Mira Monte Inn & Suites

69 Mt Desert St, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
Innkeeper(s): Bruce
  • Introduction

    Mira Monte Inn & Suites - Bar Harbor, MaineThe Mira Monte Inn & Suites reflect the grace and beauty of the mid-Victorian time. The romantic atmosphere is said to be "like our favorite grandmother's house": friendly, welcoming and cheerful. The morning full-breakfast buffet gets rave reviews; guests can choose to eat family style in the formal dining room, on the terrace, the breakfast porch, or in their own room. Mira Monte's mission is: to provide relaxation and comfort in beautiful, quiet surroundings of an elegant bed and breakfast inn. It's your vacation and you get to make the choices that meet your needs. Our friendly staff is always there for you.

    The Inn has 15 beautifully decorated rooms comfortably furnished with period style pieces, private baths (some with Jacuzzis), TV/VCR, phones, irons, ironing boards, hair dryers, and air conditioning. Most of our rooms also offer fireplaces and balconies for our guests' comfort and privacy. Two of the rooms are handicap accessible.

    The Mira Monte Suites are perfect for those who choose additional space and amenities, our 5 suites are in a separate building on the same property. Two 2 room suites each have AC, TV,VCR, queen canopy beds, parlor, fireplace, kitchenette, and a large double whirlpool/shower. A private porch overlooks the lovely Mira Monte gardens and grounds. One 2 room suite has 2 twin beds (can be a king) and a queen with TV, AC and a lovely deck overlooking the Mira Monte gardens. In addition there is a 3 room family suite with a kitchen and many other wonderful amenities to make a 1 week or more vacation a pleasant stay.

  • Breakfast

    The buffet is set up in the formal dining room, but you have the choices.

    The Daily Breakfast Buffet

    Choose from

    • Steamed eggs, Home-made Belgian waffles, served with Maine maple syrup or, in season, strawberries and cream. I call them strawberry wafflecakes
    • Our famous oatmeal filled with Maine cranberries – eat with maple syrup and you’ll be addicted
    • Home-made granola
    • Mira Monte Inn & Suites-BreakfastOur famous blueberry muffins (cooked in original black cast iron muffin pans that make them crisp on the outside and deliciously moist on the inside)
    • Fruit salad
    • Mini-bagels and cream cheese
    • Our own home made Anadama Bread (a traditional New England corn meal and molasses yeast bread)
    • Egg & cheese strata (ingredients change daily)
    • Beverages: (orange juice, cran-raspberry juice), milk, Organic, shade-grown coffee (regular and decaf), choice of regular tea, or herbal tea
    • Coffee cakes (change daily) or scones, or some other breakfast pastry
    • Cottage cheese and yogurt

    Also Served At Some Time during the Week

    • Blueberry pancakes or some other type of pancakes on Tuesdays
    • Stuffed French toast or similar type of breakfast treat

    More Choices

    • Choose to eat, family style at the large table, or eat at the smaller table in the bay window
    • Take a tray to the breakfast porch and sit by the fireplace
    • Take a tray to the library terrace and eat al fresco - looking over the sweeping lawns and shrubbery. (You’d never guess that you’re in the heart of Bar Harbor)
    • Take a tray to the kitchen terrace – looking over the formal garden
    • Take a tray to your own balcony and eat privately
    • Other options: in the spring, eat at the table in the violet patch – very romantic
  • Outdoor Activities

    Acadia's 33,000 acres of woodland, mountains, lakes, and shorefront surround Bar Harbor. More that 60 trails and mountains as as high as 1500 feet offer activities ranging from gentle to strenuous. We have listed below just a few activities that await you.

    We are blessed, in and around Bar Harbor, to have a wide array of events that take place indoors and out designed for evening and more casual interests. There are also sightseeing buses and coaches providing tours to almost the entire island.

