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Baseball History – Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, NY 15 Feb 2017, 8:40 am

baseball sitting inside a mitt- image by jon eckert www.unsplash.comBaseball is a sport that seems to stir up more nostalgia than any other sport. It’s a sport that is beloved by so many, has been and is played by so many and memories go way back. Do you have fond memories of playing a pick up game with the neighborhood kids in a backyard or out on the street? Known as America’s “national pastime,” the game originated before the American Civil War and the first professional baseball league was formed in 1871. This history and much more can be found at the current History of Baseball exhibit at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum in Newburgh, NY.

The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum holds the world’s largest collection of important documents and manuscripts. It really is a treasure in the area and is worth visiting if you have a love for history. It was originally built in 1923 as the Newburgh Savings Bank and now rotates collections of famous manuscripts. If you have a love for the sport of baseball, the current exhibit on Baseball History is a must see. This incredible exhibit contains around two-dozen original manuscript pages and rare printed documents regarding that history of baseball in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

You will find documents that highlight the career of George Herman Ruth, whom we all know as “Babe” Ruth. He played in the major leagues for an astonishing 22 seasons and you’ll be able to look at a scorecard from the 1915 World Series and a contract that Ruth signed in 1935 to join the Boston Braves. There is a fascinating letter from 1939 that describes in detail the invention of the catcher’s mitt and so much more. It truly is an impressive collection to view. This exhibit will be available for viewing through April 26, 2017 and admission to this museum is free! They are open Monday to Saturday from 10am-4pm and Sunday from 12pm-4pm.

If you enjoy touring museums or have a love for the arts and theater, the Hudson Valley has much to offer. In fact, the impressive Storm King Art Center, which is an outdoor sculpture garden is just minutes from our bed and breakfast here in Salisbury Mills. Come spend a memorable weekend with us—book online and we can help you plan the perfect getaway.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Spring 2017 10 Feb 2017, 1:10 pm

table with place setting - photo by Matt Jones on www.unsplash.comOne of the most popular events for foodies near and far is back and right around the corner! Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is hands down one the most successful and enjoyable food events that happens every year and we have had many guests over the years not only speak highly of their experience but share of the many amazing restaurants near our bed and breakfast they discovered just by coming out for this weeklong event. It’s coming up March 6-19, 2017 and we would love to have you come for a stay with us during that time. Keep reading for more details!

The Spring 2017 Hudson Valley Restaurant Week promises to be a fantastic event full amazing food from the top restaurants in the area. Now in it’s 11th year, this culinary event just keeps getting better and better—this spring over 200 restaurants in the mid and lower Hudson Valley have signed up to be involved. The Hudson Valley is known for it’s diverse culture and our region produces some wonderfully varied cuisines that are also dedicated to showcasing the state’s sustainable and seasonal products.

Throughout this restaurant week participating restaurants offer featured, prix fixe, three-course dinners and lunches. Dinner options will be $32.95 and lunch options will be $22.95. There are no special tickets, coupons or passes needed—simply check out the list of restaurants participating and call them directly to reserve a table or use online reservation options if available. Owners John and Dena would be happy to give you their personal suggestions on where might be a great place to dine near the bed and breakfast.

Turn your Hudson Valley Restaurant Week visit into a full adventure! It’s a great time to explore the area – shopping, music, galleries, historic places, tours, museums, excursions, the great outdoors…you name it, we’ve got it! We’d be happy to help you plan a memorable vacation so call us today or you can go ahead and book directly online with one click!

Sophistication and Creativity at The Artist’s Palate, NY 6 Feb 2017, 6:21 pm

table of food, image by davide cantelli on www.unsplash.comJust like Sherlock Holmes seems to always have the inside scoop on where to look for clues so he can piece things together to reach his, “Aha!” moment, we similarly have our own inside scoop on what’s hot in the Hudson Valley. We’ve had many guests share that they’ve experienced their own, “Aha! I’ve found the best restaurant!” moments which we then get to pass on to you! Our bed and breakfast has been around for a while now—an incredible history that actually dates back to 1802 when John Caldwell planted roots with his family in Blooming Grove, Orange County, NY. You can trust that we know a thing or two about the best places to go in the Hudson Valley and today we want to highlight The Artist’s Palate restaurant in Poughkeepsie, NY.

This very popular restaurant is about 45 minutes from our bed and breakfast in Salisbury Mills. It is close to the Bardavon Theater making it a great place to grab dinner before or after a show. The Artist’s Palate motto is “fresh food and fresh ideas” and there is no doubt by their faithful following that they do that right. The atmosphere is airy and inviting with warm lighting and exposed brick yet also sophisticated and classy for a nice evening out.

