a call to review availability and to check the schedule for Fletcher Farm School for Arts and Crafts prior to booking.

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Vermont Honey Festival 2019, a great success! 23 Sep 2019, 5:27 pm

It’s not that we meant to host a food festival or farmers market or craft fair — but after attending other Vermont festivals, we decided that honey deserved a showcase event too! So, here we are, two neighbors / beekeeping pals / small business owners, and now we’re co-hosts of Vermont’s only Honey Festival. The Vermont Golden Honey Festival is held every year, on the Second Saturday of September, at Golden Stage Inn Bed and Breakfast in Proctorsville, Vermont, just a couple miles south of Okemo Mountain in Ludlow VT and just a couple miles north of Chester VT. 

We welcome approximately 30 vendors, each offering products, so many of which highlight honey or beeswax or the honeybee itself.  Honey chicken wings?  We’ve got it!  Honey gin? Honey mead? Yep, we’ve got that too.  Raw Vermont honey – straight from the hive? Ohhhh, yessss, we have SO much of that!  Soaps, note cards, chap sticks, plants for your pollinator garden, hot sauce, baked goods, water color paintings, barbecue sauce, jellies and jams, crafts and ornaments, confections, pottery, and of course Honey Apple Cheddar pizza fresh from the wood fired pizza truck of Goodman’s American Pie.

This year we were happy to host two beekeeping education and advocacy groups: Windham County Beekeepers Association and Vermont Beekeepers Association.  These groups consist of members who are willing to be mentors and members who want to learn about the fascinating world of honeybees and beekeeping. 

When we first started planning this event, it was a goal to benefit the small independent business owner (check!), bring community together (check!), and raise money for a local non-profit (check!).  This year we selected Windsor County Youth Services. They operate two residential programs here in Proctorsville and Ludlow and provide safe space for teens to grow and learn. We’re grateful for the services they offer and we’re glad to offer them our modest donation. 

Jess’s business (with her husband Craig) is Goodman’s American Pie in Ludlow, Vermont and Julie’s business (with her husband Michael) is Golden Stage Inn Bed and Breakfast in Proctorsville. Whether you’re looking for a fantastic bed and breakfast or some of the best wood fired pizza ever, you ought to stop by our businesses and give us a try.  

If nothing else, put the second Saturday of September on your calendar and come visit the Vermont Golden Honey Festival next time around!  We’ll BEE there!!


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Small Town Vermont: Proctorsville 5 Aug 2019, 8:55 am

small town vermontVermont is all about that small-town charm. For one thing, we don’t really have anything but small towns. With our largest city at only 42,000 residents and our home of Proctorsville at just 454, I think it’s safe to say we get that “small town” badge. What makes a small town in Vermont shine? Here’s a list of our favorite events, activities, and oddities in Proctorsville and around the area. 

Weekly Local Concerts on the Green

The Cavendish Summer Concerts are a great gathering place for community members, visitors to the area, and anyone looking to have a special summer evening. Every Wednesday different local musicians perform at the Proctorsville Green from 6-8pm. Bring a blanket to spread out on the grass, a picnic dinner to enjoy, and just soak in the beauty of a natural landscape and some old-time fun.

Singleton’s General Store

general store vermontGeneral stores always take you on a blast to the past with their wide board floors, homemade goods, variety of products, and friendly local faces. Singleton’s is anything but a thing of the past here in Proctorsville, it’s a staple. Grab a deli sandwich, a new sweater, a bottle of wine, and have a chat with the folks behind the counter.

Vermont Golden Honey Festival

This one is close to our heart and of course, very close to our home. On the second Saturday in September, we welcome everyone far and wide to enjoy this festival that is part farmer’s market, part craft fair, part beekeeper convention, and 100% small town fun. The best part about any local event is finding joy from the beautiful things our neighbors create and adore. Seeing so many passionate people in one place is the greatest type of heartwarming fun in my book, plus all the local honey doesn’t hurt! Check out more info here. 

Ludlow Farmer’s Market

ludlow farmers marketThe Ludlow Farmers Market takes place every Friday from 4pm-7pm, Memorial Day-Columbus Day, on the front lawn of the Okemo Mountain School. The 2019 market features over 30 vendors and it’s not just produce. You’ll find stunning flowers, homemade birdseed, freshly baked bread, wood-fired pizza, local lambs and animals to meet, Vermont maple syrup, and tons and tons more. A fun little bonus: Local musicians are sure to be gathered around strumming their guitars and adding to the environment of a locally made, small town evening.

