May 25, 2010

It's a dog's life

Right now it's about eighty five degrees outside and I am wishing I was at the beach with my dog, Bre. She loves the beach! Her favorite one so far here in Maine is Popham Beach. When we head out at low tide we can walk all the way to the Fox Islands.

We generally use the 'Ultimate Guide to Dog Parks, Beaches and Trails in Maine' to find new places to hike with her. She's a bit of an old dog, so we try not to pick anything too strenuous.

Although Popham Beach is off limits to dogs in the summer, there are plenty of other beaches nearby where we can go. Below is a photo of the beach in the winter when even horses can be found wandering by.

Other great hiking places for dogs are Bradbury Mountain in Pownal, Wolfe Neck Woods in Freeport and Winslow Park in Freeport.

And Freeport is a pretty dog-friendly town, too! Most restaurants with outdoor seating will allow you to dine outside with your dog. (No indoor dog-seating, tho!) Most stores in town also welcome dogs and many put out a water bowl by the front door.

We have one room here where dogs are allowed. It's our largest room and has a private entrance to make those early mornings 'walkies' easy on you! Please check here for more information. Included in your stay is a copy of the dog guide mentioned above!


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