December 14, 2010

Better Way to Stay

A Christmas tree inside a home.

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Compliments of the Prof. Assoc. if Innkeepers, we are all interested in convincing travelers that there is a Better Way to Stay -- compared to what they have been doing. Take the holidays for instance. It is possible to be too close to family on a holiday! You and the folks you love need private space! Here is a thought from PAII:

This holiday season show "familyed-out" travelers that inns and B&Bs are the better way to stay

Twenty-two percent of travelers feel pressure to travel to see family for the holidays and 17 percent have cut a holiday family trip short because they were "family-ed out." Twenty-five percent of respondents would rather stay somewhere else for the December holidays than where they are planning to stay. This gives innkeepers the perfect opportunity to show "family-ed out" travelers the better way to stay. ...B&Bs can offer the perfect alternative to staying with the in-laws, reminding travelers that a little time away from Mom and Dad-in-law may keep the holidays merry and bright.

Do you agree with us????

Too many people in a one bath house...nudging the children from their rooms so out-of-town extended family can move in...the teens are too loud for thegrandparents to be comfortable...Haven't we all experienced these issues that arise when staying with family? 

We try to let our friends and neighbors know that Sundance Bear Lodge can be the extra room that their homes are missing!

Our big guest house has been reserved for the holidays -- but a family of 1-4 can still reserve our log cabin for Christmas. If you plan to be in the 4 Corners, give us a call at Sundance Bear Lodge. We try to make Christmas - New Years special.


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