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    Montana Bed & Breakfast Association

    Stay at the finest bed and breakfasts in Montana, inspected and approved by the Association, and take the guess work and surprises out of your Montana vacation and discover authentic Montana hospitality.

    The popularity of Montana’s scenic and yet unspoiled wonderland is growing and the number of visitors to this magnificent state is increasing every year. Bed and Breakfast in the Montana Bed and Breakfast Association style offers the genuine, warm, caring hospitality in the tradition of the old west. Our member innkeepers are truly proud of their state and go out of their way to welcome visitors and to share a bit of themselves so that you may more fully enjoy the outdoor beauty that is Montana.

    What’s your pleasure? The Big Sky Country Encompasses a World of choices

    Montana’s rich history extends from spectacular dinosaur fossils to contemporary native tribes. Walk where Sacajawea led Lewis and Clark. Experience world-class fishing, big game and bird hunting. Marvel as the deer and the antelope play. Winter or summer, your chances for recreation never stop. Your only problem? Where to begin.

    The Montana Bed and Breakfast Association represents the most respected bed and breakfasts in Montana. Members must meet the standards of the Association and are regularly inspected and approved by the Association. If you are interested in becoming a member, click here.



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  • Gold West Country - Southwest Montana

    Gold West CountryBetween Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park, Montana’s Golden West country is a landscape of broad valleys encircled by snow-capped mountains.

    Clear, snow fed-rivers cut through the valleys, offering some of the world’s best trout fishing. The Golden West Country invites you to explore the area’s ghost towns or visit its unspoiled wilderness. Linger long enough to experience the pace of its hard-working ranchers and farmers and you may experience the special magic that has captivated artists, poets and filmmakers.


    Check out the Gold West Country MTBBA members
    listed below


    • Hickory House Inn


    • Toad Hall Manor Bed & Breakfast


    • Elkhorn View Lodge Bed & Breakfast


    • Barrister Bed & Breakfast
    • The Sanders - Helena's Bed and Breakfast


    • Big Horn Bed & Breakfast


    Wolf Creek

    • Bungalow Bed & Breakfast


  • Glacier Country - Northwest Montana

    Whether it's river rafting or a breathtaking ride on a snowmobile, Glacier Country offers outdoor adventures all year round. The shelter of the Rocky Mountains generally brings mild spring temperatures, but summer is the most popular time to visit glacier country for good reason. Summer days stretch up to 16 hours, giving you ample time to sample a dazzling array of outdoor activities. Make the most of stunning wilderness vistas, the clear lakes and streams. Hunt or fish to your heart's desire. Play golf, wander in the wilderness or hike in the national forests.

    But it's winter that transforms Glacier Country into a wonderland blanketed with crystalline snow. We're blessed with generally mild temperatures – thanks to our location on the western slope of the Rockies.

    Visit the more than 1,000,000 acres of forest, alpine lakes and meadows of Glacier National Park – a hiker's paradise that's home to more than 70 kinds of mammals and 260 species of birds. Both Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Park across the border in Canada are Biosphere Reserves that have been designated as designated World Heritage Sites. It's a legacy that's yours to enjoy.

    Check out the Glacier Country MTBBA members listed below


    Columbia Falls

    • Bad Rock Country Bed and Breakfast


    • The 1908 Pruett House


    • Big Sky Bed and Breakfast
    • Sleeping Child Farms B&B


    • Emerald Sunrise B&B
    • The Master Suite



    • Outlook Inn Bed & Breakfast


    • Bitterroot River Bed & Breakfast

    Thompson Falls


    • Swanson Lodge


    • Time After Time Bed & Breakfast


    • The Garden Wall Inn
    • Good Medicine Lodge


  • Missouri Country - Northeast Montana

    You can find a western adventure here in the land of notorious outlaws, native people and hearty frontiersmen. like Lewis and Clark. Follow the historic trails of Lewis and Clark and see a landscape unchanged since their Corps of Discovery made their way up the mighty Missouri River. To go further back in time, visit the geological formations that mark where dinosaurs on roamed through lush wetlands.

    The unspoiled Missouri River Country is truly a sportsman's paradise. Fish for walleye, ling, small-mouth bass or Chinook salmon in the sparkling rivers. Or try hunting antelope deer, elk, turkey and other game. Here you'll find opportunities for the kinds of outdoor adventures that you dream about.


    Currently there are no MTBBA members
    in the Missouri Country Region of Montana

  • Russell Country - North Central Montana

    Russell CountryNamed for famed Western artist Charlie Russell, this is region of rivers and mountains. In the late 1800s, Charlie Russell first worked as a cowboy and a ranch hand. He embraced a rough and tumble life while also developing his artistic talent. Drawing and painting, he captured the life of the Plains Indians and the struggles of the region's early explorers. Now considered one of the foremost Western artists, Russell left a rich historic legacy, preserving the region's people carving their lives on the landscape.

    The countryside that inspired Russell's paining endures in the region's scenic byways. Try camping, hunting, hiking or fishing and find what inspiration strikes you.


    Check out the Russell Country MTBBA member listed below

    Great Falls

    • Collins Mansion
  • Yellowstone Country - South Central Montana

    Yellowstone CountryRoaring geysers that send plumes of steam skyward, bubbling cauldrons of mud and steaming multi-colored pools more than 300 geothermal wonders are fired by one of the worlds largest active volcanoes lying beneath Yellowstone National Park. This volcano Erupting long before any recorded human history, this volcano left a caldera 35 miles wide and 45 miles long and scenery unlike anything else on Earth. Elk, bison, bear and newly-reintroduced wolves now make the park their year round home.

    Bike or raft. Hike or ski. Or simply visit the area’s numerous museums and festivals that celebrate this special place in the old – and new – West. You’ll find three gateways to Yellowstone National Park: Cooke City, Gardiner and West Yellowstone and the region’s all-season recreation opportunities. Not to mention countless ways to enjoy a full spectrum of lodging and world-class dining choices.

    Check out the Yellowstone Country MTBBA members listed below

    Big Timber

    • Burnt Out Lodge


    • Fox Hollow Bed and Breakfast
    • Josie's Bozeman Bed and Breakfast
    • Lehrkind Mansion Bed and Breakfast
    • Voss Inn Bed & Breakfast



    • Yellowstone Suites Bed and Breakfast


    • Mission Creek Ranch B & B
  • Custer Country - Southeast Montana

    Custer CountryHome to the Cheyenne Nation and the Crow Nation, Custer Country is an historic treat. Dinosaur digs. Wild horses running free.  An annual fair that transforms the Crow Agency into the Teepee Capitol of the World. Walk along the "Trials to Destiny" that includes the Indian Trail to Little Bighorn, the Custer Trail and the Nez Pierce Trail, followed by Chief Joseph.  Or boat and swim at the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area's 71-mile reservoir. From the site of "Custer's Last Stand," the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, to the last evidence of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, you'll always find something to marvel at.

    Check out the Custer Country MTBBA members listed below


    • Lakeview B&B and Tea Room