August 25, 2010

Fall Foliage in Maine

localcolor.JPGWhat day do the leaves turn? Here at White Cedar Inn, it's a question we are asked quite often as we get toward Fall Foliage season! 'Leaf peeping' as an event was started 1925 by Arthur Tauck, Sr who took paying guests to see the sights at Tuckerman's Ravine.

It's late August and already a couple of branches on the sugar maple outside are starting to look decidedly 'autumnal'. But, we still have weeks to go along the coast before the leaves are in full color. Fall color is solely dependent on the weather. We need just enough rain, cooler days and sunshine to bring about the glorious color guests come from as far away as Japan to witness.

So, what day DO the leaves turn? Let's just say that along the coast, you can still see brilliant displays after Columbus Day Weekend! But, you really want to be here in Maine from around the beginning of October to around October 20th or so for the best viewing.

If you have the time for a leisurely fall vacation, start way up North near Canada, in 'the County' around the end of September. Then, head west toward the mountains & lakes regions early in October. Swing over to Bar Harbor before Columbus Day Weekend (when many places close for the winter). After that, head south along the coast during the 2nd & 3rd weeks of October.

You won't be disappointed with the changing views, the leaves, the brilliant ocean blues and the excellent food along the way! To make a reservation for this year's foliage season, check our website calendar at your convenience!

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