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Ann Street Inn

707 Ann Street, Beaufort, North Carolina 28516
Innkeeper(s): Donna Babington

The Guardian 21 Jul 2015, 8:55 am

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the area surrounding Ann Street Inn, here in historic Beaufort North Carolina, surely knows about the nearby lighthouses. From Bodie Island, to Currituck, with Ocracoke and Hatteras alike and not to leave out the closest to us, both physically and in our hearts, the wonderful Cape Lookout lighthouse. Here on the Outer Banks we’re known for these lighthouses as much, if not more so, than the scenery itself. With the area being widely acknowledged as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”, it’s easy to understand the “why” behind so many calling the OBX home.

With all that being said, it lead to our thoughts of the irony behind one of our most recent visitors to the area, the fine folks of the travel blog: The Guardian. You see, those lighthouses being located both where, and for the aforementioned reasons they are, have also been referred to by some as the Guardians of the Atlantic themselves. So it seemed almost fitting, that sooner rather than later, we were owed a visit from those fine folks of The Guardian. So we won’t get into the points of spoiling their wonderful review of our area, but simply leave the bragging to them. They did a wonderful piece not only on the nearby area but touched on yours truly on the way of their travels as well. It was a pleasure to accommodate and we look forward to hosting them again in the near future, because for all those who have been or live here themselves…we all know the same thing. They’ll be back.

Check out the full article over at The Guardians website: HERE

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Rainy Day Blues 15 Jul 2015, 1:14 pm

For those that follow us here at the Ann Street Inn and maybe live near to our area, we want to apologize for what we’re about to discuss. You see, as of this writing it’s kind of a sore subject and you might be wondering why we have to kick you while you’re already down. Again we’re sorry, but why not talk it over together, so we can ALL come out better from it? We’re talking about that dirty, filthy, foul, four letter word, that  we know you dread to hear about around your vacation time. R-A-I-N. There, we said it. We can’t control when it happens and we can’t do anything about it. Or can we?

We know as good as the next person, that rain is often a cause for folks to get down when it comes along and that goes two-fold on vacation. That doesn’t mean it’s a complete deal breaker on enjoying oneself however. With every ying comes a yang and we’re the type to turn our frowns upside down when the going gets tough. That’s enough of the cliche’ one liners though, let’s get to the actual solutions.

For those that are NOT familiar with our nearby area, for starters you should look it up. The neat thing is that, although the outdoors and sunshine and wonderful nature that you’ll initially find in your informational search are great and all….they’re not the only thing that’s great about our wonderful Outer Banks. We’re located in the coolest small town in America for goodness sakes! Things like a little drab weather just means that you have to get a little more creative with how you find your enjoyment. Luckily we have a great nearby waterfront, that aside from it’s wonderful food delicacies also has an equally awesome collection of shopping options. From Mom to Dad and the kids and the Grandparents too, Beaufort has everybody covered! We’re not just talking the traditional “vacation” trinket shops either, we have fashion, decor and local historical information as well.

Speaking of history, on the same waterfront location as we mentioned before, are several FUN-U-CATIONAL, (that’s fun and educational together, sorry, but what else would you call it?), opprotunities for you take advantage of while you stay dry. Our maritime museum is great, where you’ll learn aobut our local history on the water, while a block away you can find Beauforts Historical grounds, (3rd oldest town in North Carolina thank you very much), where you can see/learn about how things were during the towns humble beginings. Not to mention one of our areas most infamous former inhabitants, Black Beard the Pirate once had a home just down the street from the Inn! That’s some of our favorite things about this little town we call home, even when Mother Nature is NOT pouring down upon us.

We can go on for days about little things that we love about this town, but that’s not what we were talking about was it? We were trying to find you a distraction from the crummy weather and hopefully we’ve given you a few viable options. At the end of the day, though, our favorite thing about the area, in general, despite any weather conditions you can throw at us, is always going to be the people. If you don’t believe us than step no farther than another rainy day safe-haven that just happens to be even closer than our nearby waterfront, that’s our porch here at the Ann St. Inn. Sometimes all you need to make a great vacation is a nice rocking chair and some good company, and when it comes to good company, we’ve got that covered no matter what the weather conditions are. Stop on by and see for yourself some time, just promise us you’ll leave the rain at home.

