Rocky Point Ranch

106 River Walk Lane, Thompson Falls, Montana 59873
Innkeeper(s): Sam Bernhardt & Patti Jones

Paradise Room

From $165.00 / night

This room we nick named the Tommy Bahama Room because of the way it is decorated and furnished. It is a complete departure from what you might expect in Montana. The accent is definitely on luxury and romance, with a King sized bed with mountain and sunrise views. This room is a perfect honeymoon suite or private retreat, your island in the sun. It features palm trees and exotic art to keep you in the mood. Add in a very large bathroom, a shower and a separate jetted tub, now your pleasure and comfort are complete.


Effie's Room

From $150.00 / night

Effie's room is decorated with family photos and antiques. This room looks out over the Clark Fork River. It features a King sized antique styled iron bed with a full sized bathroom and shower. It has an additional daybed that can be made up into a queen-sized bed. Effie was the maternal grandmother of Host Sam Bernhardt. Her family history dates back to what is now Belgium. The family name in Belgium was Auciaux. Louis Auciaux settled in Iowa and married into the Horton and Sheets family.

The Horton's came from Pennsylvania where they were farmers, teachers, average people of the land and God. Two of the Auciaux daughters, Effie and Fannie married and moved to Alberta, Canada in 1912, to ranch and farm. Effie eventually divorced and moved to Great Falls, Montana in 1917 where she remarried local businessman Carl O. Hagen. Both Grandparents played a vital role in the raising of young Sam.


David Thompson Room

From $140.00 / night

This dedicated room has log furniture, a Queen and a Twin sized bed, with a handicap accessible bathroom and roll-in shower. Named after famous Canadian explorer and geographer David Thompson who was born in England in 1770. At the age of 14 he traveled to Canada and apprenticed at the Hudson Bay Company. He gained his fame while working for the North West Company of Canada, who was primarily interested in the fur trading business.

David Thompson logged over 55,000 miles exploring and mapping the wilderness of Canada and the United States. Compare that to Lewis and Clark who traveled only 8,000 miles in their journey. Lewis and Clark actually relied on maps by David Thompson to navigate the Missouri River. The town of Thompson Falls is named after David Thompson who established a fur-trading house near there in 1809, called the Saleesh House. Thompson Falls did not start to be a real town until 1885. David Thompson died of old age, broke and unknown in Canada in 1857.


Jessie's Room

From $135.00 / night

Jessies Room has a great view of the Clark Fork River. It is a spacious, charming room that features a queen sized antique-styled bed with a private bathroom and large shower. This room is dedicated to the Grandmother of Patti Barbano (Jones). It is decorated with family antiques and photos. Her grandmother was a first generation Italian who immigrated to the San Francisco Bay area of California from Tricardico, Italy. She instilled in Patti the values of hard work and dedication to family.


CM Russell Room

From $100.00 / night

A rustic and memorable room featuring two extra long twin beds, made of native Lodge pole pine. All of our bedrooms have a private bathroom with a shower. This room features the art of cowboy artist Charlie Russell. Montana claims CM Russell as their own native son, but Charlie, like others, came to Montana from the mid western city of St. Louis.

He arrived in Montana in the late 1860's on a stagecoach. Ironically his first job was tending sheep. Charlie's art was based on his real life experiences in Montana. His art can be seen at the State Capitol in Helena and the Russell Museum in Great Falls.


Lewis & Clark Room

From $100.00 / night

This bedroom is similar to the CM Russell room, with two twin beds of Lodge-pole pine. It also has a private bathroom and shower. Everyone who has studied American history in school knows the saga of Lewis and Clark. President Jefferson's close friend, Captain Merewether Lewis was asked to map a land route to the Pacific Ocean. In 1803, Lewis and fellow Virginian, Captain Wm.

Clark, chronicled their 8,000-mile journey with maps and journals of their discoveries. Lewis lived a long life with fame and recognition for his work. Captain Clark died mysteriously due to murder or suicide (?) before their journals were published in 1809.