The food is simply outstanding. Their innovative menu, which changes from time to time and is very creative, has everything from meat and fish to vegetarian and gluten-free offerings. They love to spruce up standard comfort foods and there really is something for every palate. Favorites on the menu include Roasted Four Onion Soup, Seared Ahi Tuna, Crispy Fried Tofu, and Hudson Valley Duck Breast. The dessert options are just exquisite.

This restaurant is just one of many within the proximity of our bed and breakfast to try. Great dining plus museums, West Point, theaters, galleries, shopping, outdoor fun, and scenic views of the Hudson River make our area a hot spot to visit and we’d love to have you stay with us! Give us a call anytime should you need help planning the perfect getaway or book directly online today!

Ice Climbing on the Shawangunk Ridge, NY 27 Jan 2017, 2:20 pm

man ice climbing on a mountain - image by Jared Erondu on www.unsplash.comWho is up for some Hudson Valley adventuring? Sure, you can spend the season sitting at home under a blanket with a cup of coffee in hand but why not get out and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer and get off the beaten path just a bit? We know there are many of you out there that don’t need to be convinced to try new things—that’s what living life is all about right? So, why not book a weekend off (you know you deserve it) and come for a getaway! Enjoy some R&R and then we think it would be a great memory-making day to try some ice climbing on the Shawangunk Ridge!

The Shawangunk Ridge, often referred to as the Gunks, rises majestically between two valleys. It is a continuation of Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania and Kittatinny Mountain in New Jersey. There are many parks and preserves in this area and it offers hikers and walkers a variety of trails and unmatched, beautiful scenery.

Eastern Mountain Sports Schools offers locals and visitors a whole host of opportunities to explore the area and ice climbing is just one of their many classes. To enroll in one of these fun classes you need to have at least two people so bring your favorite adventurous friend with you! They have several options but one of the most popular options, and one great for all levels is the Winter Climbing 101 class. You will meet up at the EMS Climbing School in Gardiner, NY, which is just a half-hour from our bed and breakfast in Salisbury Mills. The cost is $160.00 per person and all the climbing equipment is provided—you just need to dress for the weather and bring your own lunch. You’ll learn the fundamentals of climbing, including moving with crampons and ice axes, self-arrest techniques and ropes and harness tips. The instructors are highly experienced and your safety is their first priority. It’s a great way to spend a day outdoors in the gorgeous Hudson Valley!

Whether you need a place to stay during an overnight business trip, a weekend retreat, or birthday or anniversary celebration, our bed and breakfast is the perfect home away from home. Quiet and private yet close to the action if you want to be out and about. Call us today for more information or book directly online today.

Snow Tubing at Thomas Bull Memorial Park 23 Jan 2017, 8:43 am

winter scene - photo by Jon Flobrant on www.unsplash.comWhen it comes to fun winter activities, we may be biased, but we truly feel that the Hudson Valley wins hands down! There is so much to do around here during every season and winter is a favorite among many of our guests! Whether you like to go ice skating, cross country skiing, winter hiking, snowshoeing, or skiing, there is an abundance of options all around our bed and breakfast in Salisbury Mills, NY. One activity we think you should try, and that is great for the whole family, is snow tubing! Thomas Bull Memorial Park is the place to go and we have all of the details for you below.

Thomas Bull Memorial Park is the second largest developed park in Orange County. It spans over 719 acres and offers visitors a golf course, driving range, tennis courts, horse riding area with stables, Arboretum, 5-acre pond for fishing, ball fields, boathouse, and more. In the winter, snow tubing is popular and it opens mid-January and remains available through the beginning of March. If you are a resident the fee is only $15 and for those out of town guests, the cost is $20 and tickets are good for a 90-minute session. This snow tubing park features an 800-foot snow-tubing hill with two cable lifts, smooth, groomed lanes, and specially designed tubes that are sure to give you a thrilling ride. The lanes ensure that riders stay in their designated area and really keeps everyone safe. There is a gorgeous lodge on the property as well where you can soak in some amazing views of the Hudson Valley and warm by the stone fireplace. You are also free to bring in your own drinks and snacks. The tubing hill is open Saturdays from 10am – 8pm and Sundays from 10am – 5pm. The hours of operation can be affected by weather so it is a good idea to check the website or call 845-457-4949 before you go to ensure they are open.

Come on out for an amazing winter getaway—we promise you’ll make some memories that will last a lifetime! The Eisenhower Theatre at nearby West Point has a great line up this year too so whether you’re up for some winter fun or wonderful theatre, we can help you plan the perfect vacation. Book online today or call us for more information.

