Irving House at Harvard

24 Irving Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Innkeeper(s): Rachael Solem

Single, Shared Bath

$85.00 / $185.00 night

Single bed, with baths across the hall. The ratio of sharing is about 1 bath to 1.6 people. There is no tv in rooms with shared bath.

  • Winter: $85-135
  • Spring: $135-175
  • Summer/Fall: $135-160
  • Peak: $135-185

2 Twin Beds, Shared Bath

$85.00 / $225.00 night

A room for two travelers with 2 twin beds, a desk, and bath across the hall. There is no tv, but a clock radio & wifi are provided. We also have some rooms with a full bed and a twin bed, to accommodate up to three travelers.

  • Winter: $85-155
  • Spring: $150-195
  • Summer/Fall: $165-205
  • Peak: $165-225

Full Bed, Private Bath

$95.00 / $275.00 night

This small room with a full-size bed is perfect for one or a cozy couple. There is tv, desk and private bath.

  • Winter: $95-185
  • Spring: $165-245
  • Summer/Fall: $165-245
  • Peak: $185-275

Queen Bed, Private Bath

$105.00 / $300.00 night

These rooms provide comfort and privacy, with a queen bed, private bath, t.v. and wifi.

  • Winter: $105-175/190
  • Spring: $185/$200-$285/$300
  • Summer/Fall: $165/$180-$255/$270
  • Peak: $185/$200-$285/$300

Family Room

$120.00 / $330.00 night

These family rooms have a queen-size bed, and either a trundle bed or bunk beds with privacy curtains. There is tv, desk and private bath.

  • Winter: $120/$135-$205/$220
  • Spring: $215/$230-$285/$300
  • Summer/Fall: $195/$210-$285/$300
  • Peak: $215/$230-$315/$330

Long Term Stays

$600.00 / $2200.00 night

Our long-term rooms at Tuner House have rooms with a queen bed or trundle (two twin) beds. All have private baths, tv and wifi. Each room has a small kitchenette with a sink, refrigerator and appliances for simple food preparation.

The rates apply to stays of a least two weeks, or two months. We have special rates for stays of at least four weeks and in the last two weeks of December.

Rates below are as follows Weekly/Monthly.

  • Winter: $600-$950 weekly; $1,850-2,050 monthly
  • Spring: $950-1,200 weekly; $1,950-2,200 monthly
  • Summer/Fall: $950-1,200 weekly; $1,950-2,200 monthly
  • Peak: $950-1,200 weekly; $1,950-2,200 monthly
  • Reservation Information & Policies

    There are three ways to make a reservation at Irving House. Choose whichever method is most convenient for you, and of course, we are available 24 hours a day to answer any question related to your stay.


    Our rooms with Queen Bed with Private Bath, and One Twin Bed with Shared Bath are available for online booking. If you get a message saying we have no rooms for the dates you requested, please email or call us directly. We may still have something for you. The same cancellation policy applies.

    If you are interested in other room types, or have a more complicated request please make an email reservation or call us directly.

    By Email

    To book any room by email, please complete the following form. We will contact you with rates and availability for the dates you request. Availability is quoted "At this time." There are some very busy times when rooms book early and fast. In order to confirm a reservation, you can call or fax us with your information and we will mail or fax you a confirmation.

    By Phone or Fax

    Call to book any time Tel 617 547 4600 Toll Free 877 547 4600 Fax 617 576 2814

    • Irving House has guest rooms on four floors, and unfortunately, we do not have an elevator. If stairs present a concern, please let us know, and we would be happy to reserve a room on the first or second floor.
    • Check in 3pm - check out 11 am.
    • Our office is open 24 hours daily.
    • The dining area is open only from 7am – 10pm.
    • You may leave your luggage, use common areas, including our parking lot, hours before or after your stay.
    • Peak rates apply to specific event times occurring in Cambridge.
    • Rates are subject to change. (Up or Down!)
    • Mid May to early June is Commencement Season.
    • The Head of the Charles Regatta is in mid October.
    • There is a room tax of 14.45% on all prices. All guests are subject to this tax except government employees on government business who provide a voucher on the proper letterhead indicating the dates of arrival and departure and the name of the guest. Not for Profit Organizations are subject to room tax; it is not a sales tax.
    • Cancellation Policy: Once you have made a reservation, confirming with a credit card, you may cancel this reservation without penalty until 6pm two days prior to scheduled arrival. If your plans change and you must cancel, call us. You will get a cancellation number. This is your proof that you have canceled. If you cancel, you must get a CANCELLATION NUMBER. EMAILING US IS NOT SUFFICIENT TO ENSURE A CANCELLATION UNLESS WE PROVIDE YOU A CANCELLATION NUMBER. Even if you must cancel closer to arrival, call anyway. If we re-rent the room, we will not bill you. We DO bill 'No Shows,' as we have often turned away other guests in order to keep our promise to our reserved guests.
    • We cannot accommodate pets, except for seeing eye dogs.
    • We welcome children. If your little one needs a crib, please request it when reserving.
    • There is no charge for children under 7.
    • For larger rooms, add $15 per additional adult (18yrs ) and $5 per additional child (7-17 yrs)
    • The house is accessible to the disabled. If you need an accessible room, please request it when reserving.
    • Irving House is smoke free. We provide ashtrays on our smoking porch.
  • Guest Rooms/Rates

    Room Rates:
    Room Type Winter Spring Summer/Fall Peak
    Shared Bath, Single-Double $75-105 $80-140 $100-165 $190
    Full Bed, Private Bath (for 1 or 2) $95-125 $125-165 $140-185 $275
    Queen Bed, Private Bath $115-150 $135-190 $165-225 $325
    Queen & Twin Beds, Private Bath (up to 4) $115-175 $140-215 $125-250 $375
    Larger rooms available. Prices do not include tax or peak dates.