The Enoch's Farm House Inn Bed & Breakfast

3072 Little Blue Creek Road, Mc Ewen, Tennessee 37101
Innkeeper(s): Joyce Bullington

The Back Room

From $75.00 / night

The Back Room is the larger bedroom, and it features a full-size antique iron bed with a Fluffo mattress, a large modern closet, and a unique antique dresser with two mirror panes and large storage drawers, suitable for storing most clothing.

Shelly May's Room

From $75.00 / night

Shelly May's Room, the smaller bedroom, is the newest part of the house. It was built for Shelly Davis, the owner's granddaughter. It also features a full-size iron bed with a new Fluffo mattress and large storage closet.

  • Guest Rooms/Rates

    The Enoch's Farm House Inn has two guest rooms, The Back Room and Shelly May's Room.

    Both rooms are connected to the bathroom by a short connecting hallway.

    Even though the bath is shared we only rent to one party at a time. Either just one room is rented on a given night or both rooms are rented to friends or family.


    • $75.00 per couple per night - single bedroom
    • Each Additional Person is $20 per night
    • Travelers checks and checks accepted. No credit cards.
    • Deposits are non-refundable.
    • NO pets please.