October 8, 2010

Fall is Really Here

The leaves are fast turning those glorious autumn colors, the apples are red and crunchy good; that can only mean that our guests are enjoying baked apples made with orchard fresh apples. Sunday was a perfect fall day and I spent about an hour picking and eating apples at nearby Maple Lane Orchard. I gathered a bushel of drops for apple butter, a half bushel of Cortlands for baking and eating and some super sweet Jonagolds for munching. Some friends sent me an email asking if I wanted the last of their tomatoes that won't be ripening, of course I said yes, so yesterday Wayne and I scrubbed, cut and ground up a half bushel of green tomatoes for green tomato mincemeat and piccalilli. The house smelled great with all the spices, molasses and brown sugar simmering on the stove, so much better than potpourri!
If you haven't been to New Hampshire to see the fall colors there is still time, some rooms are still available mid-week and Halloween is coming. What better way to spend Halloween than in the grave yard where Ichabod Crane is buried! More about that at a later date.............
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