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15% is the standard rate, however, exellent service deserves more. If the food is not satisfactory, speak to the manager, don't just leave without tipping. Make sure and check your... Read more
If the bellman helps you with your bags, you should tip him/her $1 to $2 per bag. You should do this at check-in and if he/she assists you with your... Read more
If you take a shuttle van or bus to your hotel or elsewhere, tip the driver $2 per person in your party.... Read more
If you are driving your own car and utilize valet parking, $1 to $2 is standard.... Read more
If you are arriving at your hotel or other destination in a taxi or limo, 10 to 15% of your total fare is the standard tip.... Read more
If a porter helps you with your bags, the standard rate is $1 per bag. If you have packed "everything but the kitchen sink", you might consider more. If you... Read more
It's always nice to have a snack while on the road or on the plane Why make an extra stop and pay extra when you can whip up some easy... Read more
Check for the best ways to get to the tourists' attractions you plan to visit. Is there a train/metro/subway/underground system? Some attractions might even be so close to each other... Read more
Try cleaning out a sunscreen or old lotion bottle to hold your money, phone, keys, etc. This will not only keep sand from damaging your stuff, but you can also... Read more
1) Headphones 2) iPod 3) A good book or two (if you have an electronic reader, download a few books before you leave on vacation) 4) Contact solution if you... Read more
Make sure you check the weather report of the city you are visiting  Be prepared and remember to pack a mini umbrella in your carry-on. You don't want to rummage through... Read more
Check out for updates on your flight, including possible delays. There is also a free sign-up option to receive alerts about departure and arrival times that can be sent... Read more
Nowadays, most airlines let you check-n online to save time. Although you may have to still wait in line to drop off your bags, checking in online early lets you... Read more
Sure, a guidebook is a great reference for all the big name attractions, restaurants and places to see, but what if you want a trip that explores what the locals... Read more