Climb to New Heights at The Inner Wall – New Paltz, NY 15 Jan 2017, 4:46 pm

Girl climbing on an indoor rock wallThere are those dark and dreary winter days in the Hudson Valley—when the nasty weather is swirling and howling outside or it’s just plain grey and gloomy. For guests staying at our charming bed and breakfast, the good news is there is plenty of room to hunker down and relax—enjoy a glass of wine or coffee by the fire or a game of checkers in the parlor. If you are the adventurous type though, what is there to do on a day like this? For those of you up to trying something fun we suggest checking out the indoor rock climbing at The Inner Wall in New Paltz, NY.

The Inner Wall is a fantastic indoor rock climbing facility just a little over a half-hour from our bed and breakfast in Salisbury Mills. It’s a quick and easy drive and a great place to spend the afternoon for people of all ages and abilities. They have a nice variety of courses and welcome climbers of all ages and experience levels. They have used their 4500 square feet of wall space to create more than 100 climbing routes, with preset anchors, ropes and routes. There are several different climbing options to choose from including top rope climbing with a climber and belayer, bouldering without the use of ropes, auto-belay climbing, and lead climbing for the advanced climbers.

They offer private and group lessons if anyone should need some pointers and there are several different pricing options depending on your experience and the equipment needed. They are open Monday-Friday from 2pm-9pm, Saturday from 12pm-9pm and Sunday from 12pm-6pm. Their facilities are nice and clean and the staff is helpful and friendly. It’s a great place for guests to enjoy some indoor fun and try something new!

If you are looking for more indoor or outdoor adventure ideas, we would be happy to help you plan an amazing Hudson Valley vacation. Book directly online or call us for more information.

FDR Presidential Library & Museum – Hyde Park, NY 8 Jan 2017, 4:09 pm

Text Museum on a marble wall backgroundDo you have any traditions that you do to keep your family history alive? It might be something as simple as a story that is shared with each grandchild about a time in the past. I think we can all agree that it is important to keep family history alive through each generation but it is important to keep learning about the history of our nation so we don’t lose all that has come before us. Whether or not you are a true history buff or have a penchant for presidential history, we highly encourage you to make a visit to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum the next time you are with us in the Hudson Valley.

The FDR Presidential Library & Museum is located in Hyde Park, NY—about a 50-minute drive from our bed and breakfast in Salisbury Mills. While a bit of a drive to get to this place, it is an impressive museum that will enlighten you on the life of president Franklin D. Roosevelt and events that went on during his time. The museum has something for everyone so all ages will be entertained—it’s a great place to bring your kids if you are up for giving a little history lesson.

You truly get to peek inside a window of history as you can look at real handwritten and typed documents such as reports about Pearl Harbor and a letter from King George about Winston Churchill. The exhibits about the Great Depression and WW2 era are fascinating. There are rarely seen artifacts, short films, and interactive maps and experiences such as the touch screen experiences at the Oval Office display throughout the museum. It really takes you back in time as you learn about different countries, meetings that took place, maps that were studied, and timelines of battles and decisions that made a difference in the history of our nation.

Through the end of March the museum will be open 9am-5pm and starting in April it will be open one hour later until 6pm. They offer a joint admission ticket that costs $18, which gives you access to the FDR Presidential Library and Museum and the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt. You can tour the library on your own and there is a park ranger on site to guide guests through the home. Your ticket is valid for 2 consecutive days.

This is just one of the many museums in our area—we are so blessed to have several museums, galleries, art centers, theaters, and other cultural and historical places to visit around our bed and breakfast. If you are interested, we could even help you plan a history tour the next time you come and stay with us! You can book your suite directly online or contact us anytime for further information about our inn or the amazing Hudson Valley.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Daddy’s Donuts and Bakery, NY 29 Dec 2016, 9:08 pm

woman with red fingernails holding a donut - photo by Thomas Kelley on www.unsplash.comWe have all heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Somewhere we are sure there is support for, “A donut a day keeps the clouds away.” Many a street corner has that quintessential donut shop—the place where you stop in with your loved one for a moment in time to relax and enjoy one of the world’s most delicious treats. You know how it goes—when you walk in you inhale the deliciously sweet air and then you make your way to the glass case where you may stand anywhere from 5-15 minutes deciding which delicious creation you must have for that day. This exact scenario takes place every day at a fantastic local shop near us named Daddy’s Donuts and Bakery.