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Teens VS. Togetherness 9 Jul 2015, 1:17 pm

For those of you without kids, you can go ahead and skip this one if you want but if you’re smart you may want to read on and take some notes for possible future reference. The thing about a family vacation is that all parties tend to have an “idea” of how it should go already in mind and these ideas are usually going to vary. So how do you make things enjoyable for everyone and hopefully keep any “meltdowns” to a minimum? Let’s be real, it’s hard to make everybody happy the entire time.

With the kids in mind, it tends to be more difficult to keep the older ones happy. You can play or give the younger of the group a certain amount of attention, no matter what activity you are involved at the moment, and they’re normally going to be ok. With the older kids it may take a little more work to not make them feel so alienated while at the same time not smother them with the typical “family togetherness” that comes along with vacations. Something we’ve seen work well in these scenarios, if possible, is let them invite a friend along. Usually an older child is going to want to do their own thing, per usual with the age, but you may not feel comfortable letting them go it alone. With a friend in tow they can feel more comfortable in the general surroundings of the family but still separate enough from the group to, more or less, do their own thing. It gives them a sense of their precious social status while being miles away from home, this in turn should keep everyone fairly happy.

Another battle that may take place during the course of your stay is the dreaded electronics discussion. We know every family differs on how much is too much with things such as phones and games but on vacation it can be even more difficult. This is a situation where it may be better to lose a battle in order to win the war. Restrict the time allowed on such devices less and concern yourself more with the when. If it’s a family meal that’s the time to probably say no. If it’s wind down time after a long day of activities with the whole family, maybe then would be a good time to let them text friends back home or get some video games in. At the end of a long day most folks are mentally tapped out and that goes double for the kids. Let them veg’ out a little before they go to bed only to awake for another long day of family togetherness the next morning.

Last situation we’ll touch on is the matter of sleeping in and how long is too long. We’ve found that those with more than one child are probably in a better place than the ones flying solo. No matter the time that’s “too late” in your own mind, it’s highly probable that one kid is going to wake before the other and before that undefined time. This provides you a rare chance for some one on one time with the early riser while the other is still sawing logs. It gives them some individual attention and a memory that you took the time to single them out for some fun during the course of the trip. Those moments, just like the memories, are rare but can be surprisingly fruitful for all parties involved; the sleeper gets the much needed extra rest, while you and the earlybird get some solo fun time. Win-win.

Admittedly, we are far from our first rodeo but that doesn’t mean we have all the answers either. Some things are going to work for you and others are not but you have to give it all a fair shot. Remember at the end of the day it is a FAMILY vacation and EVERYONE deserves a say so in what should be done, even if Mom & Dad have the FINAL say. We’ve got a little saying here at the Ann St. Inn that you may have already heard, and that’s “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. So be patient, Mom and Dad, and remember…You. Are. On. Vacation. and any vacation is better than another day at work, am I right? 😉

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Staycation 22 Jun 2015, 2:30 am

It’s no secret at the Ann Street Inn that we’re in business with the hopes that you’ll have an enjoyable and pleasant time during the course of your stay with us. Be it for business, a long weekend or the entirety of your vacation we want you to have such an enjoyable time that, naturally, you’ll come back again to stay with us in the future. That’s just business though. One of the things that sets us apart is that many times we become more than just “a place you stayed on your vacation”, often times we become friends with many of our guests and tend to keep in touch over time and naturally distance. With all of that stated, we want you to have a good time in every aspect of your life, even the moments when you can’t get out of town long enough to visit your favorite friends down in good ol’ Beaufort. So how can you have fun when you don’t have time for a true vacation, but do have an extra moment or two for a quick: Staycation ?

Vacations are great and all, but we understand that normally they’re going to be limited to special occasions; once or twice a year if you’re lucky and usually are extensively planned, not to mention, probably, a little on the expensive side. So you’ve got the time off, but not the time or money for a big trip? That doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it just the same!

We don’t think we need to explain what a Staycation is but maybe you need a little help in the execution of one. Let’s start by turning off our electronic devices. Turn off your phone’s ringer, don’t even think about turning that computer on and why not try to just stay away from television while you’re at it. We know it’s easier said than done and there’s always emergency situations so maybe complete elimination isn’t feasible but maybe just limit their time to a quick “emergency check” after dinner. The goal is to mentally check out of the things that take up so much of our normal daily routines so you can focus on you for a moment. It’s going to help eliminate some of the stress that seems like such a natural part of so many of our lives and many times you don’t know how serious it’s gotten until you’ve taken the proper lengths to rid yourself of those demons.