    Outdoor Activities Climbing “Up-down and around”

    Here are some of my favorite trails:

    I love the North Ridge trail on Champlain Mt. (formerly called Bear Brook Trail). There’s a vernal pool of water in the rocks that looks as though it was designed by a Japanese master gardener.
    I like going up the Beechcroft Trail on Huguenot Head and then up Champlain and back down by the North Ridge trail. Ask me about the way back to the parking lot at the Tarn.

    Another favorite: take the Bald Peak trail just above Hadlock Pond on Rte 198 and quickly turn left on to Parkman Mountain Trail. There’s a lot of choices here: go to the waterfall bridge on the way (if it’s been raining) and at the top of Parkman, a right turn will take you to the Sargent Mountain Complex, or a left turn will take you down to the carriage road and back to your car.


    Both the seasoned cyclist and the beginner will enjoy a variety of choices and experiences. There are two good rentals very near Mira Monte: Acadia Bike and Canoe,www.acadiabike.com and Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop, 207-288-3886.


    Walking is the best and easiest way to explore Old Bar Harbor. We will provide you with an historic map. There are group walking tours available as well.

    Bar Harbor’s Shore Path is an easy stroll with the most spectacular views. It begins just a five minute walk from Mira Monte.

    Another popular stroll is available at low tide: walk to Bar Island- about 5 minutes to begin at the foot of Bridge Street. Ten minutes in another direction takes you to the beginning of the Village Connector Trails Beginning at the cemetery at the end of Kebo Street, this trails takes you across the Great Meadow to the base of Dorr Mountain and to the Wild Gardens of Acadia - a botanical collection of native Mt Desert Island plant, trees and shrubs. Here is where you will see bog plants such as the insect collecting Pitcher Plant. Without getting your feet wet. Bar Harbor has, since the 1840's been a famous summer resort.

    Mira Monte Inn & Suites-Bar HarborThe climate is near perfect for all types of activities. The cool ocean gives us sea breezes almost every night - cooling the air from a daytime temperature in the low 80's to mid-60's at night. While we offer air conditioning in the rooms, it is rarely needed. Mira Monte's quiet location allows you to open your windows and sleep with fresh sea air filling your lungs. You usually need a sweater if you're going out for an evening walk.

    You will need warm clothing if you expect to go out on one of the many boat cruises available to you: whale watching, sailing, kayaking, nature cruises, puffin watching, and sightseeing cruises. Bring jeans, socks, a head scarf, and layers of shirts or sweaters plus gloves if you're from a warm climate. Bring a knapsack or tote bag so you can add layers or shed them as the temperature dictates. You need these because the ocean is 50 to 60 degrees and the wind and sea breezes are cold.Check out our Acadia Rendezvous package.

    Hiking - Trails range from rugged and challenging to gently sloping paths at the water's edge. ( I especially like the 2 mile walk from Sand Beach to Otter Point_ in the summer you can take a bus to Sand Beach-walk the trial and pick up a return bus at Otter Point);

    In Southwest Harbor there are two great walks:

    Wonderland - aptly named. The native pitch pine trees look like natural bonsai trees, they are stunted by lack of nutrients and shaped by a prevailing ocean wind. The ground covers are made up of arctic plants that are at their southern limit here on the island. The arctic plants survive here because of the cool summer nights; sharing the sun-warmed rocks are many southern plants that live here because we have mild winters. This short walk ends at the rocky shore - a trip filled with wonder, Another walk, very close by, is the Ship Harbor Trail which winds in a figure eight along the beautiful little harbor - so named because it was the sight of a tragic ship wreck many years ago. Today it is a peaceful, beautiful short walk.

    Mira Monte Inn & Suites-Gardens of AcadiaGardens of Acadia - the botanical garden featuring most of Acadia's native wild flowers, trees and shrubs. So many great walks, too little space to list them all, we will be happy to help you find your perfect stroll!

