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Poached Pears


Prep Time:

 10-15 minutes

Cooking Time:

 20-30 minutes or longer to absorb more flavor



Delicious Poached Pears served a couple times a week at our Inn, a nice warm way to start the meal. 


Start with 4 hard pears any variety Peel, cut in half and core

Place in Pan with about one inch of water

Cover tightly and cook for about 10 minutes until toothpick can be inserted easily

By now most of the water should have evaporated from the pan and a thicker liquid will be in the pan with liquid that cooked out from the pears

Add juice to pan (a red berry juice or good quality apple juice is what we usually use).

Sprinkle with lots of cinnamin and add cinnamin sticks to the pan.

Cook a few minutes more and serve warm with cinnamin stick in the plate and cinnamin sprinkled around the plate for garnish.

May add fresh mint on top of pear.

This dish is a wonderful evening dessert when cooked with sherry or bourbin and served warm with vanilla ice cream!