Make the time for just YOU for a change. Skip the news, skip the emails and maybe treat yourself to a movie or just  a nice leisurely walk.  It doesn’t seem like much but just physically checking out can give those mental batteries the much needed chance to recharge. Trust us when we say that you are always welcome in Beaufort and at the Ann St Inn, but we know you can’t always afford that kind of time away. So when you can’t be here physically, find a nice quiet space near your own home and just close your eyes. We’re only as far as your imagination…or you could forget all that and just come see us for real, we like that route too.

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Mythbusters 16 Jun 2015, 7:00 am

At Ann Street Inn we’re no strangers to the same stereotypes that any other Bed and Breakfast is faced with. For those who already know us here in Beaufort, or from another stay elsewhere, we’re proud to lay some of those stereotypes to rest though. With tv and movies, or be it just a general lack of experiences, we understand why some folks would think some things to be true. Let’s take a minute to set the record straight and let you in on what you think you know about your friendly B&B.

First things first, we’re not hiding. We understand one of the perks of staying somewhere like the Ann St Inn vs a hotel is the extra privacy you get from a more low key type of atmosphere. We’re happy to chat with you when the setting is right but let’s be honest, the bonus of an establishment such as ours is the lack of hustle and bustle that you get in traditional vacation scenarios. We just respect the effort you made to avoid such a situation and prefer to give you your space.

Another myth is that we’re all super expensive. At this point you’ve probably checked out our rates and if not wander on over as soon as you’re done reading to see for yourself. As you will notice our rates are easily comparable if not better than larger resorts because of the fact that we’re smaller. We do have times that are a more costly than others but that shouldn’t be a surprise or any different than anywhere else as holidays and peak seasons don’t change just for us. If staying at a bed and breakfast has never been an option before, hopefully finding out that we’re reasonably priced helps open up your choices if not help you maybe make the choice to stay if you’re a first timer.

The last misconception we’ll touch on are the rules. How many times have you watched a movie or television show and the patron comes back to the inn a little too late, missing curfew, and presumably getting themselves “locked out”? This couldn’t be any farther from the truth when it comes to real life. Sure we don’t want you swinging from the chandeliers and setting fireworks off inside while other guests, (and possibly the innkeeper, depending on where you’re staying), are fast asleep in their own rooms. How is that any different than anywhere else though? We’re not party poopers, we promise, we can probably show you a better time than if you went at it alone if you’d let us but obviously there are a few guidelines that you’ll need to follow. Good news is that none of the rules are unreasonable and we’re actually on your side with this, we want you to have a great time too.

In the end we’re not rich, nor are we doing this as a hobby, this is a business and we have things we’ve got to do to make sure it stays running. We are however hoping to make this a wonderful time for you and hope that you’ll come back again in the future. We started doing this because we like dealing with people, enough so that we opened up our home essentially to allow others to enjoy. So although there may be misconceptions about staying at the Ann Street Inn or any other B&B, and as funny as the fictional stories you’ve heard/seen all are…nothing compares to the pleasure and enjoyment of the real thing.

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First Things First 9 Jun 2015, 12:00 am

Everyone does it different but we’re willing to bet that you have a specific routine of things you do once you arrive to your destination on vacation. Maybe you unpack first, or maybe it’s getting some solid rest after a long day of travel? Maybe you put on a bathing suit before you even left home so you can walk right through the lobby and straight to that hotel pool. We don’t know exactly what it is, but we’re willing to bet you’ve done things, for the most part, the same way on all your trips. This doesn’t make any of it wrong, but what should your first concern be once arriving to your destination?

Much like the individual who leaves the house already in their bathing suit, we like to get right to the fun as soon as possible on our vacations too. Usually we’ve got a few things we HAVE to take care of first though. Before we even get to things like checking in however, let’s take a few extra steps back. On your way in, be it by plane or automobile, did you take notice of your surroundings and location? Chances are you’ll be taking that same route on your way back home. With us for example, how did you get into historic Beaufort and did you pay attention on your way in to get yourself back out when it’s the sad time to head home? It’s difficult enough to leave a wonderful vacation heading back to regular life, but if you start the trip home going in the wrong direction or you forgot where the rental car office was located at and, subsequently, make yourself miss your flight how much worse will that make the trip home? Paying attention to these details on the way to your destination will make life easier than you know when it’s time to head home.