Murdock’s on the Green

This area is bursting with great local restaurants, so why did we pick this one to put on the list? It’s all about that outdoor seating! Murdock’s is located in the heart of the village and offers farm-to-table freshness. Their goal is to make everyone who comes through their doors, no matter their home address, feel like a “local”.  Take a peek at more restaurant recommendations here.

Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tour

This is another favorite tradition that we are honored to be a part of. The Inn to Inn Walking Tour could only happen in a place like Vermont because as the name suggests, you literally walk inn to inn discovering a new bed and breakfast each day! We have a blast welcoming new guests, treating them to a cozy night sleep, and sending them off again in the morning after a homemade breakfast. When will we see you?

What did we miss?

There are too many things about this sweet small town special to list them all, so tell us your favorites! What keeps you coming back every year and what have you discovered around the area? Welcoming people to this region and sharing the things we love most is always such a treat. Be sure to talk to us about what you’re hoping to find and we’ll be ready with a list of local tips!

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Unlocking Art: Fletcher Farm Craft School 18 Jun 2019, 11:49 am

fletcher farm art school painter vermontCalling all artists, crafters, and those who love to learn! The Fletcher Farm Craft School is one of our favorite non-profits in the area due to their dedication to curating talent and beauty. Don’t worry if you’ve never had much luck with a paintbrush, their class list is filled with creative options like jewelry making, metalwork, ceramics, and tons more. Can you imagine a better souvenir than a new skill and something you made yourself?

Picture This: You’re standing on a long and winding dirt road that leads to a small Vermont barn. You hear the leaves rusting slowly and a few birds are chirping. Around you are a few others, each standing at their easel, brush in one hand and paints in the other. You’re all painting the gorgeous landscape you see before you, preparing to take home a bit of Vermont. It doesn’t matter who has the better cow or who got the color of the barn just right; it’s a special moment, one that you’re going to love no matter how your painting turns out.

welding and metalwork fletcher farmBetter Yet, Picture This: Everyone is dressed with sturdy gloves and eye protection. Metal sculptures all around the room fill you with excitement as you wait and wonder what you might get to create. Glowing sparks leap around in front of you and it feels impossible that you might actually turn those hard pieces of metal into something beautiful and unique, but you do. Later, you tuck it carefully into your suitcase, knowing every time you see it on your desk you’ll remember how strong and powerful you felt while making it.

Or How About This: You’ve always admired the quilts your grandmother had, some hanging on her walls, some draped over her bed. It felt like a lost art, like an unspoken language you’d never be able to understand. But instead, here you are, scraps of colorful fabric beginning to take shape in front of you. It’s not going to be perfect, the lines aren’t exactly as you would have hoped, but it’s a quilt and if you can do it once, why can’t you do it again?

kids and family at fletcher farm art schoolAbout the School

Fletcher Farm offers one-day classes or a full week of instruction if you’re hoping to dive a little deeper. All of their instructors are working local artists who have so much talent to share. They have been operating for 70 years and are celebrating the big milestone this year.

A Special Discount

We are big fans of Fletcher Farm Craft School as we mentioned before, so we’ve decided to offer something a bit special for those who decide to take a class with them. If you want to add some creativity to your vacation, we are offering a 20% discount on your stay with us once you book a class with them. Can’t get any better than that, right? You can see more about that special here.

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Hop On Over! 20 Feb 2019, 10:06 am

So you’ve come to Vermont to hit some of the best slopes in New England, but you’re tired and your legs are beat from days of fantastic ski conditions. Don’t worry! Golden Stage Inn has curated a list of some fantastic breweries, all within an hour to the inn, to visit on those days you need to take it easy.

Fan favorites to visit while in Vermont are Harpoon Brewery in Windsor (26mi) and Long Trail Brewing Company, in Bridgewater Corners (32mi).

Both offer a full restaurant with pub style menus in super cozy and very Vermont atmospheres. In the summer, both offer outdoor seating and lawn games.

Long Trail Brewing Company offers a rustic VT atmosphere. Take a walk up to the viewing deck to get a birds eye view of the brewery itself or stay cozied up inside and be sure to try their Flyin Ryan IPA and their cheddar soup.

Visit Harpoon for a meal near the fire place or hop on their full tour of the brewing process. Make sure to try their Vermonter sandwich and the Winter Warmer Spiced Ale.

