February 27, 2011

March Is For Pie

March is a month full of contradictions; the first day of spring can be accompanied by snow, it can be dark and dreary but the days are longer, we've all had our fill of winter comfort food but we can never get enough of  pie or PI either. March is also the month for celebrating the birthday of Albert Einstein and celebrating the mathematical formula which also manifests itself in the date of March 14, if you write it just so. And besides it's a goon reason for getting
Pumpkin Pie

out of the cabin for a quick get away to enjoy pie at what can be for some an unusual time of day, breakfast! For me there is nothing better than pie for breakfast, but I'm told that not everyone is familiar with pie as a breakfast food. How sad is that? Can there be a better way to start the day than crisp flaky crust pie filled with luscious fruit? I'm not fussy about the type, apple, pumpkin, lemon meringue, pear, cherry, the possibilities are endless. The weekend of March 11 and 12 we are offering a special of buy one night, get one night free and pie at breakfast.
Seriously, ask yourself, "What would Einstein do?" I'm sure he would say let them eat pie! Or was that Marie Antoinette?

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