Once you’re at your destination and in your room a smart thing to do before you unpack anything else or venture out on the town, is to secure your valuables. To give an example, I have a particular necklace and set of earrings I take with me almost every trip. Not because they’re particularly valuable themselves, but they look nice with a ton of different outfits and are extremely sentimental because they were my mothers. So, I usually put them in they’re own little bag and put them in my purse until we get to where we are going. This way, I could literally lose my entire suitcase but would still have these all important items. I would be devastated if I lost them so I keep them close for the journey, but I don’t want to carry them all over the place once we’re there. So the first thing I do when we get in a room is put them somewhere safe. It may be something more general for yourself, like a laptop or a checkbook maybe, but make sure they are accounted for upon arrival and they’re the first thing you find a home for when you unpack. It gives you some added peace of mind and reassures yourself that you’ll know exactly where the items are at when you want them the most.

There’s a little more on the general side of things that may be worth looking at in a different light, such as grabbing a bite to eat. Chances are you’ll need/want something soon after checking in, but you may be too tired from the journey to want to hunt very hard for it. In this circumstance most folks would probably just call down for some room service or maybe a nearby fast food joint. There’s nothing wrong with that, but in the age of the internet why not find something nearby that you’ll enjoy a little better? This probably wouldn’t be the best time to go check out the place you’re most excited about going to during the course of your stay, however for your first meal after traveling, you’ll appreciate the extra time you took to find something better than vending machine junk or fast food.

These are just a few tips but hopefully help shed some light on areas of your vacation you hadn’t put much thought into. They aren’t single handedly the most important aspects to worry about but could still save you an unnecessary headache or two by spending the few extra seconds of attention on. We also feel we should mention a few other simple things like letting someone know you made the trip safe once you get to where you are going. This could be a family member or friend back home. Just so everybody knows you’re not missing somewhere between points A and B. One more that’s nice to focus on is getting outside, be it right after check-in or maybe the morning after you’re first rest to just soak in the air and familiarize yourself with the immediate area. Most likely things will be different, the little stuff, like the smell of the air and the new surroundings and this is an easy way to push the reset button after being stuck in a car or airplane terminal all day. It gives you a chance to start fresh and put your best foot forward towards the rest of your stay. Even if that foot is pointing towards your nearest swimming hole.

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Know Your Vacation Destination 3 Jun 2015, 7:41 am

We know half the fun of vacations is the surprise element. Eating at new places. Going to new sites. Trying new activities you’ve yet to experience. Even if it’s not “new” for all of the above, the fact that these elements are so infrequent is what makes them so enjoyable. As a child we visited the same place every year and would often go to the same places for dining and activities just the same. That was our ONE time of the year to enjoy them though, which is what makes the memories so special. So we know as well as anyone how fun the “adventure” of a getaway is supposed to be. However, we also know that technology is more advanced today than it has ever been and the ability to familiarize yourself with an area is easier than ever too.

We don’t believe that everyone is the type who needs or even wants to plan every aspect of their vacation. By all means, that’s not what we’re suggesting either. However, if you’re able to do a little homework beforehand, why not use that to your advantage? Start with where you’ll be staying, (extra points if it’s in Beaufort NC at this lovely little Inn on Ann Street we’ve all heard about). From there it’s easy to work your way out. Check out restaurants and shops in walking distance, maybe there’s some sites worth seeing nearby. Walking distance isn’t always ideal, but if there’s nifty sites you’re able to walk to, you’ll gain not only convenience but a sense of adventure as well.

In the same breath that you want to research the nearby area for cool things to do, it’s worth the prep work to avoid some places. Let’s be honest, not every place and stop on your vacation is going to be the end all be all, best thing ever. Again, the “un” -familiarity is what makes the vacation an adventure, but don’t you want to avoid the hum-drum if given the option? During your same batch of research for the good places, make a list or mental note of the not so good. Check out customer reviews and local feedback on a place beforehand. It’s not worth completely writing an establishment off if you come across a single “bad” review, as anyone can have an off day. It’s worth mentioning the downside to the easily accessible technology we’ve been discussing, is that anybody who demands the unthinkable and doesn’t get their way, can now post a scathing review for the world to see. So keep in mind, one negative light may equal thousands of overly satisfied customers but if there’s a trend of legitimate concerns that are relative, (basically recent problems, less than a few years old), that seem to continue throughout your research…it might benefit you and your overall enjoyment to just avoid.