Newer brewery River Roost Brewing in White River Junction (36mi) opened in 2016 and offers bottles, cans, and growlers you can pick up in their retail location Thursday-Sunday 12pm-6pm.

Trout River Brewing in Springfield (14mi) is noted to be one of the early players in the Vermont craft beer movement. Offer fun fan favorites like Rainbow Red Ale, Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, Hoppin’ Mad Trout Ale, and Knight Slayer Imperial Stout. They’re great for a night out as they offer trivia, live music, and Bend-n-Brew, Vinyasa flow yoga with a beer tasting – how fun.

Check out this great Beer map from Stratton Magazine! They have a great section on places to eat, breweries to visit, and sights to see!

If you’re looking for a day of skiing combined with a brewery visit, check out Killington Beer Company (26mi). Hit the slopes and then head down the mountain to the beer company’s pub and game room. Offering 11 beers on tap, open mic nights, trivia every Thursday, live music, and tours of the brewing process every Saturday at 2pm.

Most of exciting of all, soon you’ll be able to walk from Golden Stage Inn to a brand-new brewing company! Outer Limits Brewing is coming to Proctorsville this March, more on that to come!

If you can’t decide which one to visit, you’re in luck. The Vermont Brewers Festival is taking place March 23rd, at Killington. Originally taking place in Burlington, VT the brewers association has added a second date to the festival, bringing it to Killington. Enjoy over 100 exclusive beers created in collaboration by Vermont brewers, and enjoy 30 brews made exclusively for the festival itself. Enjoy this outdoor winter themed festival at the base Killington and sit by the fire pits with the brewers who host this event while enjoying exclusive brews.

Then, when you’re done touring the breweries of Vermont, head on back to Golden Stage where you can cozy up by the fire, play a board game or attempt a puzzle, with a cheese plate and your new brews!


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The Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tour 4 Feb 2019, 10:04 am

It’s no longer below freezing!

Today’s weather has been beautiful, and it has all of us dreaming of the warmer days of summer and the Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tour.

What is the Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tour, you ask?

The Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tour is a unique, four-night experience where each night is spent at a different Vermont inn and each day is spent walking along some of Vermont’s most beautiful back roads. The tour takes place between the beautiful months of May and October. While on the walking tour you can expect to walk an average of 10 miles a day. At the end of the four days, you’ll have walked a 40+ mile circle through quaint Vermont towns, back to the inn you started your tour at.

At each inn you will have your own private guestroom and bathroom. You will receive dinner every night, and a country breakfast every morning. In addition to that, each inn sends you off with trail snacks for the days walk and makes sure there will be refreshments for when you’ve completed that days walk and arrived at the next inn, they know you’ll be hungry!

dinner plate with three blueberry pancakes with a pat of butter on top and syrup being poured onto the stack

Each day while you’re out walking, the innkeepers will ensure your luggage will arrive at your next inn in time for your arrival.

Inn Victoria in Chester, Vermont is a romantic bed & breakfast built in 1851 but offering all of today’s modern conveniences. Located on the beautiful village green nearby several local shops that are a must to stop into. Bookstores, boutiques, a scoop shop, and local artisan shops, the green is a great spot to explore while you’re at Inn Victoria.

Golden Stage Inn, located in Proctorsville, Vermont, is an eight room bed and breakfast, offering the comforts of home while you’re away. Lounge by the pool after your walk, visit the inns animals (bees, sheep, Nellie the dog, and chickens, oh my!) or take a walk to Singleton’s General Store, a true Vermont general store.

The Pettigrew Inn, in Ludlow, Vermont, is within walking distance to downtown Ludlow where there are many fantastic restaurants and shops to explore. The Pettigrew Inn has a rich history of hospitality and each luxurious room reflects the inns history.

Colonial House Inn and Motel is located in the beautiful town of Weston, Vermont. The inn offers lodging away from the hustle and bustle and makes sure there are always fresh treats baking, like home made bread. Explore Weston by stopping into the Vermont Country Store, the Weston Village Store, or the Village Green Gallery.

Each of the four inns are located in small Vermont towns and offer distinct charm and wonderful hospitality. Each town provides a unique experience, whether it be a rural setting or village, there are always shops and country stores to explore.

The Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tour is a wonderful way to see the real Vermont. Four nights with dinner and lodging, followed by breakfast every morning and a self-guided scenic walk every day. Meet other walking tour guests while on the tour, explore quaint Vermont towns, enjoy daily scenic walks, see Vermont the best way possible.  



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