Southern Rose Ranch

8580 Dairy Farm Road, Chappell Hill, Texas 77426
Innkeeper(s): Donna & Steve Cummins

 7 Sep 2010, 9:01 pm

This is the newest calf on the Ranch! Frankie was born the day we went to Austin to see "The Jersey Boys"! We think the name fits him real well. He is so cute frolicking in the pasture. I am sure he would like a friend closer to his size.

Today with the tropical storm Hermine, we received close to three inches of rain. It was badly needed. Now all the white belts on the Belted Galloways are really white and clean after several different occurrences of downpours.

The extreme heat we had in August has now let up a little. It is still hot but not so stifling. We were amazed when our Bed and Breakfast guests would want to get in the outdoor spa in 100 degree heat. Guess they liked the sauna effect!

We were quite busy in August-it was probably one of our best Augusts in the B and B business. Steve and I celebrated our 29th anniversary in August. We have told our girls that the only negative thing about getting married in August is that it is hard to find a cool place to go away for your anniversary. One year we tried going to the Pacific Northwest thinking that the Cascade Mountains would be a little cooler than Texas heat! No, in fact they were having a heat wave and many places were not air conditioned, like the nice restaurant we tried to go to for our Anniversary dinner.

In the mornings, there is a faint coolness in the air. I am looking forward to Autumn and that first crisp morning. I will be at Starbucks getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte to celebrate!

Fall at the Ranch! 4 Nov 2009, 10:37 am

It is beautiful this time of year in the country; there is a rebirth of all the flowering plants and with some fall rain, everything is in bloom. It hasn't been cool enough to scare off the butterflies and the monarchs are migrating through so it is a beautiful time.

Better Homes and Gardens was here last week photographing the Outdoor Kitchen for a story in their special interest magazine, "Outdoor Rooms". It was a lot of work to get the Ranch ready but it is in tip top shape and it looks fabulous!

We are offering a new package at the Ranch called "Dinner at the Ranch".