November 14, 2012

Tip #179 - Make your own snacks before traveling

It's always nice to have a snack while on the road or on the plane Why make an extra stop and pay extra when you can whip up some easy snacks at home? Here are a couple quick and healthy snacks that you can make beforehand and bring with you on your trip: 1. Vegetables with a dip 2. Cheese & Crackers 3. Granola Clusters 4. Clementine's or other fruits 5. Hard Boiled Eggs 6. Avocados on Bread - Avocados are easy to carry around, and soft enough to spread onto a slice of bread. They're also heart-healthy with monounsaturated fat and they are filling! 7. DIY Trail Mix - Put together some dried fruits, nuts, M&Ms, and whatever else you want in your mix. The possibilities are endless! 8. No Bake Energy Bites - Made with oatmeal, peanut butter and other healthy ingredients, you'll be ready to take on anything! You can find the recipe here.