Strickland Arms Bed & Breakfast

604 East 47th Street, Austin, Texas 78751
Innkeeper(s): Jim & Barbara Strickland

Lady Mae's Room

From $140.00 / night

Antique king bed and private bath with spa tub.


Lady Stepanie's Room

From $125.00 / night

One King size four-poster bed and a private bath with a shower.

This elegant treasure, decorated in a teal-green floral motif, features a four-poster bed, love seat, drop-leaf antique dining table, private bath/shower, a separate climate control, and overlooks the tree-lined side entrance to the grounds and the rose garden.


Sir Loren's Room

From $135.00 / night

Two Queen size four-poster beds and a private bath with a shower.

This stately room, with its blue decor, features two queen-sized wrought-iron beds. An overstuffed chair and ottoman are placed perfectly in front of the sprawling French-paned windows that cover the south wall and look out over the front entrance at the fountain/statue gardens, the massive oak and pecan trees, and the tree-shaded serene neighborhood.


Lady Aisling's Room

From $50.00 / night

(The Sun Room) Antique double bed and half bath. This cozy sleeping quarters with half-bath is done in a seafoam green Ashleyesque theme and features a cherry wood, Shaker-style double bed and an in-room rattan swing, perfect for reading or just relaxing.

Lady Aisling's Room is rented for an additional amount of $50, only in combination with Lady Stephanie's or Sir Soren's rooms)


Sir David's Room

From $110.00 / night

Queen four-poster bed and private bath with a shower.

This mauve-decorated room features a Queen-sized, four-poster mahogany bed, in-room faux fireplace with antique copper screen, private bath/shower and separate climate control. This ultra-cozy room overlooks the veranda in the back and offers maximum privacy and solitude.

  • Policies

    • No Children under 12 or pets of any kind
    • Two day reservations required on weekends
    • Reservations with credit card - Most credit cards accepted - Double occupancy - Tax not included
    • Call (512) 454-4426 for reservations
    • Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance of reservation date.
    • Internet Access available