Overall, you can’t prepare for everything so don’t overthink our suggestions. It’s just a guideline to help you mentally prepare before you actually arrive on location. In our experiences, it’s worth mentioning the locals as well. Nobody will know, or be more honest of their opinions of a place than the folks who live and breathe it everyday. Beaufort is probably as good an example as any with all of this. Our location lends itself to many wonderful sites/establishments within walking distance, not to mention the variety of said choices. Things like our Maritime Museum and Historic Grounds in addition to all the great restaurants and shops on the nearby waterfront. So fire up your search engines and get a list of things that peak your interests. Chances are when you get here we’ll be able to tell you exactly how much fun to expect.

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Vacationship 28 May 2015, 12:45 pm

Most folks feel like they already know they’re significant other. Whether you’ve been together for awhile or just started dating, if you’re together at all it’s because you like what you know about that person. That in mind, we’ve seen almost every combination of the aforementioned over the years and we do know vacations can bring to life an entirely different side of an individual. Let’s take a minute to look at how each person can effect the situation we call a Vacationship.

Under normal circumstances a relationship is much different at home than away. Whether you live together or not, couples will each have their own time. At school, at work or even just in the other room people have the time to do their own thing without the constant presence of the other person. Vacations on the other hand, may have their moments, but the majority of that time is usually going to be spent with the other person by nature if not by choice. You share a room, and (unless you opt for a space like here at Ann St Inn), there’s not going to be much, if any, additional space to even choose from other than that. Maybe a hotel lobby or pool area if you’re lucky but that’s usually it. So you’re going to want your patience to be a little longer than maybe it normally would, because you’re going to be together. A lot. Many times because things are so much different than home is what brings these negatives to light. Be it anxiety, difference of opinion or whatever the case may be…being aware of any of this at all can help you better prepare and adapt.

Safe bets to make sure your time together and away works out for you both can be by remembering a few things. When thinking of places to visit try to pick somewhere fresh where neither party can, even accidentally, take the lead. Let yourselves have the joy of a new experience together. It makes for better memories and also avoids one of the two of you accidentally taking the reins because they’ve “done it all” or “seen it all” before. Something else to keep in mind is any financial concerns a trip may bring up. It’s easy to spend more than you planned before a trip as shopping along the way adds up, or some extra activities that you didn’t know to plan for or any other thing pops up unexpectedly. If things are tight for or you disagree how money is being spent, bringing up that concern sooner rather than later is usually going to be the safer bet. It lets you figure out what’s important to you both from that moment forward in the trip as well as giving each individual a voice in that battle that can keep the peace over doing it another way.

Overall, time together with a special someone has the potential to go either way when it comes to a vacation and no one ever plans to not have a good time. Many times compromise is the magic word and can save a ton of heartache during the course of your stay. So remember that it takes two to tango and you’re going to want to make the effort for you both to have an enjoyable time in order for you to enjoy the stay yourself. We can’t cast a magic spell to guarantee you’ll have the time of your lives, but we know if you do it with us at the Ann Street Inn we can at least say you’re on the right track.

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Want to Keep Your Spouse Happy? 7 May 2015, 10:02 am

We may have misled you a bit with that title. We don’t have some magic answer that’s the perfect recipe to always keeping yourself out of the doghouse. However, like any good recipe we do have the knowledge of a few ingredients that sure don’t hurt matters. So let’s share our spin on what works in our experiences, and we’ll see which ones you may be lacking in your relationship kitchen.

According to certain studies, couples that spend time traveling together report having more romance in their relationship. Traveling is an experience like no other, in the sense, that there are few situations to compare it to. Imagine, never having been to a destination before, you don’t know the lay of the land, which restaurants are best or even where to begin in finding all of this out for yourself. It’s natural for couples to rely on one another to make it through the simplest of questions together and see them through to the other side. This simple act of teamwork is the beginning of the romance, by naturally bringing one another closer through the journey itself. So simply making the time to get away together, both trips near and far as well as long and short, can all put you on a path of happiness with your significant other before you know it.

