Amie St.Jéan Bed and Breakfast

624 Adams St., Rapid City, South Dakota 57701
Innkeeper(s): Amie Kelly

The Gatsby Suite

From $120.00 / night

I decorated this suite in the "ART DECO" style, which was the prevalent style during the time this house was built. I named the suite for F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby". It was written and takes place during the opulent "Roaring 20's." This suite is furnished with a queen size bed, desk, and seating areas. It has a private connecting bathroom with shower and toilet. To keep the bathroom from being too cramped, I located the vanity. sink in the bedroom area.


Molly Brown Suite

From $130.00 / night
The vanity in this suite originally belonged to The Unsinkable Molly Brown, who survived the sinking of the Titanic. This Denver CO resident was so much more than a survivor. She was an activist for women's and children's rights. Her home in Denver was saved and now serves as a museum dedicated to her. For more information, click the button above. This is my largest suite. When the house was built, this was the Master Bedroom. This spacious room has a king size bed, large mahogany desk and chairs, quarter-sawn Murphy bed, armiore and THE VANITY. The connecting bathroom was originally the only bathroom, that served the entire house. I removed the door in the hallway, and made direct access from the bedroom. It's decorated in a nautical style.

Fleur De Lis Suite

From $115.00 / night

This suite, along with much of the house, has a strong French influence which was inspired a great deal by my heritage. This suite was the first to be renovated, and decorated. Much of the decor was purchased after a trip to France. It is my slightly smaller suite with a queen size bed, desk/seating area, amoire, and vanity. As with all my suites, it does connect to its own private bathroom, with shower, sink, and toilet. It's furnished and decorated with antiques.