September 10, 2010

Get away for a "Road Trip"

Kenny and I were in the car together for the first time this summer on a short "road trip" through the South Dakota Badlands and prairies to the beautiful Black Hills.  Albeit one of the purposes was a Dr. visit, it got us "out".  Did a little shopping, sightseeing and visited with friends . . . . . what a different perspective we came home with after just one daytrip!


Folks, don't wait.  The cooler fall air is welcoming, the foliage and grasses are turning all golden mellow. The crisp nights are perfect for snuggling or watching the starry South Dakota skies.


Speaking of starry skies, we daren't say that Triangle Ranch B & B has cornered the market on the star population but maybe the northern hemisphere. Call 1-888-219-1774 for one of our "added value" two night specials seen at .  Bring your spouse and come away to experience the untouched South Dakota prairies and Badlands while enjoying comfortable, historic lodging and delicious meals. Then journey on to the Black Hills. Guaranteed you will return home with a new and refreshed perspective on the world and life.  Blessings, Lyndy & Kenny - Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast   





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