First Farm Inn

2510 Stevens Road, Petersburg, Kentucky 41080
Innkeeper(s): Jennifer Warner and Dana Kisor
  • Midweek Multiday Discounts at First Farm Inn

    Price from: $235

      (Midweek days are Sun.-Thurs. not including holidays)

      Two night weekend discount $18

      Two night midweek discount $27

      Three night midweek discount $45

      Four night midweek discount $63

      Five night midweek discount $81

  • Weekend Relaxation Escape

    Price from: $252

      If you can only get away for one or two nights, spend it at First Farm Inn. Enjoy a horseback ride over the hills and through the woods, getting acquainted with the diverse assortment of friendly horses at First Farm Inn. Sip your favorite beverage as you rock on the veranda watching the animals play. Admire the sun set from the outdoor spa. Wake up smelling the homemade breakfast prepared just for you. Prices depending on which room you choose, how many times you ride and which discounted tickets you use: to ski at Perfect North, visit the Cincinnati Museum Center, the Cincinnati Zoo or "Creation Museum."

  • Ride with the Kids

    Price from: $581

      Riding can be a magical experience for kids. Learning to control a 900-1,300 pound animal and sitting nearly 6 feet off the ground can be a real thrill. Evaluate your child's maturity level carefully when you schedule riding. We've had 12-year-olds who had extreme difficulty while mature five-year-olds did well on their own horse with a lead-line held by the instructor staying with the rest of the group on the trails. Younger kids don't have the balance and control of their own bodies yet to ride by themselves.

      A respect for animals, good listening skills and a significant attention span are necessary to enjoy the riding experience. Our dog and kitties are very child-friendly as well. Discounted lift tickets for Perfect North Slopes are also available with these packages.  We ride year-round, just not in rain or sleet storms.

      • Two nights with one horseback ride for four $581
      • Two nights with two horseback rides for four $801
      • Three nights with one horseback ride for four $758
      • Three nights with two horseback rides for four $978
  • Mommy & Me Animal Lovers Fun

    Price from: $135

      Your little one (5-15) who loves animals will really enjoy staying with us. If you’d like to create a great memory, toss some weather-appropriate clothes in the car and getaway with us. We have lots of great read-aloud books and poems.  Each room has a TV/DVD player and fridge. Downstairs is the big game cabinet and a huge collection of DVDs and videos, as well as lots of friendly kitties. Odo is always ready to play soccer. The horses wait in the barn to take you on a ride. We have sleds when there’s snow on the ground and discounted tickets to Perfect North, the Museum Center, The Cincinnati Zoo, the "Creation Museum" and more.

  • Relaxing Budget Country Getaway for Two

    Price from: $470

      Yes, you can take a fun, active four-day three-night vacation for under $500 without spending hundreds of dollars in gas!

      1. Arrive at 3 p.m. Sun, Mon or Tues., to spend three nights at First Farm Inn (three nights with one horseback ride for two $470 or $497 (before taxes).  Four nights with one ride for two $587 or $623.
      2. Wake to a big breakfast, then head to the barn for a ride.
      3. Have a late lunch or early dinner at Acapulco's Mexican Restaurant ($15-20 including tip, additional for drinks). Row around the pond or sled down the hills on our sleds, depending on the season.
      4. Come back to sit in the outdoor hot tub with your favorite drinks you've brought with you. (Go to the casinos if you feel lucky or want nightlife.)
      5. Wake to another big breakfast.
      6. Ride again if you'd like. ($55 per person) Play the pianos or take advantage of the game cabinet to challenge each other.
      7. Head to Cincinnati to enjoy the Art Museum (now free admission) in Eden Park, then walk or drive around Mirror Lake and spend a couple hours admiring orchids, bonsai and the myriad of plants at the Krohn Conservatory, part of the local parks system.
      8. Stop in at one of our local grocery delis -- Kroger or Remkes and pick up picnic foods ($8-20 everything from fried chicken to sushi) to enjoy around the patio table, on the porch or take your picnic to a park. (You can also bring a picnic from home, there's a fridge in the room.)
      9. On summer nights, visit Newport on the Levee, Sawyier Park, the Lawrenceburg riverfront, DeVou Park or the park in Burlington for free concerts. Foodies will have a great time visiting Jungle Jim's International Grocery where you can stock up on supplies to make all of your favorite international foods, wines, cigars, beers and more.


  • One-Day Relaxation Escape

    Price from: $227

      If the two of you can only get away for one night, spend it relaxing and catching up at First Farm Inn. Enjoy a ride over the hills and through the woods, getting acquainted with the diverse assortment of friendly horses at First Farm Inn.

      Then stretch out, enjoying the restorative effects and wonderful scents and sounds of the great outdoors from the double hammock or porch swing. Watch the sun set from the outdoor spa. Wake up smelling the homemade breakfast prepared just for you.

      • One weekend or holiday night with breakfast, use of the hot tub, horseback ride, 1870s room downstairs $245, Treetops room upstairs $254.
      • One night, Sun.-Thurs. including breakfast, use of the hot tub and ride, downstairs $236, upstairs $245.(plus tax)
  • Fur Therapy Escape


      Love animals? Visit with friendly cats, dog and horses

      Rescued cats, dog and horses offer unlimited "fur therapy" at First Farm Inn. Often described as "the friendliest animals I've ever met" out critters love attention. Revel in cat snuggles. Take a walk. Groom a horse. Sit in the barn and watch the animals interact.

      Can't stand leaving Fido behind during your get-away? If he or she has good manners and fits in comfortably with other animals, bring him along for the same additional charge as a child.

  • Country Renewal Escape

      Clear your head, set your goals

      Get away -- call First Farm Inn, book as many nights as you can get away. Pack your swimsuit, ski clothes, jeans to ride, jump in your car, and get out of town. Break out of your routine. Ride a horse. Ski at Perfect North. Steam away frustrations in the outdoor hot tub. Veg with a movie from the First Farm Inn library. Corkscrew, fridge, and big healthy breakfasts will help you refresh alone or with a significant other. Recommendations for convenient area restaurants, attractions and shopping.

  • Rockin' Reader Package

    Price from: $225

      Porch rockers, a hammock, a recycled teak swinging bench, porch swing, glider, hammock chair chose your spot under our 200+ year-old-trees and bring your books. Ravenpaw, BJ, Monkey, Sara, Tig and Squeaker will check regularly to see if you need company. The supply of lemonade and tea is plentiful. Or, sit in the hot tub and read, day or night. You can come anytime, but Sunday through Thursday are quieter.

      • Two midweek days for $225 or $243
      • Three midweek days for $333 or $360
      • Four midweek days for $441 or $468