August 5, 2010

Traveling with horses

Two young Nokota mares

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Bob and I own a couple horses -- 2 lovely bay mares --  we don't haul them across country on a trip. But we have guests who do travel with horses.  A 2009 guest will be back shortly for more riding excursions into the San Juan forest, and this is a trip from TN to CO.  And we had guests who often drove from the upper Midwest to AZ with a horse and a mule -- and stopped here to do some riding with our friends at Rimrock Outfitters. Every year or so one of Pat Parelli's students will drop in en route to the extensive training facilities in Pagosa Springs. Another guest brought more horses than needed -- because it wouldn't be right to leave one home alone! 

So however you consider traveling with your horse, come see us at Sundance Bear Lodge. The guest accommodations are just right whether you have 2 feet and need a bed or 4 feet and need a large corral to frolic in. Our focus is on the guests with 2 feet, but we welcome and enjoy the ones with 4 feet, mane and tail.

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