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Winter On The Farm 20 Jan 2017, 3:39 am

Dear friends,

It’s winter on the farm, perhaps the most wonderful time of the year.
We can’t offer the hustle and bustle of the holidays. No crowds, loud holiday music, advertisements over the intercom, not even the not-so-convincing Santa taking gift requests. No worry, the fireplace is hot and cheery, spiced cider awaits after a long walk, homemade eggnog is offered after dinner and stockings are hung by the fire.

Winter is a time to slow down, recoup, take stock, reconsider, connect or just lie on the couch and stare at the fire. Whatever your need, please join us this wonderful winter season.

Have a happy, healthy holiday,

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Old Becomes New When Used to Make Holiday Memories 23 Nov 2016, 3:41 am

At Snug Hollow Farm holiday shopping is a somewhat different experience than most. I shop the hills and cedar chests here at my Kentucky farm using natural treasures and collected memorabilia to decorate for the winter holidays

Our old becomes new as I set out my mom’s china, antique fine linens given to me as gifts, an eclectic selection of collected tea sets and more handed down riches.

Christmas jam cake with bourbon sauce from our Snug Hollow Cookbook makes quite a presentation served on the yard sale delft blue platter and Dad’s old fashioned apple stack cake is a holiday hit atop the antique wooden cake stand with the turned pedestal.

Snug Hollows 300 acres are as organic and eclectic as the farmhouse’s architectural design. The 2 story structure of logs, natural wood and glass, blends into nature with open vistas to bring in the outside light with no boundaries.

It is no wonder we choose our holiday decorations from natural forest treasures such as seed pods, berries, grape vines, ferny green moss, and a variety of aromatic evergreens. Pine wreaths with holly berries are fashioned for each room. Fragrance is a subtle way of decorating, reminding our guests of their childhood holidays.

A favorite decoration is our miniature moss covered packages . Moss is gathered from the forest floor and secured to varied size blocks of Styrofoam with floral pins. I tie them up with bright shiny ribbons and stack them in the center of the table surrounded by holly and candles.

The Christmas tree, a tall live cedar, sits on the front porch outside wide living room windows . Covered with old fashioned large colored lights, the tree glimmers when the wind blows and can be seen from all the rooms.

Each room gets its own natural creations of handmade baskets filled with cedar boughs, holly and interesting seed pods that we may spray gold or silver metallic paint to add an extra sparkle. Tables are adorned with a variety of holiday lace doilies, quilt squares and table cloths.

As our holiday spirits rise, we take pleasure in the many beautiful scenes that are set with memoires of the past as well as gifts from our farm and forest. Here is wishing you a memorable holiday.

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An August wedding at Snug Hollow 24 Sep 2016, 4:43 am

A summer wedding is enchanting. Scott and Rheanan had just such a wedding. Wildflowers, gentle breezes, intimate dinners, and a gentle rain were all called up to make a very special occasion.

Nothing could describe it better than their entry in our guestbook………

“It began to rain in the distance as I kissed my bride in the field beside the pond. We had just taken our vows as husband and wife and as we walked down the special burlap isle runner my wife had made for our wedding, it was hard to tell the difference between the raindrops and the tears that streamed down our faces. It was the perfect wedding for us, and the memories are ours to cherish for the rest of our lives together.

Every moment in this cabin- the scent of the fresh cut flowers in the windows, the patter of the rain as it hit the metal roof of the big porch ,the trees on the hills in the distance all made the experience better than we could have imagined. There is no better place than Snug Hollow to start our lives together.”

Scott & Rheanan Vickers, Lexington

Watch Scott & Rheanan’s Video Slidshow

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Spring 2013 Newsletter & Garden Update 5 Apr 2013, 4:46 am

Hello from the holler, April is here with wildflowers, sunshine and lots of gardening projects. We are finding trout lilies, spurge, spring beauties, wild daffodils, and Jacob’s ladder along the trail with more just waiting to burst open.

Warmer temperatures gave us a chance for coffee on the porch this week. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners will soon follow.

Our garden is getting more raised beds this week and peas are showing their little green faces. This is my favorite time in the garden, so much promise.

The bridge is in on our new walking path on the north side of the farm. This should add another hour to your walk every morning!

The Snug Hollow Newsletter is out with a list of upcoming local events.

Click Here to Read Our Newsletter [PDF]

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Welcome to my Garden 15 Jan 2013, 3:49 am

Barb Napier Snug Hollow“A garden is a valued asset in mountain culture where we grow it, eat it, dry it, or can it. That simple.”

My garden is a celebration of the “giving” spirit of Snug Hollow Farm. Long growing seasons, bountiful harvests and restful fallow times are true gifts of this land. What an inspiration to find myself on my knees in the soil, planting or weeding only to be interrupted by the long howl of a coyote, the shrill call of a swooping red tailed hawk, or a surprise rain storm. Moments like these bring a stillness to feel and listen to the world around me. Misty spring mornings, summer evenings and fall days call me to the garden to “enjoy an old friend.”

My first gardening experience was Mom’s garden and it was truly “her garden.” We were allowed to enter but this was her world. My mother was an avid follower of Rodale’s Organic Gardening and her garden was a showpiece in our rural town. Small and compact, it was chocked full of a variety of vegetables that supplied our family and neighbors with fresh food all summer.

After moving to the farm, I owned and operated a Farm Service Center. This experience and studying horticulture at a local university gave me some knowledge of soils, vegetable varieties and their hardiness in this area. Both whetted my appetite to get my hands dirty and to begin my own organic garden. Soon I did just that!

Through my years as chief gardener at Snug Hollow, the garden has played different roles in my life: friend, teacher, business partner, nourishment of mind, body, spirit, and more.

Gardening organically has been an adventure that has led me down many roads. In the beginning, new information came quickly and Mom’s suggestions were inspiring, but in the end, I have found experience to be my best teacher. It’s the overnight miracle of gardening that keeps me loving it so. The first turning of the beds, dropping the tiny seeds into the black, cavernous earth, hidden from life-sustaining sunlight, always tests my faith in Mother Nature.

The garden quickly became a business opportunity as my entrepreneurial spirit led me to start a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). This time spent in my garden was the most creative of my life. Certifying the farm as organic, selecting and planting the crops and lavishing them with love and sweat equity paid off.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an agreement between the grower and the consumer. The consumer says, “We value our food, how it’s grown and who grows it.” The grower and the consumer take the growing risks together. Everyone is a winner, with good food, friendships and an understanding of where the food is grown.

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