September 6, 2011

Pre Autumn Musings

Apples on tree.

Well, September is here. Hurricane Irene has come and gone and luckily this area suffered very little damage. Some localized flooding, short power outages, but nothing like our neighbors to the west in Vermont and the north of New Hampshire have been dealing with. We are looking forward to the nice weather September is known for, warm and sunny days with cool and clear nights. Right now we have an abundance of fresh pears, thanks to our next door neighbors who have a tree that is weighted down with sweet, juicy pears. I plan to cook up a batch of Cranberry Pear Jam this week. This goes really well with Treacle Farl, a Scottish Molasses bread or Irish Soda Bread which will surely be on the menu for the weekend. These are easy to make breads that fill the house with great aromas and are perfect in the afternoon with a cup of tea. Apples will also be soon ready for picking. I visited Julie at Maple Lane Orchards last week and the apples are picture perfect on the branches bend from the weight of the fruit. Pick your own will start September 9. They have several varieties that will carry the season into the very end of October.
Craft Shows too, are a big part of fall, with the first one of the season in Dublin Sept. 10 at Yankee Field (Yes, the Yankee Magazine) on Rt 101. We will be there selling jams, baskets, chairs and carvings. My niece brings her pottery and we have a nice couple of days, chatting, cooking and selling. The Langdon Fall Festival is Sept.24 and there will be demonstrations as well as selling. I will be demonstrating either basketry or chair caning. Demonstrating generates a lot of interest and really adds to the spirit of a country fair.
So plan your visit to New Hampshire and participate in some of the traditional fall activities.
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