May 3, 2017

Top 5 Summer Destinations 2017

With summer fast approaching, BBO wants to help make sure you have the best summer plans! These locations are beautiful and have plenty of family friendly activities to keep everyone happy!

1. Portland, OR

With its top ranked farmers' markets, fresh caught seafood at cafes, and plenty of cool summer activities, Portland should be number one on every families summer travel list.

2. Seattle, WA

The notoriously rainy Seattle clears up for the summer season to allow for outdoor fun. If you love water activities such as water skiing, tubing, or sailing, then Seattle is your go to vacation spot!

3. Portland, ME

Lobster, anyone? This northeastern city is known for the crustacean, which are in season during the summer months! It's also the perfect destination if you like to wind down early - the city ranks near the top for being mellow. 

4. San Diego, CA

Beach, Comicon, Del Mar races, SeaWorld, Legoland - these are just a few of the many attractions that San Diego has to offer!

5. Providence, RI

Summer nights glow in the Rhode Island capital, thanks to Waterfire, a series of small bonfires that light up the rivers downtown.  Providence is known for its down-to-earth personality--giving it high marks for both its mom-and-pop caf├ęs and its burgers.