May 26, 2010

Freeport, Maine through the ages

Main Street c. 1910

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Freeport, Maine has been a thriving community since before we were an independent nation. Many of the masts for the king's ships came from the surrounding forests. Yes, that means the colonies sent the lumber back to England that they used to build the ships they sent back to quell the 'uprising' with.
The streets of Freeport have been pictures on postcards since the late 1800's. This picture postcard of 'Main Street' was taken steps from the White Cedar Inn!

We have a 4-card collection of postcards from the Freeport area in our Casco Bay room. Some of them feature the Casco Castle, an amusement park built in the 1800's. The main part of the building burned down, but the castle part remains and can be seen from many vantage points like Wolfe Neck Woods Park and Winslow Park. For more information on the Casco Castle and the parks, please click here. The castle is not accessible as it presently sits on private property, but you can catch views of it along the coast!

Freeport has a varied history, with several former famous residents including Donald MacMillan, Arctic Explorer. By the old town hall is the Civil War monument dedicated by Joshua Chamberlain. Even the stores have history with many former homes, businesses and even the library now occupied by major brand name shops.

The Freeport Historic Society does tours every week along Main Street with docents leading the way and telling listeners of Freeport's past. And be sure to check in October for the 'Haunted Freeport' tours organized by the Historic Society!

This next photo is of the Jameson Tavern, still open and taking orders everyday for Gritty's beers and more local favorites!
Jameson Tavern c. 1915

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