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The Inn at Hickory Run

9 Tribbles Ln, R R1 Box 82 B, White Haven, Pennsylvania 18661
Innkeeper(s): David & Nancy Pfeil

The Maple Room

$165.00 / $190.00 night

Finished with a turn of century maple floor and hand crafted curly maple window and chair rail molding, this room offers the best view and sounds of the front yard waterfall. The king size bed (or two twins) is complemented with a high top head board, end tables, entertainment center, comfortable arm chair and desk. The fireplace is finished in green marble with a hand crafted maple mantel. The bathroom is equipped with an adjustable shower head in both the shower and whirlpool tub. The shower stall is barrier free, and the sink is wall mounted with grab bars around the toilet to accommodate guests with special needs.


The Birch Room

$165.00 / $190.00 night

The most rustic guest room is complete with birch king size headboard and night stands made from birch trees cut down during construction. The fieldstone fireplace is finished with a solid birch mantel supported by birch tree trunks. An entertainment center and birch finish desk complete this guest room with a view of our many pine and hardwood trees, as well as our front-yard waterfall. The bathroom includes a large whirlpool tub, neo-angle shower, and full bathroom facilities.


The Oak Room

$155.00 / $180.00 night

The most elegant bedroom of the Inn includes a full complement of red oak finish including crown molding chair-rail and panel molding. A black marble fireplace is finished in fluted oak columns. The queen-size bed, entertainment center, black marble work desk and comfortable chair complete this luxurious bedroom.

The bathroom includes a large whirlpool tub, neo-angle shower and full bathroom facilities.

The Inn at Hickory Run, oak room

The Inn at Hickory Run, bathroom


The Cherry Room

$165.00 / $190.00 night

The cherry room hosts the most wood finish in the entire Inn. The wainscot walls are finished in knotty cherry. A round river stone fireplace is completed with aged, cherry wood trim and solid cherry mantel. The hardwood cherry floor is complemented by hand crafted chair rail, window and door frames. A matching wainscot headboard entertainment unit, armoire desk, and comfortable chair offer the perfect setting for relaxation in the most isolated room of the Inn. The bathroom includes a large whirlpool tub, neo-angle shower, and full bathroom facilities.

  • Policies

    The Inn at Hickory Run, marquee

    • Rates: $155 - $190.
    • There is a 50% deposit required when making your reservation. The balance is due upon arrival. Deposits less a 10% administrative fee are only refundable with at least a 14 day advanced notice.
    • We accept Visa and MasterCard. Personal checks are acceptable for deposit only and must be received two weeks prior to your stay.
    • Check-in: 3:00 - 7:00 pm. Check-out: 11:00 am. Special arrangements may be made by special request only.
    • The Inn at Hickory Run is a non-smoking facility, with accommodations for two adults per room. Special accommodations may be arranged by request.
    • Please, no children under 14 years old. We do not accommodate pets.
    • We have a "leave your shoes at the door" policy to maintain a clean and healthful environment. Guests are encouraged to bring their own soft-soled shoes for wear only inside the Inn.