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Irish Inn Fry

Ingredients (per person)

2 traditional Irish bangers
2 thick slices Irish bacon (country ham portion will substitute)
1 medium marinated pork chop
3 pieces American bacon
2 pieces black or white pudding (if you can find an Irish butcher)
2 slices tomato
1/4 cup mushrooms in white wine sauce
2 eggs
2 slices potato bread (rye or whole wheat toast will substitute)
real butter
orange marmalade


Everyone knows how to prepare these ingredients. The secret is to serve them all hot to the table simultaneously, which is where a second pair of hands comes in nicely. We fry our potato bread and eggs in a little of the meat fat, with eggs made to order (most like sunny-side up or over easy). Spoon some of the meat fat over the cooking egg that is sunny side up for extra flavor and to ensure even cooking. The tomatoes are also lightly sautéed and served warm. We grill the pork chops, and cook the mushrooms in champagne or white wine that is left in the bottle from other celebrations. Depending on the meat, we sometimes grill the American bacon in organic maple syrup, or sprinkle a little sugar on the ham to add a little caramel to it. Regular guests here say we serve the best Irish breakfast in America. Come and see for yourself, or follow our recipe at your own home!