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Pork Tenderloin Forestiere


Prep Time:

e.g. 20 minutes

Cooking Time:

e.g. 1 hour



1 1/2 1bs pork tenderloin
2 oz fat
2 oz shallots
4 oz wild mushrooms
1 oz white wine
2 oz cream
4 oz demi-glace
salt, pepper, lemon juice to taste

Slice the tenderloin into 2 to 3 oz medallions and saute in fat for about 10 - 15 minutes. Meanwhile, in a separate pan, saute shallots and mushrooms and deglaze with white wine. Add the demi-glace and cream to the shallots and mushrooms and reduce for a few minutes. Season to taste. Arrange the medallions on the plate and serve with the mushroom sauce. (serves 4).


  • e.g. 2 cups e.g. Wheat flour