    Swimming - Invigorating saltwater beaches or on the western side of the island-Echo Lake Beach, the only freshwater bathing area with full facilities and lifeguards. For young children Bar Harbor's Glen Mary Wading pool is located about one block from Mira Monte. It is saucer-shaped with depths ranging from a few inches at the edge to 3.5 feet in the center. There are swings and play equipment as well.

    Sea Kayaking - full and half day tours and excursions allow you to explore close to islands and their wildlife and birds. We use Coastal Kayaking www.acadiafun.com, but there are others companies that are good. Canoeing - Also available at Acadia Bike and Canoe www.acadiabike.com

    Experiences - Bar Harbor is located on Mt Desert Island which has a rich history of industrious settlers beginning in the 1700's. Stonecutters, fishermen, boat builders, and lumbering were the main sources of income - before the tourists began arriving in the early 1800's. The Abbe Museum is the anchor museum for the Wabanaki Trail, the cultural history of the Abenaki Indians. It is just down the street from Mira Monte Inn. It is a great place to learn more of Maine's Native Americans through their art, culture and archaeology. There is also a trailside museum at Sieur Des Monts Springs. www.abbemuseum.org

    Dorr Museum of Natural History at the College of the Atlantic: Exhibits of native animals, taxidermy and settings done by the students. www.coamuseum.org

    Whale Museum West Street , Bar Harbor. This is the only museum showing the history, research and skeletons of whales of the Gulf of Maine. www.barharborwhalemuseum.org

    Wendell Gilley Museum, Southwest Harbor: Displays the carved bird collection by Wendell Gilley, local plumber and outdoorsman, and renowned bird carver. They offer classes on bird carving and sell tools etc. www.wendellgilleymuseum.org

    Seal Cove Auto Museum: the private collection of antique cars - not to be missed. This is located in Seal Cove (not Seal Harbor), on route 102.

    The Sound Museum, located on Rte 198 towards Northeast Harbor displays the history of the Sound village during the early years when this was a thriving village at the head of Somes Sound. It was a village of stone cutters and fisherman. The building is the former schoolhouse.

    There are several other museums on the island and in Ellsworth - the nearest mainland town.

    Oceanarium - The Oceanarium displays a lobster hatchery, a deep water aquarium, and offers marshland habitat tours. You'll experience a lot of surprises here.www.theoceanarium.com

    The Lulu Lobster Boat: Learn about lobsters and how to catch them on the Lulu- It's a wonderful experience. www.lululobsterboat.com

    Casual Activities

    The Arcady Music Festival that runs all summer Our 4th of July parade and fireworks exhibition Summer theater in both Bar Harbor and Somesville Bar Harbor Days with food & activities galore Many museums displaying our island's history Plenty of interesting shops and galleries await you Walking tours of historic buildings and homes Buggy rides on Acadia's carriage roads.

  • Gift Certificates

    When you’re searching for the perfect gift for the holidays or for that birthday or anniversary, you may, like the rest of us, struggle with ideas, spend a lot of time looking in shops or through catalogues, and then have to go back somewhere -perhaps to a store or find the catalog and take the time to order. I can save you time and trouble as well as money.

    As most of you already know, Mira Monte offers a wide variety of choice. There is choice at breakfast – there is a wide choice of rooms. We now have high speed broad band cable in every room at the Mira Monte. Romantic rooms are very popular because of their Jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces and balconies. We have been notified by Arrington’s Inn Traveler that we have been voted by ”inngoers” as One of the Top Fifteen Inns in the Nation with a Garden and also as The Inn With the Most Privacy. This last award puts us in the top 3% in the nation.

    This is my 30th year at Mira Monte. Such longevity is indeed rare in the B & B business. So what are we doing to celebrate? I say: share the joy with our former customers who have made this tenure possible. Now you can put a little romance in the lives of your friends or your employees and give them the choices as well. Imagine the pleasure they will experience when they stay here.

    Visit our Site To Purchase Gift Certificates Online