September 6, 2010

Time To Harvest


Green and red cubanelle peppers

Our garden has been producing like crazy this year,in spite of the heat and lack of rain. Wayne has been very diligent about watering so that has helped a lot. We have been brewing some organic "tea" to give the plants some extra growing power. Since I finally got some hot peppers to grow, today we will be making some salsa; I'm thinking one pepper per batch should be enough for me! We've canned corn from a local farm; frozen and canned a lot of squash and tomatoes-gives a good feeling to see all the jars filled with garden goodness that we will have well into the cold months.

It looks like we may have early foliage color this year. I am again serving as an Official Leaf Peeper Reporter for the NH Dept. of Tourism. Reporting starts this week and I'm sorry to have to report that the top of our large tree on the north side of the house is already showing bright reds and oranges.

The early color will make for a beautifully decorated field for Saturday's craft fair. Sponsored by Yankee Magazine, it will be held at Yankee Field in Dublin NH on Route 101. Our gift shop will be re-located for the day, be sure to visit us! I will be doing some chair caning, selling refurbished chairs and selling my hand woven baskets. My niece brings her beautiful pottery so it's a great time for us to visit, chat and do some cooking together after the fair.

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