February 1, 2011

Come Sit by the Fire

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88 years ago Lyndy's Great Grandparent's new Sears & Roebuck home, "The Alhambra", named for it's Spanish predecessor, was finished enough for the family to move in.


It had been a long year since "Willy", Lyndy's grandfather, had hauled the 14 freight wagon loads of materials from the local railhead.  Mr. Werner, the immigrant master carpenter, with blueprints in hand, framed the 2 1/2 story Mission Revival with it's ornate mission-style parapeting, installed the generous oak moldings, leaded glass cabinetry, waxing every nail that was driven into the oak flooring and crowned the bricked Craftsman style fireplace with a heavy oak mantel.  As the Williams family watched from their log home nearby the steeply pitched pyramid shaped roof received it's coat of cedar shingles stained red to resemble red tiles.


On move-in day Great Grandpa laid the fire in the handsome fireplace and went out on the terrace to view the glowing picture of hearth and home throught his multi-paned french windows.  This was to be his tradition every fall throughout his life.


A fire still glows in that same hearth as comfort and hospitality emminate from the old "Alhambra" at Triangle Ranch. . . . .come sit by the fire with us.



Kenny & Lyndy

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