October 2011 Archives

Don't just take pictures of your group and the scenery when on vacation.  Snap photos of where you stayed or places you ate that will help you remember the story... Read more
Instead of purchasing a meal on the plane, purchase your meal in the airport terminal and bring it on board.  The prices are comparable and you'll have more choices in... Read more
Leave your large handbag at home and invest in a cross-body bag for traveling.  Cross-body bags leave your hands free for looking at maps or taking pictures and are far... Read more
If you plan on using your Smartphone for vacation photos, make sure you have as much available storage space as possible.  Download pictures & videos you have stored before you... Read more
When planning a family trip, give everyone an opportunity to declare their must-do activity.  Travel plans can change throughout a trip and knowing what's at the top of everyone's must-see... Read more
Purchase a cheap pair of sunglasses for your trip instead of taking your designer pair.  Sunglasses are one of the most commonly lost items while traveling and most difficult... Read more