July 18, 2012

Special excursions relate to Mesa Verde

If you can plan your time in the 4 Corners --- on Thurs. afternoon the Anasazi Heritage Center (near Dolores) has begun curation tours. The Center is a wonderful stop on any day, but  Thurs. at 2p.m. take the curation tour in addition to your visit to the regular exhibits. No extra cost! You will love it!

At Mesa Verde the evening tours of Cliff Palace are now available every night of the week! The tours are longer, temps are cooler, and fewer people are on each tour. Plus you enjoy a "bit of theater" as your tour guide is an historical character.  These are superb tours and only $10 (compared to the day tours at $3).

We are having a wonderful summer season in the 4 Corners. The monsoon rains helped control the fire hazard in the area and cool off the temps. Come visit Mesa Verde which is the only national park dedicated to historical culture (1200A.D.)

Sundance bear Lodge is open all year with room for 20 guests. Come see us!

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