The Inn at Bully's Restaurant & Pub

647 Union Street, Columbia, Pennsylvania 17512
Innkeeper(s): Dave Zahm & Sherry Landis

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  • Introduction

    The Inn at Bully's Restaurant & Pub - Columbia, PennsylvaniaInn, pub, bed & breakfast - All words that could be used to describe Bully's. Much more than your usual bed & breakfast, we are a historic tavern located in Columbia Pennsylvania. Our bar and grill offers award winning cuisine as well as the largest selection of beer in the area. We pride ourselves on our bar & grill as it brings the best of local history together with modern times.

    Our restaurant is family owned and operated as well as our inn. Our property also includes a pastry and bake shop located across the street which provides continental breakfasts to our guests. Both quaint and cozy, our bakery offers many choices to suit any dietary needs that our guests may have including gluten free.

    Stop in and visit our historic restaurant! Our inn, pub & bed and breakfast will be sure to impress with a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Instead of staying in a hotel, try our bed & breakfast to get a truly memorable experience. Come dine in our tavern and sample some of our extensive beers. Try some award winning food in our bar and grill.

    First built as a railroad hotel to support the bustling town of Columbia, the Inn experienced a variety of changes since its inception in 1903. Even though there have been variety of tavern owners throughout the years, the common theme remained as one of hospitality and congeniality for all. Since just after the turn of the twentieth century, this location has welcomed guests with the promise of a satisfying meal, first-rate drinks, lively company, and the offer of a warm, clean place to a get good night's sleep.

    The Inn at Bully's Restaurant & Pub-Room 2The Inn at Bully's Restaurant & Pub-Room 1

    The current Innkeepers have worked hard to insure the ultimate in comfort and satisfaction at the newly remodeled Inn. Visitors to the Inn will appreciate the insight and quality of work which was painstakingly completed in order to restore and renovate this historic treasure.

    Along with Bully's restaurant discounts and Continental breakfasts, our services also include Get-a-Way weekend specials, Wedding packages, and short or long term Business accommodation packages. Thus, whatever the occasion, a short or long vacation, special event, or a business trip, consider us when planning your next excursion.

    In the autumn of 2010, Dave and Sherry were honored by the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County who awarded them the C. Emlen Urban Award for Preservation, in recognition of exterior renovations to the fasade.

  • Amenities

    The Inn at Bully's Restaurant & Pub-The Flour Child, Our Pastry & Bake ShopBreakfast offerings at The Flour Child pastry & bake shop, include freshly baked muffins, Danish, coffee cake, cookies, scones, fruit & yogurt. Flavors and selections will change daily with the best of the season and local produce available. Sticky bun Fridays are not to be missed! Gluten free, sugar free and other allergen free items are available with prior notice. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate are available daily as well as a variety of milks, juices and specialty fruit drinks. Breakfast boxes are available for guests on the go and will include a sampling of fresh baked goods of the day, fruit and beverage.

    We invite all guests of the Inn to take advantage of our well designated Common Room. We have provided an array of amenities to help guests further enjoy their stay. This spacious room is divided into two areas. A comfortable sitting area occupies the one side and includes three large leather sofas for relaxing, reading, or for viewing the generous 55 inch flat screen television. A pleasant bistro area is available for early morning or after dinner lounging with your drink, or for working on your laptop anytime, and occupies the The Inn at Bully's Restaurant & Pub-Wine Glassother half of the space. Here you will find a few conveniently placed tables, a full size refrigerator, a microwave, and a Keurig Coffee maker. Our coffee bar always has a great selection of coffees, teas, cocoa, and even bottled water. Additionally, if you require a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth, we provide a rotating selection of treats to enjoy with your nightcap.

    Visitors appreciate the convenience of the interior private stairway, which is our "guests only" entrance to Bully's Restaurant & Pub. It allows guests to visit the restaurant & pub without going outside the building. So whether you wish to watch TV, read, work on your computer, or simply mingle with other guests, this area is designed for your comfort.

  • History

    The Inn at Bully's Restaurant & Pub-PhotoThe Inn at Bully's Restaurant & Pub was built in 1903 by A.G. Beattie as a Hotel-Tavern for the thriving mill and railroad town of Columbia. Originally named the "Union Hotel"it provided warm, clean rooms upstairs, and food and drink downstairs for the many travelers and railroad workers passing through this bustling town. The tavern became a popular spot to have a drink, get a bite to eat, or play a round of pool.

    The beautifully carved walnut & chestnut bar was constructed by the William Wohlsen planing mill of Lancaster (first cousin of the Wohlsen who began the construction company), specifically for the Union Hotel. The bar still has the original grooves on its top surface, made back in the days when men sat at the bar for hours talking and drinking while using the bar-length spittoon at their feet, as they continued to absent-mindedly rub their nickels into the bar.

    During prohibition, when Ernest Schlotthauer was the owner and the locals nicknamed the place "Piney"s, patrons continued to frequent the tavern which was rumored to provide its customers with homemade moonshine!

    By the late 1950's, Earnest's step-son, Raymond Kitch took control of the establishment, and once again, the name changed; this time to "Kitch's". Raymond and his family lived above the tavern, in an area separate from the hotel. His children share stories about how they would run around the upstairs hotel hallways, playing and carrying on, and even visiting with the men who rented the rooms here.

    The tavern was renovated into a full service restaurant and pub in the late 1980's. It was renamed "Bully's" in deference to Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States at the time the tavern was built. Roosevelt was known for his congenial expressions of "Have a bully day", or "Bully to you",and in admiration of that era, and that President, the name was adopted.

    The current owners, Dave and Sherry, acquired the establishment in 2000, and changed the name to "Bully's" Restaurant & Pub, (from Bully's on Union). They worked hard to improve the food, the atmosphere, the beer and wine lists, and the overall dining experience for their patrons. Their successful efforts were briefly interrupted by a fire, started by a wayward firework, which ravished the third floor of the hotel. This incident fueled inspiration to begin the nearly 3-year project to convert the upper two floors into a classy inn, from the former rental rooms. The "Inn at Bully's" became fully operational in the summer of 2010. Now patrons can enjoy fabulous food and beverages in the restaurant, and then retire to a well-appointed and relaxing room upstairs.

    Across Union Street from Bully's, the former apartment house was fully renovated into a bright andThe Inn at Bully's Restaurant & Pub-Outside View spacious pastry shop, The Flour Child, on the first floor, complete with a 21 foot-long, revamped antique oak counter. Alixe Ingoglia opened the pastry shop to much acclaim in mid-2009, and it has become Columbia's favorite patisserie!

    The owners, along with their son, Executive Chef Adam, continue to work diligently to make Bully's a destination for people who enjoy quality food and drinks. They welcome all to relax in the historic and award-winning restaurant or enjoy a night in the new and fabulous inn.

    From our entire staff, we hope that you have a bully time at our restaurant and inn