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Grilled Blueberry Muffins



How to -

Start with your favorite blueberry muffin (also works with cranberry muffins, or pretty much any muffin!) If you have to buy the muffins, that's ok, all is forgiven once this hits the table.

I use my old standby cookbook - Betty Crocker. (Side note, I tried Martha's recipe for blueberry muffins and they did not come out like muffins, more like scones. Which makes sense because the scone recipe came out like muffins.) But use whatever recipe you like.

When the muffins are baked and cooled, slice them from North to South Pole (rather than along the Equator). Put a tbsp of butter in a frying pan, heat until water dropped on the surface spits and place the muffin halves, cut side down, in the pan. Fry until browned, less than 1 minute. Pay attention, it really is less than 1 minute!

Turn out onto a plate, dust with powdered sugar. Voila!