Village Victorian Bed & Breakfast

107 Union Street, Morrisville, Vermont 05661
Innkeeper(s): Ellen and Philip Wolff

light… 20 Feb 2017, 3:53 pm

Yesterday He reminds me that I am the  salt of the earth… to bring a taste of His life, to bring some flavor into the kingdom of this world…. so today… He minds me:  “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden”…  

Seems like that same kingdom is full of darkness… it needs some light.  So He sends those who contain the Light… containers of Light…. and sets us  “in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you appear as lights in the world”

Interesting progression here…  First Jesus says:   “I am the Light of the world”… hmmm… so if He is the Light, how can He say Philip is the Light…. oh… I see… He took it a step further…. “While I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.”…. so when He leaves the world…    “he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”

Wow… we become containers of His Life… the one who is the Light of the World… so… after He leaves, He can now return to the kingdom of darkness  in us... the containers of Light… and says to the containers:   “You are the light of the world.” 

Pretty cool… not only salt… but Light…  and the darkness really needs that Light…


salt… 19 Feb 2017, 11:58 am

“Philip… you are the salt of the earth.”   hmmmm….

I have been thinking about salt  (especially since I am supposed to be salt for the earth)     🙂 … thinking about salt’s relationship to the two different kingdoms…  those two kingdoms I’ve been writing about… the one we are born into here on earth  (the kingdom of this world)... and the one we are born into at our new birth  (the kingdom of heaven)... where we then become representatives of His kingdom right here on earth…  He puts us into His salt shaker... to bring the taste of His Life,  the flavor of His kingdom to that other kingdom.

Here are a couple statements about salt from the experts…    🙂

“Salt has been the secret ingredient of the human race for 8,000 years. And the one no chef can live without. Today, food technologists rely on salt to satisfy consumer preferences in color, texture, appearance and aroma…. and they prefer the attributes that only salt can deliver.”

“Salt does more than improve flavor. It intensifies it. It reduces bitterness and enhances sweetness. It provides balance. It’s a natural preservative, it helps bread rise, and it’s even a critical ingredient in ice cream.”

Of course… too much salt does just the opposite.  Too much salt makes your food unpalatable… impossible to eat… how little I understood about that…  I was taught and taught others to empty the whole box on folks… “Wonderful Phil is going to heaven… you are going to hell unless you believe like I do and give your life to Christ like I did.”

So sad.

Just dump the whole box of salt on people… saturate them with doctrines of salt... it is what I did.  It is why I am so thankful for His forgiveness…so thankful for His revelation… so thankful for finally being able to just let Him handle His salt shaker and sprinkle a little here and there, whenever He is so inclined to do that.


waiting…. 18 Feb 2017, 1:17 pm

Nothing further to do on the sale… just wait… wait till we hear from the lawyers on the closing date.

Before continuing to write on the two kingdoms… I started to think about what I said yesterday…  “But philip doesn’t live in that Kingdom any more… he has been slowly turned into a giver…”    and how the Lord set me free from that kingdom…  it was in 1999 when I was crying out to Him as I painted our picket fence… He spoke to me… life has never been the same…

I have never stopped crying out to Him… expressing my desire to know Him more and more … I wrote about that desire a few months later.

I just updated what I wrote…what I have called   “more than just the first thing I ever wrote… I believe it is the most significant thing I ever wrote or will ever write…”

I pray this every day…


another step closer… 17 Feb 2017, 6:48 pm

It was Friday today… the day of the Fire Inspector… who showed up right on time…  walked up to look at the 3 bedrooms of the B&B… looked at the kitchen, the basement and said everything was fine…. he would send in his report. Then wished us well on the closing.  It may have taken all of 10 minutes.

It was exactly what I thought it would be… even more simple than 18 years ago when we started the B&B and the same inspector “inspected” us back then… 1999…

If I was still living in that “Kingdom” I mentioned yesterday… the world’s system of the takers… where everything revolves around phil wolff the wonderful one… whose time is so important and he finds out that he was right about the whole inspection thing… sees that his closing has been delayed since November… for this nothing of an inspection… the wonderful one would be ranting and raving at everyone and getting beyond his pound of flesh.

