June 15, 2018

Enjoy Winery, Distillery and Brewery Hopping in Hudson Valley

Locavore opportunities in the Hudson Valley just continue to expand and surprise. This region is so lucky to have such amazing brewers, vintners and distillers nearby that it's easy to see why this Catskill region has become a libation groupie's year-round destination. A tour of the local treasures requires nothing more than planning an easy and beautiful day trip from the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream (Don't forget to name the designated driver or check out tour options at thelittlebeerbus.com) Here are some of our favorite tasting options:

The Shawangunk Wine Trail is a great offering of area wineries and its seasonal festivals - summer gathering, harvest celebrations, wreath fineries, chocolate and red pairings, etc. are great opportunities to explore and taste lots of delicious varietals.

Certainly, as more Hudson Valley wineries are gaining national recognition for their locally-crafted selections our area is getting some deserved kudos for both reds and whites.  Whitecliff's versatile Red Trail wine is always popular - whether it's part of a picnic lunch for cross country skiers or enjoyed in front of the fireplace, its blended smoothness reflects the diversity of the area's grapes.

Distilleries are again resurfacing in the Hudson Valley, buoyed by the state's Farm Distillery Bill. In the past five years they've been partnering and working together to draw in visitors as a destination trip. Brewery & Winery Destination in Hudson Valley, New YorkCertainly, Tutilltown Spirits in Gardiner dominates the state's microdistilling field. Its Baby Bourbon, vodkas and whiskey are all popular, but the funky tasting room and behind the scenes tours make this a popular - and insightful - stop. Additional nearby distilleries include Coppersea Distilling in West Park and Catskill Distilling Company down by Bethel, but contact them directly to schedule tours.

And breweries in the region are surging, as the craft beer movement continues its popularity. Currently nine breweries are on the Hudson Valley Beer Trail and they produce a variety of beers. Keegan Ales is right down the road from Woodstock, in Kingston. The brewery has been serving up award-winning beers since 2003, including a delicious stout that the New York Times named one of the Top 10 stouts in the country. Their limited specialty offerings are also popular. The only thing better than lunch in the beer garden is catching some of the live high-quality music acts Woodstock is known for - and without a cover charge!

Of course, after a tough day of tastings, guests at our Woodstock, New York bed and breakfast can relax by the stream or in the gardens, sipping their favorite purchases of the day. Or choose a fireplace room, snuggle up and offer a toast to the amazing bounty within the Hudson Valley.