Speaking of the trips themselves, time and distance isn’t always as big of a factor as many would seem to believe. It doesn’t always take the getaway that’s farthest away from home or lasts the longest to always be the most enjoyable. With time in a relationship comes less time actually spent together when, oftentimes, kids or work can easily be factored in as well. This makes long, far away, trips more difficult and harder to come by. A short, nearby, visit to neighboring areas can often be the answer to just that type of situation. Visit a nearby town, that maybe because of it’s location has possibly been an afterthought previously. Remember, it’s the trip itself not the illusion of grandeur that makes a getaway enjoyable.

These are just a few suggestions to consider, when there is always more we could account for as to how a relationship can be improved upon. With the idea of a “getaway” in this equation, however, really just making the time to make it happen is what’s needed. When things are not necessarily going as smooth as one could hope, maybe you can hold off on running to the store in the attempt to purchase happiness and instead opt for value in the memory department instead. Make even the smallest and shortest of adventures an enjoyment to cherish and you’ll be in each others arms reminiscing over your stories in no time.

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Packing Essentials: Priority vs Quantity 29 Apr 2015, 8:16 am

When it comes to packing for a vacation getaway, it’s easy to want to pack everything in your suitcase that you can and then throw the kitchen sink on top. In reality, you can’t fit everything in just a few bags and even when you do it’s inevitable that you’ll feel like you still forgot something. So let’s take the time to figure out what your essentials should be, how you can make the most of limited packing space and maybe cover some things you would have otherwise forgotten.

It’s common for any time away from home, no matter how long or short, to want a variety of options, clothing wise, just like you would at home. With space limited, how do you pack the options you know you absolutely need, but still give yourself some choices in case you want to mix it up a little? To make the most of that space, and save yourself valuable vacation time, mainly ironing, think about bringing clothing options that are more maintenance free. Meaning, many clothing companies, these days, make wrinkle free options. You can roll that dress or shirt up nice and tight, saving much needed luggage space, but still keep that fresh pressed look once you arrive at your destination. Keep an open eye for blends of cotton, spandex, bamboo or polyester when digging through potential outfits for packing, These items will be the most forgiving and give you more time for enjoyment rather than preparation.

Knowing how much even the simplest of vacations can cost, it’s hard to imagine blowing even the smallest amount of that budget before you’ve set out the door. Spending a little beforehand may save you lots in the long run, however, with keeping these next few items in mind. These items may go without saving, but let’s discuss them a little differently than maybe you normally would. Chances are you need sunglasses, sunscreen, a swimsuit and of course some kind of bag/purse, not just for the beach or poolside specifically, but in general wherever you go. Normally any of these items will cost you an arm and a leg at the hotel gift shop and that’s for good reason…they know at that point you have no other choice! Buying these items in advance may seem like a no brainer with that in mind, but maybe you didn’t think about those designer sunglasses you already have are super expensive, in which point a less expensive pair bought specifically for your trip would be a smart move since it’s a sure thing the expensive ones will be the first thing you misplace once arriving at your destination. Back to that bag we mentioned, it may also be wise to pick one up before you leave or maybe you already have one that fits the bill. A large tote is generally going to be your best choice and maybe just a clutch that fits neatly inside for id/money/credit card essentials in case you’re planning on having a fancier night out at some point of your journey. The size of the tote will allow you to maximize space, possibly using it as a much needed carry-on if you’re going to be flying, while having all of your important items nearby. Get one with a fun design and made of an easily cleaned material, both inside and out, and you’ve got your purse, carry-on, beach bag and diaper bag all in one. The great thing is it’s still small enough to throw over your shoulder and keep on the move with that busy vacation schedule you planned out.

We mentioned earlier that it’s rare to feel like you completely covered all your bases the night before you leave for vacation and zip up that suitcase before heading out the door. So it’s just as difficult to try to cover everything in one writing. Hopefully, it gives you some things to think about or helps with your planning though. Remember to keep things light, being smart about the things you do put in the suitcase with the idea to choose as many items that can be multi-purposed. Things like a single pair of sandals, which are good both for the beach in your bathing suit or out on the town in that lovely dress at dinner. Or maybe you can save space by including that sarong you picked up, which doubles as a poolside blanket and also a comfortable cover up for a light day of shopping at local shops. Items that have many uses aren’t only going to save room and weight with packing, but may also have you covered when you check into your room and realize you forgot that one thing you meant to bring. No worries though, simply being there should be the hardest part of all. After arrival you’re only concern should be fun and relaxation.

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