It’s the small things in life that often bring the biggest smile and enjoying a delicious donut—whether on a break from work, during a day of adventuring around the Hudson Valley, or after shopping your heart out at the Woodbury Common Outlets, might be exactly what takes your day over the top. Daddy’s Donuts and Bakery, located in Middletown, NY, is just a little over a half-hour from our bed and breakfast in Salisbury Mills. This place offers a wide variety of baked goods and with owners who love to be creative, you’ll be wowed by some of the choices on the menu. Oh My Oreo, Banana Pudding, Apple Cider, and Almond Joy are just a few of their options plus you can find delicious rolls, Danishes, cakes pastries, cookies, breads and much more. This place has only been open since November 2015 but has taken local sweet tooth market by storm. It’s a place you just have to try if you love sweets!

Something else that hits the sweet spot is a relaxing getaway at our charming and romantic bed and breakfast. A new year is approaching and maybe it’s time you took some time for yourself—book your getaway online today or contact us if you need help planning the perfect Hudson Valley winter vacation.


Schlesinger’s Steak House: A Great Local Gem 22 Dec 2016, 11:33 am

Gourmet plate of steak with greens - photo by alex mussel www.unsplash.comOne of the reasons we love sending out these articles every week is because it connects old friends and future guests with all of the amazing things we love about the Hudson Valley. There is simply no way we could possibly cover every great restaurant, hot spot, outdoor adventure, shopping trip, museum, art gallery, theater, but we try to highlight our favorites at least. Sometimes it’s the locals that truly know where to go and by owning a local bed and breakfast, we happen to have all the inside scoop. For steak lovers out there we highly encourage you to pay a visit to Schlesinger’s Steak House in New Windsor, NY.

Located just a mere 15 minutes away, Schlesinger’s Steak House is the perfect place to stop either on your way out for an evening or after a day of fun before coming back to the inn. If you can imagine a farmhouse-style décor that meets with a cozy elegance, you know exactly what to expect here. The ambiance is inviting and relaxing, making it perfect for a romantic dinner out or just a place to meet up with friends. The service is impeccable and the waiters are knowledgeable, friendly and know all about the options for cuts of meat to help decide what to order. The cuts of beef are truly out of this world—hand-cut, tender and bought and aged personally by the owner himself. The menu is extensive and every palate will find something delicious to try.

Another great thing about this restaurant is the adjacent cigar bar attached next door. It is a great, old school type of bar where you can relax and enjoy any of the top-notch cigars available. For those in the dining area who are not a fan of smoking, you can rest assured that there is no smell at all that travels over. Schlesinger’s is open Sunday through Thursday from 4pm to 9pm and then Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 10pm. This restaurant is a local gem and a place we know you will enjoy!

If you have yet to make plans for the holiday break or for New Year’s Eve, we would love to host you! We still have some room available and offer some amazing add-ons such as a personal massage therapist to make your getaway over the top. Book a memorable Hudson Valley getaway online today–you will not regret it!

Winter Fun at Minnewaska State Park Preserve 18 Dec 2016, 4:59 pm

Man snowshoeing - photo by Juan Arreguin on www.unsplash.comWhen looking to buy something or attend a new show, most of us go straight to the reviews first—find out how many 5-star reviews it has and what people have to say about it before we make a final decision to invest in it or not. Are we right? We are so blessed and thankful to run a bed and breakfast that has received so many amazing reviews from our guests. We are also blessed to be located near to some amazing outdoor spaces such as the Minnewaska State Park Preserve, which happens to be the top outdoor place to visit in New Paltz, NY.

Minnewaska State Park Preserve is just a little over a half an hour away from our bed and breakfast in Salisbury Mills. This beautiful park is nestled within the Shawangunk Mountain Ridge and is home to any and all features that a true nature buff is looking for: sparkling lakes, hardwood forests, teetering cliffs and ledges that lead to spectacular views, streams, valleys, carriage roads, and 50 miles of footpaths. Suitable for any season, this state park offers visitors an endless list of outdoor adventures to enjoy. Now that we are fully into the winter season, our guests can enjoy trekking out on the snowshoeing trails, x-country skiing, or long scenic hikes. There is a lot of hustle and bustle during this time of year so a breath of fresh air out in one of the best local spots Mother Nature has to offer may be exactly what you need!

Whether you only have a day or two to spare or can take a long weekend for yourself, we invite you to come rest, relax, and unwind at our elegant and romantic bed and breakfast. We have all of the amenities you need to feel truly “at home,” are near to amazing shops, museums, and restaurants, and have many specials and add-ons to help make your trip to the Hudson Valley one you won’t forget. Make your holidays the happiest they can be and book your getaway online today.