June 2013 Archives

While cell and WIFI service is much better than it one was, remember that there are still some rural areas where reception will be spotty at best.  No amount of... Read more
It's always a great idea to bring one day's worth of essential items in your carry-on bag (e.g. Tooth brush, toothpaste, underwear, etc...). If your flight gets delayed or your... Read more
Before leaving on your trip, make a checklist of any essential items. As you pack, gradually check off items on your list. This will ensure nothing is forgotten!... Read more
Prepare a pet travelling kit! Fully equipped with travel papers, food, bowl, leash, plastic bags, first-aid kit, favorite toy and medication.... Read more
When travelling far or to different state, take your pet's rabies vaccination record. You can never be to safe!... Read more
Ask the bed and breakfast about accommodations for your cat or dog. If they can't harbor your pet, ask your innkeeper or research kennels nearby. Also, remember to make sure... Read more
Public transportation in a new city can sometimes be confusing. So if you're visiting a new place that's not too large, get a map once you arrive and try walking... Read more
Be sure to visit the Bed and Breakfast's website for any hidden discounts. Some inns have a discount for signing up for their mailing list.... Read more
When traveling to an unfamiliar location, it is a good idea to give the innkeepers an idea of your return times and whereabouts. They might have a better idea on... Read more
If you are going to rent a car during your trip away from home, search for Rent a Car dealers at locations not nearby airports for lower rates. Also, be... Read more
Check with your innkeeper about long distance fees if you are calling from their land-line to a location outside your immediate area of stay. ... Read more
Before confirming your reservations with a inn or bed and breakfast, be sure to read the cancellation  policy carefully. That way, in case of an emergency or other unexpected event... Read more
Bring a travel sized water bottle or travel mug with you on your travels. You can save money by refilling your liquid container at airport water stations, bed and breakfasts,... Read more
Take your lunch and venture out on a picnic instead of dining at a restaurant to save money and to explore the town you're visiting.... Read more
Make friends with other travelers at the breakfast table.  Being unfriendly is a sure-fire way to make for uncomfortable and awkward situations between others staying at the B&B with you.... Read more