Casa Rubio Oceanfront Lodging

17285 Crissey Rd., Smith River, California 95567
Innkeeper(s): Marlene & Hank Shields

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction

    Casa Rubio Oceanfront Lodging, front view As you drive down the Pacific Coast, just inside the California Border, you'll see a modest sign marking the way to an oceanside inn. Casa Rubio Oceanfront Lodging is conveniently located between the charming towns of Crescent City, California and Brookings, Oregon and just 15 minutes from the Redwood Forest. Casa Rubio offers four units, each with a distinctive flavor and each with a panoramic ocean view. Follow paths of inlaid mosaics through lush landscaping and enjoy what has been part of the Rubio family for 32 years.

  • Oceanfront Lodging

    Whale watchers gravitate to the bay in spring, and again at year's end, from mid-December to New Year's. During those times, Grey Whales reaching 40 tons, 45 feet in length, may be spotted on their 10,000-mile round trip from their cool home off the Alaskan coast to the warm waters of the Baja Peninsula. The third week of March is a particularly good time to watch for breaching.

    The waters at the state line are known among experienced surfers as some of the finest beaches for serious surfing. Some mornings, teams of wet-suited surfers hit the waters early and ride the waves for hours.

    Oddly, all this activity does not in the least disrupt the sense of serene seclusion the bay embodies. During a long walk on the beach, you may find your reveries interrupted only by the call of a seagull, the smile of an occasional stranger also out for a walk, or the reach of a particularly ambitious wave clambering up the sand.

    Casa Rubio Oceanfront Lodging, ocean shore Casa Rubio Oceanfront Lodging, beach front