But philip doesn’t live in that Kingdom any more… he has been slowly turned into a giver… knowing that this delay was engineered by the One who controls all things… so philip asks Him what He has for us in all this delay.  I’m not asking Him today… because He has already showed us very clearly why He extended our ownership for 3 months.

It is an incredible way to live.  If you are interested in knowing what He showed us… just give me a call.  Meanwhile, we expect to hear from the attorney early next week, what closing date has been established “on or before March 1st”….


oh my…. 16 Feb 2017, 1:46 pm

After re-writing that old posting yesterday, things really started jumping around in philip… just thinking about all my experiences in those various religious systems started to do a number on me…  and I hadn’t even mentioned my first 20 years being raised a Catholic, parochial grade school, Jesuit High School and a little Jesuit College… leaving that when I saw it didn’t do anything to change me… just fear and guilt all the time… I even looked at Unitarianism, then Bahai and finally had my collision with God in 1968… where I was immediately thrust into fundamental evangelicalism…

None of those worked either… any more than all that followed…one after the other… in every Christian System I watched leader after leader sinning just like the rest of the world…. their Christianity had no impact on their character… or mine.  Religion will never change my heart.  The only way my rotten old heart has ever changed is by seeking the Lord with all my heart, finding Him, then discovering His love… as He exchanged His heart for mine… then it began to happen… oh my… what a journey…

I have so much to say… I’ll try to start tomorrow… about the two kingdoms… the kingdom of this world (the takers ,the users, the abusers kingdom) and His kingdom (the givers, the lovers, the encouragers kingdom)…

Right now, I would like to invite you to read my little Psalm… about my heart’s cry to know Him…. it’s up there on the top of my blog…. but here’s a quick link…  Psalm


that old posting… 15 Feb 2017, 1:20 pm

All these issues of the past couple years, just tie right in with what I wrote years ago when I got my heart zapped back into rhythm for my A-Fib…

I am so thankful for His  forgiveness.… even more thankful for His leading me out of the  darkness  of Religion into the marvelous light of simply living free in Him….coming out of my Charismatic/Pentecostal religious background, then my own religious system of the Discipling/Shepherding movement and then on into the Cult here where everything that happened in my life was the result of some sin, some disobedience to God, etc., etc.,  ad nauseam…   It is so wonderful now… to know this One … the One who is Love… this One who loves me more than I can even know….this One who is with me thru every single thing that happens in my life.

I cannot pretend that all the things happening in my life right now are somehow not really happening.  I cannot  reject  them… I cannot  reject  my Cellulitis… I cannot  reject  my hernia…I cannot  reject  my A-fib… I cannot reject the circumstances of my life… I cannot demand that God change them… I cannot pretend that bad things don’t happen to Christians… but… I can reject the lie that tells me bad things aren’t supposed to happen to Christians… that they do happen only because I am in sin… or I just don’t have the faith…or because I am a failure to God and He is mad at me… or He just plain doesn’t love me any more… I can reject all the lies that come…about why these things happen… and what a terrible person I am… which somehow has caused this  latest disaster in my life  to happen….

He just loves on me thru them all… every time life happens …  He teaches me, He helps me, He grows me… He touches me yet one more time with His amazing love.






some rumblings today… 14 Feb 2017, 1:50 pm

a little wind blowing… some rumblings in the tree tops…a little activity today... I will try to tie in what has happened, with some more of that old posting I talked about yesterday.

First, we took a  major step forward  on the sale of the B&B…  we had a call from our attorney today to confirm that we will be home here on Friday for a visit from the “Fire Inspector” at 11:00am…  This is what has held up the closing.  Long story short, our new contract saying we will close on or before March 1st should now actually happen… all we need is the inspection and then a firm closing date…    🙂

Second thing was a visit to Dr Kiely… my leg is making very good progress… he wants me to be very careful not to pick at any scabs or peeling skin… no open wounds to get re-infected… sounds like something I will be watching for whatever years the Lord still has left for me here.  He encouraged me to start walking again… do whatever I can of my old exercise routine… push myself, without overdoing it… continue with my 5 trips a day to put my feet up and keep draining the water out of my legs.  He loved seeing my weight way down (210 now)… means that the water is coming out of my body.   Loves the way I am eating… told him about my 5 small meals and what I eat virtually every day.   He wants me to call him immediately with any concerns I may have.

