October 26, 2010

Autumn is Still Here

Don't be tricked into thinking that all the good foliage is on the ground, there are still many pockets of color around our inn and the whole area. Today is a warm and sunny day, perfect for picking those late fall apples at Maple Lane Orchard. I've already made one batch of apple butter, but still need to make applesauce and at least one more batch of apple butter. Last week we went to Cape Cod and purchased our supply of fresh cranberries. We will be selling most of them at Stonewall Farm's Thanksgiving Farm Fare the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We even got to try our hand at hand harvesting with an antique cranberry scoop that belonged to the grower's Grandfather. We quickly scooped up about a half crate from the edges of the bog, then put them through the sorter, so we got a few extra!
This weekend is Halloween and there is no better place to get in the spirit of things than be visiting the grave of Ichabod Crane in the Surrey Village Cemetery. The Cranes were one of the early settlers of Surrey and apparently Ichabod was a fairly common name way back in the olden days. There are also some walking trails nearby for an afternoon hike.
So come out for the weekend and enjoy the late autumn, we will be serving baked apples and cranberry bread for breakfast!
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