February 7, 2012

A Real Taste of Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast

Seems there is alot of interest these days in cooking. Nearly every network offers a selection of cooking and food shows. An online search will yeild dozens of recipes for your favorite dish.


Why the great interest in cooking at home when our lives are getting busier? Ordering in or going out would be easier. I believe cooking and dining at home meets the need for privacy, creativity, some "down time" but most of all the need to nurture and be nurtured.


Memories are made around the table. It's the way Kenny and I grew up. Celebrating togetherness with good food and each other's company. That tradition has not changed in over a century at Triangle Ranch. We love having company and only our best will do for guests and family.


Breakfasts of Raspberry Cream French Toast, Lazy Morning Sausage Pie, Blueberry Bomb muffins or Baked Omellettes accompanied by fresh fruit and juices are served every morning here. Then there is the Dinner on the Ranch option with grilled steaks or other yummy entrees, oven-roasted vegies or homemade salads, rolls and a decadent dessert.


Well, our guests will find that the "warm, homey feeling" doesn't end with the food. They are special and we want them to feel so. Anything we are able to do to make you comfortable. Come to Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast for a taste of our hospitality and, oh yes, the yummy food. 



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