I told him about a groin pain that started a few weeks back… asking how I could have gotten a hernia when I have been totally inactive and even losing what muscle tone I had left.  He checked and sure enough it’s a hernia.  Gave me some things to do, does not want to operate… last thing I would need now… or at my age.  Looks like one I will just need to get the grace for every day…    🙂

I will tie this in with that old posting on the ‘morrow….



another quiet one!… 13 Feb 2017, 5:54 pm

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow… and today?….  it seemed almost the same today as yesterday… and tomorrow?… hmmmm…. tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow….. hmmm…  why am I thinking about  tomorrow  all the time… the Lord says  “Take no thought for tomorrow”…. hmmmm…

Hmmm…  Old Macbeth had the same issue… or maybe it was Shakespeare that had the issue…“tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time”

Actually, I think the issue is just that old natural man doing what he does… worrying about tomorrow.  I need to stop that one… again…      🙂

I’ve written about this before… one of those early writings… this is how I wrapped up that old posting…

“I CAN  “take no thought for tomorrow”… I CAN  learn to live above any circumstance… I CAN  learn to have much or have little… to be on the top or at the bottom… and discover that none of it really matters…. only Jesus matters… and my relationship with Him… the circumstances are in His hands… not mine… I control nothing…”

I may just rewrite that whole posting… tomorrow….




on.. and on… and on… 12 Feb 2017, 6:16 pm

It’s getting funnier each day… smaller… quieter…

We have moved into our first real snow storm… started here late this morning… will go thru the night tonight and then continue thru till tomorrow night… could leave us with around a foot of snow…. meanwhile everything has kind of stopped around here…. one room asked for an earlier breakfast this morning so they could race the storm home… another room ate at 8:30 and was on the road within an hour… the other room that had also booked for tonight, decided to leave a day early and not try to leave tomorrow in the middle of the storm.

Makes for a very quiet couple days around here… nobody coming in till the weekend, when we fill up again.  Today was mostly recovering from a busy weekend, a sleepless night, an  upswing in the pain department and other small world stuff…    🙂

Did get to watch the golf tournament…  in between trips upstairs to put the feet up of course…. always wondering what the Lord is going to do next… hmmm… maybe tomorrow we will make another step forward to a new closing date on the sale of the B&B?   One never knows…

We shall see…



this tiny world thingy… 11 Feb 2017, 8:21 am

Guess I should say that having this  tiny, small world  thingy  that I have been writing about… is not a  bad  thing… not a  complaint… philip is not grumpy… he is just stating the facts of his situation as it is today… and appropriating His grace to get thru the next thing that comes across the table… you know… that plate thing He passes across the table…

I used to keep talking to the Lord about what He wanted me to  do with  all this stuff He has been showing me… the answer is always the same… “just be who you are, where you are”… my problem has always been wanting to  be more than thatwanting to do things... great things... below is something I wrote quite a few years back… this is the stuff God wants to change in philip….      🙂

“I have this burden to help everyone I meet, with all their problems, difficulties, hang-ups, all those messes we are so good at getting into….. I just want to introduce them to Jesus and help them get rid of all the problems and messes. I want to take every tree I see, prune it, get rid of all the dead branches, dig around the roots, water them, fertilize them, get them sprouting with new life. The Lord said:    “Your desire is good…..but not everyone is on your property… they belong to me….they do not belong to you…. I know them…I know what they need… and I know when they need it…. if I want you to do anything … I’ll let you know.”

That keeps getting more and more clarified as each month goes by…. slowly discovering He really doesn’t need me to do anything… He just wants me to walk and talk with Him in the garden of my life…..   🙂

By the way… the big decision of today was to finally stop trying to get thru the day with no pain killers… gave up after 12 hours and had me one of Rite Aids version of Tylenol.. a 650 mg slow release fella…